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1. Questions Unanswered

Believe me, this time
Our time, your precious time, has ticked the seconds last
For since that frozen second-hand no more lives in the past
Lose these unforgiving pains, which pump that poison in your veins
I've seen more thrill in spineless chill or playwrights left miscast

Words to wise, or not so much: cries fall on ear's relapse
A lesser toll than a common goal with Death might suit perhaps
A jaded smirk at a thousand's grave was the only thing in life you gave
Leave suicide unglorified or watch more buildings collapse

Thousands Dead: This is where our story begins
Thousands More: Where yours, inevitably, ends

So, here's to you!

You selfish son of a bitch,
How could you think I'd forget?
Cause we know, in our hearts,
That you'll never forgive!

So, here's to you!
And your glorious reign
I know, you got what you want
Because you're king for the day...
...but when tomorrow comes, will you want what you got?

I can't believe you've lasted all this time without
Knowing the harm that you intended
Another false threat, your lies accumulate
While in your blood empty promises coagulate

That's when you know that,
There's no words that account
The bloodbath that your wrath
And gluttony amassed

That's when you know that there's
No words that account for your fury

Victims of their Cause
They mock their fate

2. Answers Unquestioned

We watch them burn
Alive, yet hardly so...
We mark, efficient in the process
They're the best at what they do

Think not for what is but what might be.
I fear sleep only for what you may dream.

Burning alive!

You damned the river
And bid the water rise
Flood out the reason
Then you shut tightly your eyes

I fear that only your death will send
The floodgates crashing down
And that the deluge of your denial
Will sweep your corpse out to the far reaches of the Earth
To join the thousands that thought as you do.

Now, raise your glasses!
Cause, it took every one of us working together
To satisfy the greed in the blood-shot public eye

This isn't your choice to make
Nor is it mine
World without end,
Its true every man dies

Now who among you has the courage to live?

Dawn breaks, sides have been draw
Who you are and who you want to be....
We won't ask for what is ours
Come sunset, we'll take it all back

3. Placating The Angry Mob

Flashes of fire and torches ablaze
A shriek for dear life makes itself known
It prevails through the chaos:
It pierces their frenzied roar

And the scene, it gnaws at my senses
Yet, Here I stand

My voice is trembling, but fills the scene
Through my hesitation I strive to convene

This gathering becomes my own
Etch into my skin, forever remember
My own words

Not only on these dusty gallows
But on principle here I stand

Of all these ill-omens:
The least is the threat
Become us, false friends
And destroy all we let

"Oh, what man may within him hide,
Although angel on the outward side"

Striving to better, as time will tell
We'll give into fear and we'll mar what was well

4. Son, Death Is Beauty In Your Eyes

We severed all the ties
From this world we despised
A life we had no hand in making coerced our obedience?
How would we - how could we - stand for this?....

What was in this for us?....
Honor or greed? Or just the simple glory of destruction?....

There was no glory here, but in the pages of books we'll never read

"Son, death is the pride of our nations to come..."
Son, death is in your eyes.

You stole it right from their eyes....

Humility, it came to us; let's remember
You can't wake the dead with the sound of a bullet

We'll love the world till it loves us back

5. Slight Of Hand

This city's broke up, shut down
It is the last to give up on itself
Oh how it mocks those who succeed where it failed
Oh how its pride quells its reason

Grind your teeth; gasp for air
Let's fight for what we hold dear
We won't be held, submerged under fear
What good is this scream, if there's no one to hear?

Don't you think your ignorance has cost us all enough?
Outrage, offense; Say it like you mean it
That's right, now we're here
To pick up the pieces of the lives shattered in your wake

Fearless, but searching... make your way to self-discovery
Cut to the heart of these rhythms and melodies
Then, curse us again

Let my voice be the fire by which your blood is boiled
Let this onslaught wring the fear straight from your bones

Why can't you admit that it's your failures that frighten you?

Animated truth spews forth from our throats
It takes you by yours, overlooked no more

You'll stop at nothing
To feel nothing

6. Explaining Sight To The Blind

So tell me, what will it profit you now?
To gain the world, but forfeit your soul...
In your lust for everything else,
It seems you've lost yourself

You flirted on with ignorance, betrothed to all your lies.
Did you wonder how much more I'd take before I realize?
Slipping away, you knew this truth, taboo, would soon or late catch up with you
But what you didn't know is that I'd grow much too tired of this to advise

So, now I'm choking madly on this hilarity. And, its all thanks to you.
You are a shadow; a perfect mockery of your own ideals

Face me:
Yet, those eyes do look so familiar
I think I saw my life through them, once

So, go on and take the time to distinguish your face
And so, be the first to put yourself in place
Dirt out of fingernails; blood off our hands
Expect of ourselves what of the world we demand
These eyes staring back are where change can begin
And, the struggle for yourself, it must be fought from within

No, what's done is done
The stranger in the mirror runs at the sight of his loss
No, what's done is done
The stranger in the mirror lives for you both

7. Mercy

Heed my warning
Your tired eyes are starting to fail you
No light follows
On a path of descent

For you, there is no rest; no mitigation
Only fear and consequence

You walk a line that divides justice and revenge
Well, pray that justice finds you first

Fear not what you have done
Dread what I've become

Reigning terror down upon countless city streets,
To fulfill the lust of the wretched.
Your only predecessor's shame and the grip of exile tightens.
The shackles of morality dig deep into your wrists
But deeper still into the fabric of humanity.

Now we are empowered and will not succumb to this treachery

The truth reveals, the city is fine
The problem only lives inside of our minds
When you look at who's talking and what they have said,
Its clear your ideals are the ones that are dead

We will cleanse these city streets and wash away
The mistakes of our former brethren,
No longer human, but stricken from this earth
They have given up on themselves

Nothing more than a victim of consequence,
You cower in fear with your face in your hands.

8. Destiny Is Met On The Path That Betrays It

A reality was born
Where fates collide
It binds us by its blood,
Forever brothers in arms

The moon is full, the air is cool,
And we press on, as one, to take the world

They said "It is written in the stars"
But we write it day by day
They foretold our bitter end
And that's a chance we'll have to take

Brick by brick, this wall crumbles down
It trembles to the march of a new generation
Brick by brick, this wall crumbles down
It collapses, overthrown; a kingdom's conflagration

Brick by brick
And the ruins that remain will be shaped as our own.

Slashing reality into the throats of the wicked
Your spirit will break, your bones will shatter
And try as you may to consider it yours
The meek shall inherit the Earth
While, the unrighteous shall be buried by it

For, we will take this monstrosity by the sword of truth
The dead cry out for justice

Under 6 feet of dirt, they rot with the worms of this earth
Be welcome as a brother or in our bridges as the mortar....
As the world connects in peace, and hatred's repaid in kind....

We cannot forestall our undoing,
But unity is not beyond reach

With these humble hands
We will pave the way to a future, free from the filth of your unreality

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