Dark Lyrics


1. Pariah's Vow


2. Lost In The Call

I stand surrounded and confounded by the holocaust
Of a billion shrieking souls that have all twice been lost
It seems that heaven’s no paradise, but a hellish prison instead
And there isn’t a moment of rest for the ruthless dead:

“Hear us, heed us!
Mark us, be lost in our call
This is eternity’s offering, our offering
Your rightful place awaits…
If you'll just scream with us
If you'll just scream with us, your rightful place awaits."

Louder still, as it bears upon us, bones begin to break.
“Surrender now your piteous tongues; in our melody partake,
Oh pious thirst, willing victims first, your mislead courage is but a curse.”
“We’d rather die with unclouded eyes, than into this nightmare wake.”

“To arms, to arms… 

God, save us from our faith in you.”

With this began a bloody wrath upon our mortal lives
A new meaning of despair that no man can survive
Still defiantly we gaze into our God’s vengeance
As the heavens unveil our unrelenting torments

One by one, these words crept into our
Hearts and mouths, we’d known them all along
And suddenly, there was no need to fight at all,
We had already overcome

All too clear was the hatred within
“Come, traitors,”
All too clear was the triumph at hand
“Hear us sing…
You have forgotten your word,
It is we that forgive you, now.”

3. Cold-Blooded

We are under the influence of a glutinous machine
With green shaded eyes and pupils glazed over with dollar signs.
A deteriorated systematic failure of principles
Corrodes the fabric of the American dream

These newfound world leaders sit patiently in contempt of us all,
Convening for fraudulent talks of world peace; there are no terms to these failed negotiations.

The outcome is an untold truth where Blood money is pooled
To front progress towards uninhabitable wastelands.
These artists of destruction unveil their greatest masterpiece,
Painting the sky with bastard glory.

Beams of light pierce through the golden clouds,
There is no beauty to be found in this stunning array of lights and sounds.

The wise man is now in search of fools gold,
But in the wake of nuclear holocaust his wealth is reduced to ash to keep him warm.

“Fuck. Wear your middle finger like a badge of honor; stand up and fight, tear down what's left of this!”

Life is a constant ear-piercing silence which cuts through my thoughts,
Leaving them for a beast who's known by the name: desolation.

“I'm a soulless wretch in a new America, scavenging and fighting for thinning resource.
Self-mutilation leaves me unrecognizable to the memories of loved ones who perished, years ago.

The time for action is upon us. In pursuit of a redefined liberty, survival is the only option.”

4. 80 Proof Ocean

Darkness falls upon this bleak, enveloped estate;
I stare into its blackened antiquity and wait.
Silence is stifling the howling wind at my back;
With emptiness, it echoes upon the ivory black.


...distress interrupts the whispered still of the night
From beyond the unhinged door, to offer its invite.
“Oh, save me!” sounds a plea, a child calls from the debris
As I rush to find and set him free, whatever is his plight.

Tearing through the wreckage, exploring every nook,
His cry resounding louder, upon no visage do I look.
With dead and smiling faces underneath the cracked floorboards,
There’s no quarter here for children, nor their restless souls.

In sudden, am I felled by the flooding rapids of death,
Torrentially engulfed, I cherish my last breath.
“Oh, save me!” I sound a plea as but a child in a toxic sea:
“Someone please set me free”, in swifter currents am I arrest.

Light shines deep beneath me, a faint glimmer at first.
Then it glows blindingly, for its warmth I begin to thirst.
I swim the chilling shadow, leave that wretched place behind,
For miles washed asunder, unbeknownst of what I’d find.

Again in anxious beckoning, for the last time he implores.
The lonesome deathly child beseeches me all the more.
“Oh, save me,” I hear his plea, and answer it belatedly:
“Lay your head and rest in peace”, and drew breath like I hadn’t afore.

5. Confinement

The rope around her neck pulled taut like the one around her youth
And every once-beloved misled their sight, in horrified untruth
With a torch behind his back, he feigned paternal consolation
No father would let a child have a life like this, so he’d insist she have none

“Now, hold your breath, Scarlet
Drink not in these burning currents
Stay your lungs here, where the sharks prowl.”
A drip of red innocence thins in the black of a merciless sea

“Just you hold your breath, Scarlet.
You’re too good for this world.”

Drowning deceit in flames, confined
Death is now the only mercy on which she relies
The sky is spinning, not too much longer now
What a welcome release from this world to shut her eyes and never have to see through them again...

I see you’ve washed ashen guilt from your hands to indulge in applause,
Without a dry eye for your victim or a selfless pause
So even if you can’t, I see you for what you are:
Griever, seer, fiend, you've lost yourself in the char

Hell’s no escape from her pursuit
Until vengeance carves her stillborn heart anew
From within me she imbues,
Eager to breathe in, at long last, the scent of the blood of a father she thought she knew...

“Still, may this reckoning forgive.
And so, forever shall you live…

For, true suffering needs neither fire nor flood.
Eternally, will consequence be your ever-living Hell.
And when I’m dead and gone, only the blackest of depths will remember your name.
But when sanity abandons you, mine is the only word your broken mind will think to say:


You're too good for this world.

6. Valediction

The truth has set free...
A sickly embodiment, the thunder that shakes my identity
With guilted ink, it rewrites our reality
On a stone carved of all my imaginings
Making men once strong weak, in days now dark as night
It will never stop until I forget (I forgive)
...until the ink in my blood runs dry
And so, my thoughts haunt me:
Your last moment's revisiting
I stand humbled by the grasp of oblivion
In a staggered descent
For what seems like years,
Towards the realization of unimaginable solitude
And if I could, I'd suffer this myself
But the untold truth is that you wouldn't have it any other way
No, I will earn this sacrifice.
For, you show me what it is to live.
I will claim this uncertainty for myself, and give it a name that it fears.
This is the day I abandon truth for the answers I've been searching for...
Today, even the stone beneath my feet will be forever forgotten
No, I will earn this sacrifice
So, let me show you what it is to live.

7. The Solace Of Uncertainty


8. Indulgence

Hear the words proclaiming the sons of kings.
How hollow it sounds with only talk of prophecy.
Here the common man rots, outside these city walls, in the filth of his majesty.

Brace yourself, for it walks within our minds

White smoke distracts from the whispers of corruption,
Now silenced by the roar of the crowd.

The gathering is welcoming a sacred paternity
To celebrate the new worlds living deity

A figure appears, dressed like a king, raising his arms, proclaiming the word:

(These iniquities cannot be cleansed;
I fear the evil implemented by the reign of control.)
And though I’m walking through the valley of death,
The only shadow I see is your silhouette.

(Thy kingdom will come to burn in the judgment…)
If we live to see a revelation, I’d stake my soul that you’ll be one…
(...of the damned.) ...of the damned.

I’ll chain you to the gates of hell till the devil takes you back.

I watch children’s lives crumble to the lust of men of the cloth
...preying upon the innocent, choking the life out of faith.

We won’t be a bandage for this impure divinity.
Let's crack its brittle ribcage, and prove that they are heartless!

9. No Rest For The Ruthless

“Sound the alarm, wake the guards
Death does not wait for man nor beast.
They come as the shade of night,
Burning with desire for demise of our pride.

'Relentless, unforgiving, our fate is sealed
By the hands of a heathens- by the hands of liars.
We must pay for what we have done.'”

“Two seasons ago we marched for purpose, out for justice.
Lead by our hearts in what we were sure was truth.
Through the gates, house by house, burning it all to the ground.
Leave nothing of this broken town but their entrails for the crows and worms.”

Even liars have truth that slips through the cracks in their teeth.

“No time for mercy, boy. It's time to be strong.
Your God wants his redemption, but it's going to have to wait till we are done.
Line them up by class, with the rich in the front and the poor in the back.
You can barter with the faint of heart, when your money's only good in the right amount.

Make no mistake, these beggars clothes are lined in silk.
We took everything, spared no one, left them to be forgotten.
But what lied, buried inside, amongst the rotting flesh
Was a nameless evil that was out for all of us.

Each soul dispatched by my hands returns for what is theirs
Carve your legacy upon my open chest...
Make haste, take it all back. Make haste, take it all-”

“Sound the alarm, wake the guards
The deal with death has run its course.
The silence of the bleakest nights
Is broken with the screams of guilty men”

In pursuit of light we have found nothing but darkness.
In pursuit of light, the shades of its colors reveal us.

Has this ever been more than an alibi for the expansion of an empire?
The jury's reached a verdict.
We're guilty of our crimes. Ropes from the gallows swing.
It seems to call my name:


As my vision starts to dim like a flame with no oxygen,
It becomes clear to me this disease will be my end!

10. Maleficium

"Behold, the Devil stands before us; but she answers to God this day.
Be not taken by her child-like innocence, it is evil coursing through her unholy veins.

It is for heresy and your sins on this commune that you burn today. (...and for eternity evermore!)
May the Lord have mercy on your soul. (...for we shall have none!)
It is for heresy on this commune that you burn today- speak up!
What does the witch have to say for herself?"

"If today I am to meet my end, then I hope a willing ear you'll lend.
Ask yourselves:
How could I single-handedly accomplish all this treachery?
There's one among us who's not what he claims to be;
He's judge and jury, and orchestrator of this entire conspiracy-"

"Lies, filthy lies! Lucifer's tongue indeed! The prince of deceit you couldn't possibly believe-"

"Yes, I was the one who wrapped children in crimson.
But, he was the one who brought pestilence upon us all.
When his swarms and locusts came, not a single seed was spared.
Even now, the skies now forsake us to dust.

See now, a leader once fearless,
Petrified in silence by his guilt.
The blade honed of all our deception has cut out his tongue,
And left it at the altar of the beast...

(I laugh in the face of damnation,
'Cause what you call Hell, I call home)"

"Behold, the Devil lives within us; in a virtuous mask he doth hide.
If my soul is to be cleansed in flame, I only ask to witness this tempter's demise."

And as the flames grew, so too did the magistrate's scream
The village was lost in a shroud of silence, with nothing left but a conscience to set free.
Some say, an ember scorched the ropes that released her upon the town.
But all we know is 300 souls were fed to the storm of their Pariah's Vow:

She said, "Your God gives blood to drink- Your God gives you blood to drink.
Upon these smoldering ruins, amidst their tortured howls, your God gives blood to drink- your God gives you blood to drink
For every face forgotten, trampled under certainty's need, your God gives blood to drink- your God gives you blood to drink
There is no hope in faith where man's destroyed to be faithful, your God gives blood to drink- your God gives you blood to drink..."

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