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1. Cries Of The Haunted

Why hast thou forsaken me?
Why hast thou turned away thy face
From me thy servant in distress
Oh Lord bent me thine ear!

All night long I drown in my tears
My bones are vexed, my heart is sore and vexed
Water rises to my lips
My throat is sore, I cannot speak

Lord I beg thee to free me of this grief
Which still haunts my soul, and makes my heart grow cold

I am merely all skin over bone
My flesh is too weak to resist the temptations
Which the evil layeth upon my path
I fear I yield to this heavy burden

"What has become of the son, who loved me
for so many years and now calls me into doubt
He who has worshipped me for so long
Now lives under the spell of the wicked
That brings his soul only further in Darkness
Away from love and closer to hatred
Don't you know that I'll always love you?
Return to me and I'll take care of you
I'll bring peace in your mind and rest in your troubled heart
I will treat you as my son
I'll make you a warrior of the Light"

Nightly creatures still haunt my soul
Crawling against the walls of my broken heart
screaming inhuman blasphemous words
Exalting the hordes of demon lords

Where are you God?!?!
"Here, waiting for you my son."

I will always love you Lord
Even in times of terrible Darkness
Nothing can stop me from worshipping you
Even if it means the end of my earthly life

2. T.M.B.W.G.M.N.L.

The Messias has come upon our earth to bring us a world of peace
The Savior has won, from the Lord of demonic fallen angels
He gave us His life, so that we could live for eternity in Heaven
To become immortal you have to let Him live in your heart

[Chorus 1:]
Let us all gather in this holy place
To bring praise and worship to the mighty Lord
Open your heart and let Him enter
And feel His love as you will pray

The blood of the Martyr, who was slain on the cross
brought death to the wicked and life to the dead
The Sins of the world, He carried to his death
And Death He did beat in the pools of hell

[Chorus 2:]
Heaven awaits the reborn souls
And hell is for those, who let Him fall
The battle He has won, so we shouldn't fear
Death if we live in the Lord

You have come to earth to die
You gave your life for us to live [2x]

Darkness falls unto those
who have rejected Jesus' sacrifice [2x]

Your soul is not something you can throw away
And not feel the consequence of your acts
Jesus has given you a chance to live
In heaven for eternity at His side

[Chorus 3:]
For once be serious in your life
And accept the Lord as your only Lord
Do not sell your soul to the lord of the dead
'cause once you're dead, you are unsaved

3. In Hell I Burn

The Night, The screams, The Blood, the horror
the stench, the flames, the despair, the pain

I burn in the pools of hell
My flesh, it reeks of corpses
I wish I was just a corpse
then the pain would stop torturing me forever

salt in my open wounds
burning through my senses
my heart scorched black by the flames
as black as my soul in my earthly life

Noooo, Lord
please, forgive me

I am too late, my soul is already condemned
for eternal torture in this pool of hell

I remember the face of Jesus
At the Day of Judgement
when He watched me being condemned
for not accepting His Sacrifice

God, I wish I accepted Your love in my life
so I would never burn in this agony
I wish my soul was not spent
So I would reign beside you as a king

4. My Bleeding Heart

My soul hungers for human blood, Every day I yearn for more
With every kill, my human heart turns into stone
I have killed sworn enemies, betrayed my closest friends
I have dishonoured my clan, 'cause I once drank human blood

Memories I tried to forget still haunt my soul
The face of my first victim I shall never forget
The look filled with horror and betrayal
The face of the one I have loved for so many years

I couldn't live with this foul murder
But I couldn't resist the temptation
My best friend I killed with great delight
And I drank his blood as if it were wine

Nothing could stop me from this endless killing
For it was the only way to forget
To forget my first kill
The dying face of my eternally beloved

For years I have lived without conscience
For years I have lived only on human blood
For years I have been unbeaten
For eternity I feel the emptiness in my heart

My bleeding heart
The arrow piercing the flesh
The slayer I thought I had beaten
Now defeated me

On my knees I beg for my life
The slayer remembers me of my dead wife
At last my Darkest memories have returned
To torment my soul just before it burns

Remorse is the only thing I can think of
Forgiveness is the only thing I want
Death is my only future
Hell is where I belong

With my dying breath I ask this rogue
forgiveness for my unforgivable sins
Her answer seemed so unreal
her voice was not hers
My old love spoke the words
I feel complete
I am saved
The slayer saved me
I owe her my life
But I am already dead

5. To Praise The Unpraised

Your name I call in this darkened world
Where the night dwells in every place
But I know You will return and bring
A Kingdom of love and peace

And end the terror, under
the reign of the anti-christ

Come and surround us with Your beauty
End this sorrowful time and bring Your light

The night shall shiver by the sound of Your voice
And flee from Your coming holy light

Call Thy name I will forever
Nothing will prevent me from doing so

And Your love I will caress for eternity
And Your enemies I will oppose until the end.

Come and show us Your glory
Depart, evil spirits of Lucifer
Let justice be done
Let Your enemies burn in their defeat

Come and show us Your strength and glory
Depart, evil spirits of Lucifer
Let justice be done in this darkened world
Let Your enemies burn in their defeat

6. The Satanic Forest

In the Forest, where night always dwells
Chants of satanic rituals are sung
To blaspheme the name of the Lord of Light
And curse the ones standing under His might

Screaming in the midst of the night, a creature rises
To consume the souls of light
With powers so unknown
To impress even the saints
And lure them into death
Such are the prophecies from forgotten days.

And the time is so near
that Darkness will conquer its way
out of the forest of the night
to spread its might

Calling for their Lord
The Saints live in fear
For the mark of the beast
Which is 666
The only way to buy some food
But also the mark for the Doomed

Lightning will pierce the night and bring the day
The Conqueror of all

The end has come for the spirits of evil
And the fools with the mark on their hand

The Satanic Forest burns in agony
With the lost therein.
Satan bound in chains for 1000 years
A Kingdom of peace begins

7. Consumed By Flames

Once upon a time, There was a majestic empire
The Empire of Darkness, ruled by the emperor, with powers so great
He tortured his slaves, and drank their blood to please his lust

With a blaze of holy light
A warrior entered the realms of night
Alone, unarmed he increased his pace
To meet the emperor face to face

But the emperor did not want to see this man
And send his loyal knights to seize this man
But their swords couldn't cut this man's flesh or bones
And with one look the man turned the knights into stone

The sight of defeat enraged the dark lord
He gathered his angels and raised his sword
But it was time to realize this battle could not be won
Yet the loss of his angels only increased his crimson thorn

With eyes of fire, the Emperor unleashed his cry
And heaved his sword, to make the warrior die
But his sword he clumsily lost
And he saw it vanish in a cloud of dust

And when the cloud of dust withdrew
He saw the face of the enemy he knew
Fear of death haunted his mind
but the victor was just too kind

Instead of killing him, He took away his pride
As he gathered his old slaves at his side
And he led them to the Kingdom of the Light
and freed them from captivity in the Empire of Night

With his departure He casted a blaze of fire
And sulfur and flames replaced the water of the mire
And the ones who stayed behind were consumed by flames
And the ones who were freed were called the saints

But the emperor has escaped a certain death
And now leads others to their eternal death

8. My Eternal Beloved

At last our eyes, they meet again
I feel a shiver through my veins
Your eyes they look so cold
It makes my heart bleed

Every single day my love for you grows
Every day this torment shrieks through my soul

I have made the wrong choice, to fall in love with you
Daughter of Darkness, you hate to dwell in light

Now, I have to abandon you for my soul's sake
There is no future for us, only my dreadful sorrow

Your cold stare still burns in my heart
Don't leave me with this pain, walk with me into the light

I shall always love you
My eternal beloved

9. De Verdrongen Tekenen

(een gewaarschuwd mens telt voor twee)

De aarde kreunt, maar niemand hoort haar
De dieren sterven, maar niemand helpt ze
De mens is verblind door zijn vijand
Die hij beschouwt als zijn vriend

De geest van de Satan leeft tussen ons allen
Het verlangen naar rijkdom, genot en macht
Verblindt het hart van ieder mens
En dood de liefde voor zijn naaste

De waarschuwing vergeten die Jahweh ons gaf
De groei van rampen, oorlogen en geweld.
Verbaast ons allen, ook al is het ons verteld
In het boek der openbaringen

Deze tekenen gaan vooraf aan het eind van deze tijd
De komst van de Anti-Christ en zijn Rijk
De mens ziet hem als zijn held, en aanbidt de draak die hem gezonden heeft

De verdrongen tekenen gebeuren om ons heen
Maar niemand, niemand herkent ze behalve

Wij die leven in de Heer, genaamd Jahweh
De God van Israel, Jezus Christus en de Heilige Geest
De drie eenheid van de bijbel

Zie je dan niet, dat alles gebeurt
Zoals God ons heeft voorspeld in Zijn Woord?
Wat wil je nog meer als bewijs?
Jezus is de machtigste levende God

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