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1. Tamers Of The Seas

[lyrics: Shamgar & Ohtar, music: Shamgar & Slechtvalk]

Tamers of the seas, the winds obey our will
Set sail to distant shores, where victory awaits
Where we go all shall fall,
We are the sons of the High King, all bow before us

Our father the King, will surely praise us for the battles we win in our name

Behold the army of our sworn enemy
how feeble it looks compared to our might
None can stop our onslaught
Not even he whom they call "king"

The world lies at our feet, we just have to reach out and take it
For we are the sons of the High King, all bow before us

One by one they fell, the fight was easier than we thought
There is no limit to our success, victory will soon be ours

One by one they fell. The fight was easier than I thought
There is no limit to my success, now that victory is mine.

Their overconfidence led to their doom
Trying to defeat me without their king
They walked right into my ambush
Unprepared for the slaughter I have wrought

See how the mighty have fallen, they have all met their doom
those who haven't died will perish in the labyrinth of my domain.

Splendour of their host,
set sail to distant shores
never to return.
Oh, how we mourn them.

2. Forsaken

[lyrics: Shamgar, music: Seraph, Shamgar & Slechtvalk]

My mind is filled with visions of death.
I've abandoned them to their doom.
I've fled the battlefield at the sign of defeat.
What will become of me?

We've walked into a trap, blinded by our pride
All the brothers I have known died at my side.

And now I hide.

I don't know whom I fear most.
Our enemy, or my father the King.
I dare not face him again.
What will become of me?

Too lost in my own sorrow I didn't notice the changing surroundings.
Can't remember how I got here, I think I have lost my way.

I have been led astray from the path that I was following.
The sorry state I am in, it feels so unreal.

I fear that the final victory will not be mine.
This burden causes my feet to stumble
like I am walking to my grave.

I wonder if I'll ever find my way back home again?
Will I live to see my children become better men?

The bitter tears I've shed have clouded my vision
All I see is darkness and death on the path that lies before me.

I would cut out my eyes if that would make it all go away.
But I think this sorrow is mine to bear until the day I die.

Forsaken in this hostile land
Broken to the core
This sorrow is mine
Until the day I die!

I've long searched for death, but couldn't find it, save by my own hand.
But my pride stays my hand, I will go on as long as I can
Though my heart yearns for hope, I'm blinded by my stubbornness
I fail to see my own path leads to emptiness

Torn by guilt, broken to the core, don't I deserve more?
I should have followed your rule, oh father, I feel like a fool.

3. Desolate

[lyrics: Shamgar, music: Shamgar & Slechtvalk]

Haunted by a restlessness I fail to find peace,
While thoughts of a self-destructive nature drive me to madness.
What was left of happiness in life is now gone, even the sun looks dark in my eyes.
My heart feels desolate.

Trapped in a maze of horror, forsaken by God, I cannot escape
This time I don't see a way out, except for death.

Although I want to be freed from the despair that envelops my soul,
I neglect to find help, unsure if I even want it to end.

Playing with the thought of a self inflicted death to end this nightmare called life.
What was left of happiness in life is now gone, even the sun looks dark in my eyes.
My heart feels desolate as if hell already burns inside.

What if this pain does not end with death,
But continues to haunt my soul in hell.
I cannot bear these visions of despair,
So I stay my hand.

In a moment of solitude I cry out from my misery to the One I fear.

As new strength refills my heart with courage, I find myself willing to go on.
I slowly rise on my feet to confront the demons which sought my death.

4. Divided By Malice

[lyrics: Shamgar, music: Shamgar & Slechtvalk]

I lie in this darkness with tears in my eyes,
I weep in silence, but in my heart I scream.
The path that I must take, it breaks my heart,
I fear I'll never see my love again.

I saw the hunger in his eyes as he dragged her away,
The beast that had betrayed me. Oh how I hate him.
Seconds lasted for ages. Did I just hear her scream?
He'll know the meaning of pain when I am done with him.

Torn by grief, I was left for dead
And for a moment I was.

I followed their steps through the wilderness
Determined to take back what is mine.
I wandered the earth driven by grief
Until I finally tracked them down.

I was shocked when I saw a glimpse of her bruised face;
All the love she had for me, he had beaten it out.

I could feel the fire of vengeance burn in my heart.
When I saw her lips kissing his, I could not restrain myself .

I only saw the fear in his eyes as I tightened my grip.
He thought he had killed me, but now I stood before him.
I drew my blade to cut this bastard down,
But my arm was held back by a familiar hand.

Instead of killing him, I cut off his thumbs,
No longer will he wield the sword against my sons.
I would have killed him if she didn't believe his lies,
But he will live down in shame ‘til the day he dies.

And now I had my first vengeance
I must hold of the storm,
Before I find myself a way
To win back her love for me.

5. Allegiance

[lyrics: Shamgar, music: Shamgar, Seraph & Slechtvalk]

Sons, don't you know who I am?
not an all-forgiving man.
No more disobedience.
I am the one to whom you owe allegiance.

Fear the judgement that I'll impose upon you
If you remain untrue.
Renew your oaths to me
And I'll bring you victory.

Do not tally too long, the moment of decision has come.
Soon I'll depart on the final campaign to end your enemy's reign.
Renew your oaths to me, then I will set you free.

Slaves, is that all you want to be?
Bound by your own misery,
Forsaken in a hostile land,
Only to be released by my hand.

Come, weary and burdened to me,
Find rest in my golden halls.
I will consider you as my sons.

Our enemy doesn't stand a chance, he will have to accept his defeat.
He will spread his lies no more, my sword will silence him forever.
The moment of judgement has come.

6. Enthroned

[lyrics: Ohtar, music: Ohtar & Slechtvalk]

Deep in the wilderness on a forgotten path a wanderer is striding forth.
Persistent his walk and by oath of allegiance bound to go up North.
His stern face carved by the years he endured, by journeys, battles and long winter months.
With the westening sun he proudly marched on for an army of strength was mustered once more.

To shorten his way and to hasten for the muster he takes a long lost road.
Now with the sun almost sunken and the shadows prolonged he contemplates his oath
As at his wonder a ruin he saw, like an ancient dwelling, now only heaps of stones
Overgrown in natures shrines, an echo of what once was in yesteryears long gone.

Full of wonder he became aware of a marble black-veined Throne
While his eyes gazed at vague remnants of engraved heraldic arms
He marvelled at the bliss of this forlorn kingdom to him unbeknown
As a mist came crawling over the cracked old stone-paved floor.

With a sigh of the wind a haze arose over this old hall
And the more he stared at this upcoming veil, the more ghostly shapes he saw
Graciously wandering and dancing around, drifting on an unseen wind
with wonder and awe he witnessed this theatre with an unfolding play.

Now solemn and peaceful then with glory and might full of splendour and passion
There were satyrs and troubadours jesters and high lords, peasants and squires evoking his impression
Then slowly came forth in a shadow of threat, a tyrant surrounded by his thralls.
Perverted shadows though fairest in appearance full of sickening lies blending into the play.

Wholly intrigued but unwilling to witness the end of this mystical play
His eyes where fixed on the tyrant and his thralls, how humble they bowed as they kneeled at his feet
They crowned him and hailed him as a high Lord of old, humbling themselves as his servants
Knowing in his heart all their acting is deceit, still he could not turn away his eyes

Full of hate for this tyrant, but like enchanted by this play
The thrilling beauty, their cunning and might, the temptation of their charms
From this filth infected theatre finally he turned his sight away
Then to his horror he found himself now sitting chained

Slowly the black veins of the marble throne had him partly overgrown.
He felt the cold grip of stone clamping his flesh slowly enslaving him whole.
From serenity fallen, the play endured, he witnessed it with a moan.
All beauty brought down by sickening lies to foul and horrible shapes.

Värj dig från lögnaren
Svekets ansikte
Människans förgörare

Tortured by the growing black veins.
Crowned with poisonous filth,
by rancid whores drenched in lies.
He cried like an insane while foul laughter roared
"Damned all your lies, your whores and your slaves!
Twisted your words, full of deceit your damned calumny!"

The tyrant was smiling looking down on his prey.
Slowly fading with the mist in the rain.
Now darkness surrounded the overgrowing man.
And with the rain his life faded away.
Once on a morning on a bright winter day,
The first sunbeams were shining gloomy
on a marble statue in the midst of a ruin
of a man enthroned like a high Lord of old,
grim his face and firmly grasping his throne.
On the first step of the throne an inscription was engraved;
"Enthroned by lies, faded away into oblivion".

7. Bewailed

[lyrics: Shamgar & Ohtar, music: Shamgar & Slechtvalk]

The blood flowed from her wounds
As she was dragged by a chain through the woods.
She tried to resist, but his hatred was strong.
The more she fought, the greater his wrath.

She tried to remember the love from her youth.
would he find her in this wilderness?
But as years passed she forgot to hope
And gave in to his lust.

He must have abandoned her
To the malice of her captor.
All that she longs for is death.
Misery is all what's left.

But then she saw as in a dream,
Her old love standing in between.
Has he come to free her at last
from the bonds in which she was cast?

A black dread filled her heart
As she found herself holding back his hand.
What drove her, she did not know.
The pain in his eyes cut through her soul.

Most destructive weapon of our enemy:
The black seed of his lies.
How I despise the deeds of my enemy,
Not worthy of respect.

The sound of horns and drums of war
Filled her heart with new despair.
For her captor the war turned ill,
She feared that she would join his fate

She dared not see her old love again,
Fearing the judgement by his hand,
She walked to the window of her room
About to jump to her doom

He must have abandoned her
To the malice of her captor.
All that she longs for is death.
Misery is all what's left.

Then she heard the falcon call.
Could he still love her after all?
But when she saw it in the air,
She knew her love was here.

Her heart leaped with joy again
As she ran down the stairs.
And there he waited with open arms
Her own old love, our King.

8. Towards The Dawn

[lyrics: Shamgar & Ohtar, music: Shamgar & Slechtvalk]

Once again, my enemy has amassed an army against me.
He has come to face his fate.
All the men he has deceived by his lies,
They don't know that this night will be their last.

I see the fear in their eyes.
Their hope lies in a victory that cannot be won.

Long have I awaited this moment,
To bring my final judgement on him.
Today is the day I finish him,
He'll be dead before the dawn.

Rise now my brethren and fight till the dawn will release us from this mournful night
Follow me now as I ride through this sea of onslaught, death and fire, Arise!

I have seen cities fall to ruin, lost friends to madness.
I have stood on the scaffold. I have felt the sting of steel.

I have tasted the blood from my wounds, witnessed horrors untold.
I have heard proud men beg for mercy, endured what others could not.

In the end I even experienced death...

Rise now my brethren and fight till the dawn will release us from the ground,
He thought he had killed me, but now I stand before him.
His thumbless fists, his eternal disgrace.
He is a shadow of the man he should have been.
He could not keep the one I love from me,
The bruises on her face begin to fade.
Now I have recovered what was owed.
His life will end.

So I returned to face my enemy once more,
The demon who haunted me in the past.
Leading all those who will follow, towards an eternal dawn.
We shall have the final victory ere the new sun rises.

Now follow me towards the dawn!

9. Vengeance Of A Scorned King

[lyrics: Shamgar & Ohtar, music: Shamgar & Slechtvalk]

Be on your guard, the enemy is drawing near.
Restrain yourself! First we'll test their strength.
Draw your swords and ready your shields.
On my signal we attack!

Remember your oaths,
Vengeance is mine!
Follow my lead,
Now it's the time!

I saw how my sons drive the swords I forged, through the hearts of their first kill.
My strength truly flows through their veins, it makes me proud to see my sons and I fight as one.

Our main host is hiding in the far woods, ready to flank them.
On my signal we'll crush them as between anvil and hammer.

Sound the retreat! Let them think they gain the upper hand.
Fall back to the trees! There we will make our stand.
In the shadows of the trees we hide, when they've passed we'll block their retreat

Reform the line! Let no one pass the shafts of our spears!
Stand your ground! Let them break on the wall of our shields!
Wave after wave crushed in on our shields, but they were too weak to penetrate our ranks.

No more victory for the liar and all of his host,
We will wipe out the fruits of his reign, taking down all he has sowed
With furious rage we'll wield our swords destroying the enemy like a fire through dry reed.
Until the memory of all he has done will be erased.

A heavy blow shattered my spear, but with my battered shield I knocked him to the ground.
I drew my blade to finish him off, as my eyes searched the field for a glimpse of their 'king'.

I fought my way through the ranks of his men, the ground felt slippery of blood
Just a few more stand in my way, but they cannot stop my wrath.
And now I finally meet him on the field, I feel the vengeance fuel my heart.
I parried his blow with my sword and shoved my shield into his throat.

Once again my enemy cowers before me for his miserable life,
But now I'll finish him once and for all. A determined thrust of my blade hastened his death.

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