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1. Go

You were so, so special,
To all who ever knew you
Want to give you the honest answer
Want to tell you much I care,
Want to give you what you've given me
Why'd you have to go
You've left us all to go
And get the answers
I'm not going home right now,
I'm not going to watch you go,
I'm going home right now,
To find you broken

2. September

I'm turning it over to you, this I can't do,
I'm not in control anymore, so take the steering wheel,
Since you've been gone, there's been no one
To look at me, at me
You better remember
Those days in September
They satisfied me too
All at once, they're through
Don't be afraid to be, all alone
I was that way for all my life

3. Pattern

Couldn't sleep last night
The warning signs were flashing
They were so bright, they took over me
I got up to breath, but the fear
Stepped back and hit me
I tried not to
Scare easily when you explained
All the blackouts
There will be days when the
Pattern doesn't bother me
Couldn't sleep last night
It must have been the coffee,
I never should have drank
It after eight
It always makes me see,
The truth that hides inside
It's out in the open
Couldn't sleep last night,
And I probably won't tomorrow,
I tried not to...

4. So Clear

I looked at what
I thought you were
And then I put up
The walls I'd been making
It's so clear, that pushing
You away,
Could be the only way
It's so clear
That all the mindless
Games, could only fan
The flames
I looked at what I
Thought you were saying
The distance is not the
It's in the wanting
Don't get to caught up
In what I'm saying
It's so clear
That all I need
Is right here
But I'm too blind to see it
And I should try to stay here,
But I'm too scared to do it
I looked at what I want from you now.

5. Poster Boy

He wants a minute or to feel
Like a real-life person
And all the people he knows don't
Play, they just keep rehearsing
A poster boy for everyone, who didn't
Have the guts to do it
A poster boy for everyone,
But inside he thinks he'll lose it
He never says what he means,
They benefit from his dreams
He always knew he was better than
Them, but he never showed it
They made a fuss, and they fawned over him,
He just wanted balance
A poster boy for everyone who didn't have the guts to do it

6. Caffeine Love Affair

I have always compromised
Buried me with all my lies
You belong to something else
That isn't tainted, or pre-mediated
Quiet! Don't tell anyone!
It's just our secret
But you'll never keep it
Stories started in my head
From those messed up things you said
They began to take control
Got the warning, it's all over
Chaos, caffeine love affair
Hurts too much, don't touch me there
I hate when you touch me there
Quiet don't tell them!

7. Columbian Ascot

This situation has begun, no turning back from
From this point on
We've made a commitment to piss...
All over your memory
You can't begin to understand
How you will suffer at the hand
Of my Colombian hitman, up shit's creek
With no paddle
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
This is the family recipe, bad luck for you,
And you'll agree
That this is all because of your sticky fingers
Insert the knife below the neck
Make an incision ear to ear
Grab the tongue and pull in through
The slit you made with your knife
You lose, we win
What doesn't kill you makes you strong
You may be gone, but we live on
What doesn't kill you makes you strong
You make be gone, but we win!

8. Casualty Of Me

When you go out and get wasted
It's a frightening time for me
Cause I've been in all those places
And I know you will deceive
Realize that I'm alone
And I'm doing what I can
You're an anchor that doesn't sit still
Though I try
I never seem
To keep the slate clean
Tell me what does it take to make
All the stories
Playing out in my head
I'm a casualty
A casualty of me
I've got too much time on my hands
To get away from this dream
Tell me what does it take
To escape all the boredom
I'll give away my foundation
Is it wrong to feel this way
Are the walls closing
Am I giving too much in

9. Glass Friend

There's no sign of life in this hole I live in
The lights are on, but nobody's home
The only thing I love is this glass friend
I can't put him down (give him up)
But I'm trying, yes I'm trying...
To put it down (and keep it down)
Over over, I keep falling
I'll latch on to you, and you won't complain...at all
The only thing I have is my glass friend, I can't give him up
But I'm trying
To put it down (and keep it down)
Over over, I hear voices
But it's a waiting game,
And I feel the same

10. Drain Me

I never wanted the finer things
In life
They never meant much to me
I only wanted to be the best at what
I did,
And I am
You took all of my
Life from me and you
Drained me
I never wanted to argue, and I
Wish we never would have started
I only wanted for me what's fair
And should you care, if I dare
I only wanted for me what's fair
And for you to be there

11. The Plan

I try to assure you
That I'm not disillusioned
And it's not where you are
But that doesn't change the
Way that I feel about the plan
I know you're talking to...
I can't be the hand that
Pushes them away
And you can't re-assure me
You don't know what to say
There's a lot I can't tell you
But I will do the best
I can, this all could change
And your tears turn to anger,
And you lash out at me,
'cause I'm far and I'm selfish
And you won't laugh and see that
This all could be simple if
We would catch our breath,
And remember the plan
I know your talking to all the
Ones who bring you down,
They wanna take from you
All the happiness you found

12. Only Hero

The simple things that I take for granted will
Get away from me eventually
I was smacked around
And beaten to the ground
My head became a piece
Of broken coal
I never thought that I
Would ever let you in
All I did was criticize
You were my only hero
You saved me from the sea
So, come take a bow
My hero
You brought me back
To me
Bitter words were said
I screamed them all myself
I pounded on your door
Ten times or more
You got under my skin
But I didn't let you in
I put up doors to let you out

13. Drag Us Down

We did it to you, you did it to us,
Sounds like a broken record
I pulled back the clouds,
So you could be free
Molested my frozen memory
You, you lied - it's in focus
And I'm keeping it that way
I realized when you were around,
You dragged us down
Entrusted a friend, to save us again
You pissed on the hand that fed you,
To think we were tight, no never again,
Will I let your kind betray me,
I pulled back the clouds, so you could
Be free, so you could be free

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