Dark Lyrics


1. The Head Table

An occupational hazard that starts with 18 000 severed heads of swine a day.
Epidemiologic criterion, an expeditious cephalic butchery, the deafening song
of expelling cerebral matter.
Grey matter so fine it's transparent. Formation of a neurological auto-immune
disease chronic inflammatory demyeliniating peripheral neuropathy from
excessive breathing of pig brains. Breathe. Malodorous pungent sanguinary of
cranial emissions, aerosolized pig neural protein. Like a virus or prion number
desensitized enfeebled debilitated paralyzed incapacitated.
9 to 5 at the Head Table.

2. Judas Kiss

Traitorous, duplicitous, treasonous, perfidious, treacherous, fabulist,
insidious, judas kiss.
Heavy is my head with shame for I am a human being sharing the same genetic
traits as these pigs.
A blatant disregard for the sanctity of human life execration for the
population spite, betrayed abandoned and dehumanized.
Please tell me I am not of this flesh just a bi-pedal mammalian homosapien
unfit for the parasitic mundane inhabitable of the planet earth.
In the arms of melancholy cradled by abhorrence fated evermore to wander in
One against seven billion.

3. Arrogance And The Loss Of Human Dignity

Any being that's not human shall be enslaved, killed, cosmetic or eaten.
Hubristic xenophobes the worlds most immaculate deception ever imposed.
Damned, condemned, mortified and chagrined, debased, incompetent, insignificant
Do you remember the last time you felt a sense of human pride or dignity of any
As for me, a distant memory I can't remember to forget.
Crimes against humanity, flora, fauna, earth and the galaxy ashamed of an
entire species, avaracious pigs fighting for feces.
Rapacious continuation in gluttonous excess, more still more, we want more.
Decimate, dominate, infiltrate, subjugate, masticate, defecate.
Fornicate, copulate, procreate, populate then repeat.
Coprophilous pernicous existence on a godless rock.

4. Pfiesteria Piscicida

A Kiss from the hog one thousand times more potent than cyanide, biohazard
level three just below Ebola, surpassing that of HIV Pfiesteria Piscicida.
Virulent Micro-Organism capable of having twenty body shapes.
A toxic algal bloom, dynoflagelates dissolve still living flesh. Destined to
drown in a river of pig feces, forever treading defacation of swine species,
mass production has brought us to this. Treading the waste of pigs, tread the
waste of swine. Swim, drowned in red tides scatural disasters sweeping the face
of the earth aside.
The futures bleak, plagued with disease, bi-ped human pigs shitting where they
Epidemics, states of toxicity, this is our destiny bon appetit. Now, sulfur
clouds fill our lungs as we pretend to breathe unobstructed. Skies of brown,
oceans of gold, reflecting what we have and what we have become.
What we have become.....shit.

5. Fit For Human Consumption

Consumption is the explanation for basting in their defecation, covered with
malignant infection prepared for your mastication.
Food borne pathogens attach to the innards of your abdomen vero toxins shiga
toxins attack the lining of your stomach hyperurecemia seizures anemia
hemorrhage exsanguinate.
Eat up. Cyclospora cayetanensis, cryptosporidium parvum, listeria monocytogens,
yet a little inhumanity makes you sick.
In this age where man must reap what he's sewn wretched consumption of seeds
grown long ago,
lye now in this bed that we've made like pigs in our own shit this is what
we've created.

6. Manifest Destiny Of The New World Order

One Nation Under Your God.
Neo-Conservative right wing extremists manifesting the destiny of the new world
Facilitating the process of transition for negotiating the terms of
surrendering all freedoms as we know it.
Distorted morality imperial grand strategy falling under the regime of a
pre-disposed neo-con agenda.
Manifest destiny of the new world order.
A rich mans war is a poor mans fight.
Victims of circumstance can't you hear the seraphyms chorus of apocalypse.
Sing. Screaming whispers of insurrection revolution listen.
A symphonic dissonance are the cries of the innocent......weep.

7. The Ubiquity Of Subjugation

Omnipresence of subservience, defeated, conquered, under control.
Any being considered less than human, falls under tyrannical dominion.
Ubiquitous subjugation born from fear and hatred.
What hath man wrought? Discarded by god, relentlessly pernicous.
We have not fallen from grace, it has crumbled around us, never to be restored.

Born of ignorance, forged from unintelligence, no mercy for innocence, get down
there with the rest....
Get down there with the rest of the pigs.
The ubiquity of subjugation.

8. In His Fathers Care

Eaten away by bitter sweet memories of degradations past.
From remorse to regret further into depths of sorrow and mourning.
I'll never forget what it felt like pulling the knife out of my back the look
in your eyes the smile on your face the way it felt as you twisted the blade.
What was once now shall cease to be.
As my eyes thy heart bleeds with every beatvv
And I weep.
Like a judas etu brute etu my dearest friend.
Hate is not an accurate description of what I felt for you.
How I loathed you and I damned you.
I'd like to hope you thought of me the way I'll always think of you.
I never got the chance to say I'm sorry friend.

Pete Chavez ‒ vocals/drums
Hal Rotter ‒ guitar/bass
Matt Thompson ‒ guitar

Thanks to heathbw for sending these lyrics.

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