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1. By All Means, Captain


2. Patterns

Falling from a second story window,
Patterns collide when I hit the ground.
Remind me never to look down again.

Come on, come on, dance it up.
Get on the dance floor and bring it all night.

Now I have eyes again,
Replace sorrow with sight.
Come on, Come on, Bring it.

3. Honest Hitchhikers Asking For Cash Handouts

I used to be someone you knew,
From the beginning he dreamt of conquering.
The obsession of his life had begun to outdo
Anything anyone had ever done before.

From a clear sky he stared
Upon where he had started from.

All that's left to own is yourself.

I have a cold sidewalk to sleep on
And I brave city walls
That have eaten men alive
I am the hitchhiker
Where will i be tomorrow?
Please feel sorry so they won't have to
The first person that listened to me was you
Where I'm from,
Where I'm going,
Is not important
You'll probably never see me again.

All that's left to own is yourself.

4. Exit Row

I remember my nails being longer
Have I been that stressed?
Running away from your problems,
Is worse than facing them I guess.

The guy next to the exit seems content.
Is this his way to or from?
Maybe this is an emergency.

5. Giants In The Ocean

Boundless water in an eternity frame of mind
And all that's lost is our time
Peaks break through open sky that grasps for land below.

Mountains climb and topple on themselves,
Steel breaks wave and sounds lull us to sleep.
All things drift quietly away.

Forget your cell phone man, it won't work here. [x2]

My cameras zoom - it captures all that might embrace it,
Unsteady ice creates the wake in deeper places
Oh darling I can't bear the thought of separation
The years will pass and we'll forget of how this made us.

There is substance in this silence
The proof of what surrounds us.
Photographs are a mirror image
Look deep and see yourself within them.

Seasickness, ancient forests, and water creatures
Keep us from thinking about home.

6. She Is Just A Glitch

Something you once told me,
No regrets, no wasted efforts,
I'm left in the wake of your returning glory.
You looked so confident in your decision,
Or the light of your indifference.

So pure in your deception,
So right in your mind,
This is just my luck,
It's always been my luck.
Come closer so I can see you.
You're cold to the touch,
Hasn't anyone ever told you this is just my luck?

Say what you will.
You're no longer the death of me.
This whole shipwreck has been sent to sea,
So go ahead and take what you will from me.
It doesn't matter, I've been set free

And I am running out of words,
And I am running out of time,
To explain to you what we could have been.
Now the chance is over and I'll admit that:
I am just fine today.
You won't bring me down again.

7. The Opposite Viewed In Real Time

I watched men return to their destruction,
Reversed ruin in the puzzle of time.
I watched the bullets fly in wrong directions,
Enter the guns that first fired them.

Backward flying planes
They must have been a sight to see.

Missiles torn and taken back
To the men ordered to harm me.

The knife repairs the wound,
The eraser creates the line.
Beginnings fit into an hour,
Opposites viewed in real time.

Wake up
Dazed on the battlefield.
Shells scatter and run away
This place is familiar, it's where I grew up.

The earth was created with a bomb.

It slips away, that is true.
Time does fly, but where does it go to?

My crippled pride before you burns,
I am but a weak shell of existence.
On a calendar,
Marked and dated for my return.

Its marked and dated for my return.

8. Everything Perfect On The Wrong Day

Take all your regrets,
And throw them aside.
Lets hope that you survive,
The "you deserve better"'s and blatant lies,
told by your closest enemies.
You wanted all I couldn't get
And now you're sick over my treasons.

I hope you never notice,
but what's done is done
And now i can't come back.

I'm just chasing after,
what i can't ever reach.

9. The Messenger

The messenger came out of nowhere.
The name was clear, yet unreachable
All around us
And we never even thought to look,
It was tearing us apart.

This is the fact, the message is clear.
You cannot deny it. They are here.

The reminder was vague,
oh, the lesson so glorious
Our hearts were made
For a much higher purpose

You wouldn't think, but
Everything happens for a reason.
the greet, the meet, the kiss, the fight,
the break, the tears, the lies, the knife

Stay away from the emergency exit,
we aren't quite done yet.

We stared and stared and stared into those blank eyes.
It is burning, the messenger was here.
Be careful of that mind of yours, they say.
It can play tricks on you when you're led astray
Pollute the mind and your asking for it.
Thinking that life matters is an understatement
There is a larger war going on than guns and missiles
And it is too close for comfort.

I have found deeper meaning in this game
I have found deeper meaning
And I am scared to hell because of it.
But I know I will not look away.
Fear is another way of saying
that you too have realized,
the deeper secrets of mankind.
And is there a reward for winning the game?
You will simply, be left behind.

This is the fact, The message is clear.
You cannot deny it, He is here.

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