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1. A Penny For Your Confessions

Is it that she fears the crosses that they will burn? left to sift
through the ashes of her loved fragments of flesh as these grains slip
right past her fingertips. I'm left to watch you smile as i bleed myself to
death, as she prays to hear the voice of her savior once again, to wipe the
tears of venom off of her face. What gave her birth? She spits
her fears into the cancer of humanity, as her hopes and dreams descend
down to her knees, your perfect heaven has become my hell. In the
parting of their loves, a victim of hate who has yet to be born, but
ready to endure the pain instilled within its birth. What the whispered
words never replaced. And left to sift through ashes of these fragments
of flesh, as these grains slip right passed her fingertips. It slips.

2. Of Adornment And Disgust

The sky came falling down on me today, your terms and definitions scrape
the flesh. Thorns in my palms. The text that scars and keeps my faith
so intact, your terms and definitions burn holes through my naked back.
Slit my throat, slit my writs and drive this nail straight through my
throat. These scars on my wrists are for you.

3. Shroud Of Turin

Open our arms up to the terrifying skies and accept the deceitfull
antidote. Spit in the face of mother nature for we have burned her
beautiful cedar. We have become the gods, to destroy ourselves.
No longer are the virtues sacred since the dawning of biological intrusion,
the science of execution has taken flight and the repercussions will cut
our throats. Like sediment poured into a flaming sea, our ideologies
doom us to blasphemy. We shall rever the vile antecedent, our righteous
throne is forever burning eden.

4. To Forever Embrace The Sun


5. Visceral

I wish i could tear your eyes out. You have belittled her with your
insecurities, it reeks on your breath. Put on that grin. This is the day
that the dreams died, as you shatted her soul that lies inside. As the
echoes rape the blessed this is the massacre, that we bear with
civilization. Inside her frail voice whispers, her reassurance, it
withers away. And that smile you've stapled to your face, is tripping
her whole life away. And i swear... you should die for that, you should
pay for that. You wont identify me...

6. The Fall Of Cain's Contenance

last night i dreamt of her jaundice discolorations and how she sheltered
me from damnation. I beleived you, i tore those chords for you. But
still you slice at my wrists to watch me bleed and to drown in your sea
of misfortune. The bleedings never ending. My veins will spill blood red
to feel your touch again (so i tore your hands from me becuase yours
were coverd in shame). And i cant feel and you cant speak, you keep
asking for answers when all i can give you are memories. It tears clean.
I pay for all my sins.

7. Annulment

I can smell your rotting flesh, but the bloods still on your hands.
You put yourself up on the cross that you bear and i drive this nail into
your hands, and then you'll burn for what you did to her. The vernal
equinox feasting on this blood. To scorn my eyes....

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