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1. Untitled

2. With Paper Wings

I'm afraid that I'm coming apart with each days passing. I lost the air holding your hand burning up time breathing. My wrists so saddened by dull razorblades. And how brave I was staring into the sun wishing my heart was that strong. So don't say that its all gone because there are many days I swore I lost. My wrists so saddened by dull razorblades. You'll pull through this. I wake, I try, with paper wings I fly. And I am clenching faith again, falling to my knees again. And for the first time in my life, I thought that maybe I'd be right. I'm afraid I am coming apart with each days passing. Punching holes in the clouds, words gave way when whispers shatter the air. Sweing words together, to make them all fit right.

3. Laura Palmer

For hours I tried to outrun the sun, tried to speak with a mouthful of blood. But still I'm choking on your tears, still I'm choking on you tears. Words slowly fall of my tongue, maybe I never tried, hard enough, all these times. The air seems so damn still today when emptiness is all we have to fill the vacancies. You lied when you said it would all be okay. You lied when you said tomorrow is merely another day away. When the sun never rises wherever you are, you begin to lose track of the stars.

4. The Nothing

So where were you when one heart became two? When three words became more than you could chew? And there is no way we can make amends when all this comes to its bitter end. Because sewn words untangle with time. These sand-castles we so carefully built. The waves crash in. Washes them all back to sea, watch them crumble. This bed of nails I lay to rest. And like the albatross I await the wind to help me soar above the clouds, but on this still day I sit waiting patiently with my memories. Still it goes on pouring down. And I watch the earth fall apart slowly collapse around you, with my head in my hands I let my tears run. Because giving in was always easier than letting go. My ruin was losing you.

5. Untitled

6. Porcelain Heart Promises

How beautiful the way the sun sets. As we stared up at the same sky, and swore that for an eternity that the stars would collide. I can reach the sky, but I still can't touch your heart. Can we dream of tomorrow when we can't even get through today? As forever fades away I will carry these blades on paper cut hands. I'll cross my heart in hopes that I would die. Throught a plethora of screams, they can't hear my cries. In these echoes of silence, I can hear the angels sing, yearning for forgiveness, and the healing of broken wings with hearts on fire. I'm praying for the clouds to hold me in its embrace. I am trying to stand on these broken legs. Reflecting on memories I have so yearned to erase. Tears run for so long that I have gotten used to the taste.

7. Healing Yesteryear

Just leave me hear, just let me lie here for a moment to watch all of my dreams collapse before me because it's these exact seconds I have yearned to pass. Still I am waiting for the sun only to welcome the rain as it falls across my face, like the regrets of yesterday as they begin to fade away. And someday we may rise up in the hearts of those we once loved as picture perfect memories, I can no longer hold your hand so torn from all misery. The last sun that I'll ever see, again. Can we ever hold words to close to us? To silently let go of all we once were. As you try to close your eyes and remember what it used to be like. Can I hide myself forever from shame again? Reaching out for your hand, still grasping nothingness. I'm clenching the ground on hopes I wont fall, I am slipping further from the hands of forever. And when you feel the cold rain against your warm heart, maybe we'll both be in tears or maybe I'll learn, that I'm sorry cannot change on single thing, hidden behind the thoughts of yesteryear. Love once taken with each grain of salt. And I'll stare straight into the sun.

8. Shallow Like Sand

Trees fall like iron on their way down. We bury our hands in their hearts and waste away again. Because I have tried to turn words to stone. Tried to fight the day with my eyes closed. Cut away at questions until my tounge bled. Held in answers until I lost my breath. Sink in, shallow like sand. I will not wear this blood on my hands, so shake that halo from your head. We have been down this road before, grasped at all the same straws. Eyes that catch the light, and burn up our insides. These butterflies with wings of glass that shatter mid air. I'm afraid that this fever has gotten yo us again. Your splintered words have gauged my soul.

9. The Truth Machine

My blistered hands bleed as I lay beaten again these ashes of my faith fall to the floor. Never again follow my heart, put my compassion before my thought. I wont place myself in the arms of distrust, in the weakened hands of the chosen ones. So try and hold my flesh as an answer for life's questions. Let this world disintegrate as you stand idly by. I am no product of man, the hollowed body of the divine. A flame once burned, and be stilled in my heart, a suspended pulse. And if I fall, lay me down broken

10. 10.21

11. November's Neverending

Spent the day catching stars out of the sky back into your heart. And every time that I close my eyes an angel dies in silence. Because these tears are so hard to see through because this rain makes it so hard to see you. Thoughts so cherished they flew off with the wind, to an empty hand that never touched such warm skin. I never want to feel again. I never want to hear those words again, and in our hearts the reasons why, blue skies never burned so bright, and if this was one last time save me a goodbye

12. An Ocean Apart

Conversations are oceans apart so you can scream all that you want until my ears go numb. So if it's come down to this, you can bury me breathing. Smiles set fire to the bluest of days, your words like arson they slowly burn away, and use your words like daggers to try and cut holes in me your head slowly risen in zero gravity. I wont be there to hear you say those words, I wont be there when you need me the most. Your frustrations tear the life from me. So let the sun burn itself out, let the sky come crashing down. Bury me beside your sorrow.

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