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1. Luciferon (Intro)

2. Slow Pain Coming

I see four suns in the sky
My limbs becomes a rope of madness
I have been awake for days on end
Trying to unravel the secret of that one great pain

There's an evil sickness inherent in humanity
Lord Christ saviour or death, just death
Descending angels - too fucking late
Face the emptiness for everything is nothingness

The procession of empty faces moves
On a path of dying dead death
The indifference of mankind - ekler meg
Souls already rotting and turning to dust

Hear the wailing, the mourning, of that ONE soul
The great emptiness that awaits us
Through forests deep and barren woods
Through the minds of dead philosophers
Towards the great nothingness

3. Hollow Devotion

In the 1569 eyes that I see through
The real intention comes alive
So hopelessly lost in hopes all of you
I wish you all could see what I see

This world is empty as empathy

With eyes like poisoned snakes
I burn at the core of redemption
Like sick animals I'll put you to sleep
And see that this world is nothing

Incineration as healing
A wound of ecstasy
The hand that caresses
By death I give life

To enjoy everything
enjoy nothing
To know everything
know nothing
To own everything
own nothing
To be everything
be nothing

I Am the Breath of Go

4. Skandinavisk Misantropi

In this age of splintered glass
In this ripping of living souls
In this moment of deaddeathdreams
In this scattering of self-restlessness
Scars of my everdrowned condemned spirit
Shall I travel to worlds unknown then?
I probably shan't pray
I am stuck in this world of shit-stained tears
I swallowed the swimming horses
I engulfed the sleeping winters owl
I gave birth to the last beast in the sky
And at worlds end I laughed out loud
I crucified my dreams with passion
I erected the tombstone myself
I dug the grave with scornful glee
Three days of silence I obtained
For my crucifixion
The burial and funeral pyre of my past
Now change came with mournful hatred
In the eyes. Your eyes. Eyes of doom.
In them I find the comfort of where others fear to roam
Open the rivalry within the codex of life
I'll ride through these drug-crazed nights
Me and my reflection are but one
I pushed up into life and pulled out of it
Disabled was God
Disabled was Satan
Disabled we never were
Crack open the lingering fear and let it breathe
I drown so slowly these days
I choke on stale air
In limbo I remain
My blood is pregnant with contortionists
I do not fear
I do not
I do not - fear life
I am anti-matter. I Am a Satanist. I Am a Christian. I am a leper god. I am what you want me to be. But I am not. I am anti-matter. Am I never am Christian. Oh, the holy way of fucking up words. Your knees were made for kneeling. Mine were not. Christendom, religion of pity. You call yourself a Satanist? I am anti-matter. True Black Metal. Die Welt ist alles, was der Fall ist.

5. Towards The Shores Of Loss (Vulture Face Kain)

The arrow
Told me
I am under stars
As sweet as being
But the stars' faces
The implant is
The Merciful Dust
The slick face of the unborn
Exhausted head
In the peace of the trip
The spurs stutter "chaos"
Or "love"
But only the lonely
The axe
At which click you
At fucked faun play
Makes faces
Of stairs and stars
But the train is dead
Your faith
"I wonder who makes the sea?"
"I wonder Ur?"
The neck smells nude
And the pain and love
After the woman blossoms
At streams
I see moths fail in polite twilights
The broken banks
The horses fall
The beautiful pool
Buy grace in installments
Give fox fox fox
Frost broken face
Vulture face Kain

Craving the unlimited nothingness
The seeps through the eyeballs of life
Sanctified by the hand of the Lord
The one that kept his secrets and
Balanced the unforgiven challenge
That I hoped to wear on my shoulders
Nothing else came through these walls
Except the screams that shattered
Your dreams

Sagacity of wanton strangeness
Coming up on the ever yielding lifelessness
In through the holiness of His miseries
Slaying the by-products of the eternal screams
To whatever cleverness you tried to balance

Retributions and dull confirmations
Kept clean for your own contributions
Slowly I saw your face of Hell and touched every way of it

Pollutions never came that easy
When Satan stared back in anguish
Dissolutions where always pure as ice
How can you now cast the dice?
Like sharpened knives of dried up shells
The informations from you was dreadlife
In its own depravity it called out
To shared visions of the sky divisions
How could I ever go this way?
How could I ever love your eyes?
Mishandled nothings of dying cavortions
Hell or Heaven was never an option

Probability is non-negotiable
Inside those cracked up bells
And came crashing in flashes
That once was you and me
They piled up Jesus-like bombshells
The mystery of the one soul given
Of all I craved
Of all I behaved
Hell or Heaven was never an option

For us

6. A Valley Below

I am sick
So sick and tired
I'm so sick and tired of this life
As I watch you wander off one and all
Dragging yourselves into the suicide of the mind
While still praying and praising his Whoredom
And so I try laughing while kissing goodbyes
The last idiots still proclaiming their cuntlike
Stories of their salvation poured out
Into your vast and desolate structures of life
As if life itself took a twisted turn and a crooked cross
As children rise in silvery bleak moons singing songs
For all the dead never realizing their departure from life
And the road ahead is full of mud and slippery like birth
And on your feet you rise and fall and rise and fall
I sit in the shelter of my mind
Where finalized and realized beauty is but temporary
And savage brutality is part of all my moves and cracks
There is no shelter from the demon-angels and theft
There is no shelter from the ones inside your mind
I like the way things tend to lean on irony
I'd like to take you all to hell with me...

7. Densetsu

Like Rimbaud
I licked the venom from
The Mother's cunt
Fingertips embrace the swollen wound
That has become my soul
A shady tree
And a drunken monk
A vivid stroke
And a dying breath
I cast the bones of red dogs
Gnawing at my impending doom
On a shore, on a boat, in life
Rectify the dreams of my past
In the presence of absence
To deliver the pain of the universe
The heart, the disintegration
I have nothing more to say
I washed my hands with tears
Shed by a thousand harlots
Dim, darkness, so in vain
Redefines beauty and shattered hopes
Somehow I detected the lies
The worms, the cost of dreams
And in between days the Nothingness
The soul of something real
I have nothing more to say

8. Scumdrug

Maniac: Vocals/guitars and mindfucking
Kvarforth: Guitars and backing vocals
Ingvar: Guitars
Dag Otto: Drums

and these gentlemen participated on "Skandinavisk Misantropi":
Tore Moren: all bass
Gaahl: additional vocals on "Hollow Devotion"
David Tibet: additional vocals on "Towards The Shores Of Loss/Vulture Face Kain"
Truls Haugen: drums on "Densetsu"
Attila Csihar: additional vocals on "ScumDrug"
Honey Lucius: main grand piano on "ScumDrug"

Thanks to lucifgy for sending tracks ## 2, 5 lyrics.

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