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1. Dogshit

(A dream)
Rest low tar spell
Fatigue vermin crawling in
Livid gnaws fasting on tic and a flea in vain again

Agro flight not taking
Fasting on deception in the making
Turns two against three penny save a penny worth
Crystal marble powder shot glass overflow

Dreams amaze me
Time escapes me
Mirror shades what should be flight not taking
Rest a bodies burning
Compose ears of rock

Guilty grey formaldehyde
Cripples hound a wheelchair
Guilty grey a wheelchair
Hounds you asshole

Dead palsy blue stupid
Thaw cuts the jaw
Hell piss fuck head
Rest pure acid hell
Filthy word mutation
Laughing hound hereafter
Stupid clown you asshole

2. VX Gas Attack

AT ground zero
Heavier than air fumes
City of chemical
Alleged cyanide gas
On to Karbala
On Karbala
On to Karbala

What is the difference between Israel’s plight?
A belief in outside influence

Like scalding water
A side effect of their faces and lungs burn
A sudden harsh smell two weeks after still
Coughing and choking livid skin blisters burn often

Posters leaflets
Nightly radio and television programs
Dead instructions in the use of such basic devices as a damp towel
A damp towel lined with charcoal to be applied to the face and mouth
When the beep, beep, beep, gas attack warning signal sounds

The dead were among porcelain face of cloud of frozen gas poison
Jagged fragment

What is the difference in religious suffering?
Jew Iranian Iraqi bombs sun the
First of the cyanide gas warning
First of the cyanide attack gas warning

3. Harsh Stone White

Harsh stone white
Eyes behold bruise baths soak crying bones
Every day's appeal to stop
Spirit calm on Valium
Hate permeates and fills the air
Icy clouds the atmosphere
Illusions pull hair no reaction how was this done
It exists by extraction of reason
Drooling drips the bile of sanity
Through the thought lines vomiting

We're even, even, even
The clock wailed and sped past two tic, tic, toc
Is this real, is this real?
In time in the real understanding myself thinking
Understand myself thinking, understand myself thinking

Stand back
Unafraid and unaffected
Stand back
Non molested, non molested, non molested, molested
Were even, even down the drain
Down, down
We're even
Down, down again
Down, down again

Down here in the cracks face
Hidden cracks, cracks
Harsh stone white, harsh stone white
Even we're even

4. Human Disease (S.K.U.M.M.)

Whatever painted part taught deeply enclosed in mother earth
Life-born addict breathe angel
Whatever paint it up so closer to farther apart
Meat seeking missiles consuming rain forest
Meat seeking missiles consuming

Infested veins the river flow urban needle inject carcinogen
Chemicals relieve the stress slows consumer rotting sight
No taste odorless clear seeping water poisoning
All producing nothing
Intelligent to cause disease
Human breed in self-perpetuating
Whatever close at hand
Finger cramp
Virtuoso closet problem
Epileptic machines shudder
Shock who is over who is on top
Who is over who is on top
Malformed earth born
Malformed earth born

Shake all is a disease biped walk so straight
Shake all is a disease biped walk so straight
Earth can be so giving as it can be irate
Earth can be so giving as it can be irate
Earth can be so giving as it can be irate

What if to burn up and out with killing over doubt, killing over doubt
Sight no taste odorless FDA recommends to take daily allowance
of them 26 unknown carcinogens
26 unknown cancer causing supplements
No taste, no taste, no taste

Infested chemicals FDA

Virtuoso closet problem
Whatever to plot or build to self-destruct
The so called lesser beast exhibits harmony
Walk straight biped relate
Walk straight biped relate
Walking disease, walking disease
Walk straight biped
Green is the grass of survival
All a disease, all a disease, all a disease
Feeding the cows that they dine on
All is a disease, human disease survival
Human disease

5. Who's Laughing Now?

Broken Alice
Holy pat on the back
And back and back
Force open wide
No way back
She whispered
Lizard kiss rhetoric

Who's laughing now?

Pass on answering psychobabble
With no security
Power, power escapes to the toilet room
In the lieu of its own reflection

She really knocks me out
She sits she pukes her point
Whoever will listen
Paranoid doubts
She's really rocked out
She moves her mouth

Pat on the back and back
Pat on the back and force it

She sits she listens she moves her mouth
She sits she pukes it's her fault
Whatever intelligence
Fault push down
With the purest crystal around
Push it in

Whisper name feel it a double
Weighed out games invoke
She mixes knowing that
All won't upset herself

Lizard kiss
Strung out break
Mutilate all they see
On the neck in and over top
Of what appears to be real chill
And tempt eye
No time to see reality

6. Testure

In nervous convulsion
Crouches infant ape
Trembling in mother’s shit
Cage eyes tear less
Filled with contempt
Clinic mask experiment
With life and death

Smell lingering noxious
Mixed scent anxiety
Omnipotent doctor
Grinds the cage door
Revealing loves primal
Instinct taken away
The tiny face terrified

Rant and rave
Smash your head against the cage
Vacuum clicks on high

Conscious of the pain
Pass off as humane
White coat seems so
Clean most dirt bleached out
Out of greed

Force the point of habit
Eyes burn in a rabbit
Push the pain test button
Spines cut

Trip mucous inflection
More die, pills each day
What goes around
Comes back stronger
Tap into the brain
Break the skull again

Smash price research rat
Lab rent pain in flesh
More ill drug store sales
Sharpen the knife

Emphasis on money
New disease everyday
End is seen and coming
Research turns it's back to gain

Crush the spine genocide
Kitten drags its dead limb
Continuing all suffering
It will come back and win

Shock, paralyze, turn
Trauma burns out the will to live
The lying message 5-year genocide
1945 suicide vivisect six

7. State Aid

Red spot skin
Cervix holds your fate
Condom brother rubber
She touch wolf gave suck ears drink muck
Who has aide

Look... at... watch
Video sex
Sex don't like
Look touch video sex

Video sex life, video sex life
CIA experiment, CIA experiment

Earn, earn, earn
Thank you
Fuck you

8. Hospital Waste

Blast and raw eye blood shot
Lid color concealed crimson trap thin lit mess
Code of darkness stop the ocean counting blood
Coughing blood and needle syringe in the island thirst of drought raise through the
Real end ozone layer ultraviolet
Embalms sunless fire
Mistrust abandoning day long sinking
Monotones out to please to pattern the grey rain falls
It drizzle colors negate

So wild, let go, let it slide
Down time colors look crimson trains inside lost my footing
Ooze bite ant landslide no finding what
Through a lost door somewhere out there in open, open space
Where is there space to get off and go on there on TV the polluted lies
The polluted noise
Mistrust no longer they don't give advice
Mono matters all to pleasing nobody
The grey rain drizzles down my face
Negate mistrust dementia

9. Fritter (Stella's Home)


10. Yes He Ran

[Bonus Track]

11. Punk In Park Zoo's

[Bonus Track]

12. The Second Opinion


13. Funguss


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