Dark Lyrics


1. Dig It

dig it dig it

2. The Choke

torment a stench one side inside no doubt lost count
brutalize the half red eyes decide
which side whose side you're in the middle of the fire
a scythe and smock is sharp so sharp
no conscience such confidence a crooked ear so insincere
a glue on smile your social style tyrants rule is such a fool
superior good advice it's so nice from you
arguments so hideous they're heaven sent you can't repent
words like ice cut and slice announce my demise
christ why did you die
superior good advice blood red and arguments
heaven sent torment my stench putrefy putrefy
wise so wise you're not so wise
shadow shadow shadow shadow why?

3. Addiction

desperate deranged talking in my sleep again eyes twitch
retain a sentimental something looked lorn and we burned and burned
I was a cinder body soul in my dreams breakdown amidst the mixtures
avoid addictive plea responding disillusion encrusted cruelty decribe
why nails enclose me eating so evenly there exists a lot of reasons
to support fatality abstience possessed hardly what you think it is
hearts beat positive provided there's progress ignorance does insist of
the right coffin took some food offered me can't see myself drank the
wine wished the feverish burst of terror breakdown amidst the
mixtures avoid addictive plea insist that nothing happened chilled
bloodless fatigue recharge with bitterness fanatics beckoning mistook
a look impassioned absorbed with clarity consciousness drifts away
discarded memory packaged shelf life bad display breakdown amidst
the mixtures avoid addictive plea excessive near romances comfort
is treachery so pound the nails in tight eyes screaming out of sight
against a grain like curtain unbearably alive

4. Deep Down Trauma Hounds

injured plea crushed destiny deep down
trauma hounds run to corrode integrity whatever matters and it would
they fail to see they make believe reality helpless deaths
ignored to be judged as juvenile head caves in growing pains no time
remains for fantasy tyrrany exists shrink beneath the ingrown thorns forced
to accept pledge allegiance to a flag tested to forget you must
resist they want you dead feels emptyness eternity keeps swallowing
digested benefactors whose silence deafens anything all of whom
decease and miss to pierce a point objects and lessons to realize
it's not the way what's the point of giving up leaving won't change anything
political resentment to push away all growth withing puzzles me offers
soul to nothing the message screams it's purity that those with no rights
display the right to have no life do have respect they must accept
a world commiting suicide

5. Serpants

6. Chainsaw

forlorn lists true contempt destruct dripping
red is it time to come clean wash away
everything hold the frame still life focus
ones intent to not be noticed lost in lies
graceful charms losing touch with everyone
management terms and conditions waiting for
own in addition contract is raised
the worlds greatest mortuary self destruct
mechanism introvert overturn assasination
make from steel the ugly weapon killers
instinct from man to trigger peaceful time
direct potentia living through ones own
dimentia come on hold arms dissect division
caress duress invite delusion back moving
through the keyhole trust in keeping a value
judgement overthrown like a somnambulist
twisting and churning in retrospect management
inedible benign applicants crime to everlasting eternal peace

7. Assimilate

oil remove shred and tear radiation vapor
it's the fear so unclear man in motion going nowhere
in our homes stuck in the face spread the word to the populace
yellow journal yellow journal set the pace feel the rage
manifestations of a sort so insidious off the point
simple solution never confusion sport a gun kill a cop
crazy world of weary thought so receive me had enough
lock me up lock me up
rot and assimilate so hot to annihilate
deviation tonic mess prolonged existence innocence
is he who speaks isn't weak wheelchair virtue so to speak
bubonic plague the truth of aids immunity avoid decay
in the trench of pestilence the bible screams announce your faith
mutterings of death to bring suffocate a newborn thing
degradation of an age venereal it's all sensation
protect design the moral plan infallible as propaganda
completely black with no steps back
hot to assimilate we'll rot or annihilate
agony profusely stains the inner thinking of the brain
accusations clanking chains experiments with the groans of pain
all prefer no one blames the terror in an animal's screams
in cages our future - the answers insane

8. Stairs And Flowers

9. Testure

in nervous convulsion crouches infant ape trembling in mothers shit
cage eyes tear less filled with contempt clinic mask experiment with
life and death smell lingering noxious mixed scent anxiety omnipotent doctor
grinds the cage door revealing loves primal instinct taken away the tiny
face terrified rant and rave smash your head against the cage vacuum
clicks on high conscious of the pain pass off as humane white coat seems
so clean most dirt bleached out of greed force the point of habit eyes burn
in a rabbit push the pain test button spines cut trip mucous inflection
more die. pills each day what goes around comes back stronger tap into
the brain break the skull again smash price research rat lab rent pain
in flesh more ill drug store sales sharpen the knife emphasis on money
new disease everyday end is seen and coming reseach turns it's back
to gain crush the spine genocide kitten drags its dead limb continuing
all suffering it will come back and win shock paralyse turn trauma
burns out the will to live the lying message 5 year genocide 1945 suicide
vivisect vi

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