Dark Lyrics


1. Convulsion

heavens thrash fixation turning mass direction
having a relationship without guilt mass direction
off and away hazy circles round the eyes
so long how long hate disease
heavens thrash its a vacant scathing vapor
ancient role play downward shores of Pluto
heavens thrash dusty circles flies the by ways of
the mind mass direction flower cauldren answer
brew to mystify hate disease downward
shores of Pluto sure all right

2. Tormentor

walls trapped within yellow eyes the cutters
drooling face rips apart cuts to the heart
disease shown let it out movement crosses
crimson light washes darkened corners
gently forces open wide and lingering awhile
pouring thoughts electric fingers blinding pressure
sockets stream matter grey the nerve free fall
safely buried out behind a face let it out
be carefull watching living mask misshapen
tumors ride the pressing tinted nightmare breeze
mental shock disturbed thoughts rotting
long lasting reaction make it stop stir up the
pot taking away means nothing
distorted moodswing smile altered music shadow
covers melted honey bitter pie she utters
tasting quite lovely motion on towards a truthful
state mincing with words align order form
to multiply mental shock relentless and leaning
compiling the list alone at the top before
before it was not this way i thought...it did

3. Spasmolytic

making time in a low rent highrise
no place to go downtown crushing crucifixion
particles aching harmful descent take a shot and hide
subway slam dance stale mattress slow throb bloating
freshly open grave barefoot beggar
knotted finger turning pages in a book descending
no noise the great trees fall
calmly through the window see backward elevation
faded spirit of the gold toothed whore
moon dances wondering how could this ever be
kicking the habit possesion in the flesh
loves made up melancholy kicking the habit
trip back and unleash all anger emerging from
the waterfall brakh? fork horse rear snorted downward
a vulgar desire playing cards conjured on fly blown
dimly lit round a room of shadows claw the side
phantom pinches waking from a dream half eaten candy
from some disordered heaven swirling tastes fornicate
rotted meat a nested virus feels eating dish aging
she sits alone in the worry shes created more time
holy hatred kicking the habit

4. Rash Reflection

notice that phrase thorough vileness of his
delivery ninety seven cars and free love
kiss the masters feet poor soul searching
all this seen deeper stillness tranquility
eat the food drug passive response spoiled
putty in the masters hand all this seen
is obscure enough kiss the masters feet
sure that vision is a vagrant holiday
reflective silence chooses one stance hidden
behind throne of freedom in the field
of the black sheep all this seen is obscure
enough confess all the truth seekers see
for the first time cult grows from a
rolls Royce dream preach from the back of
a limosine feel the rash burn notice that
phrase through the vileness how sweet feel
the rash start to burn

5. Natures Revenge

weather turning towards a storm
broken down road continue on coexistence
imitating paradise unlike any seen moist
has been dancing crazy overcast ash grey
wording constantly pushing pulling pushes away
drew back a rusty knife guilt ladle pour
it understand i burn inside how to get out
of here how do you get out of this
natures revenge nature cage craving wonder
the worth of it scream at the top of your lungs
so many times tried not to wonder

6. Shore Lined Poison

trials administer tidal oil that suffocating
base the fire gold pouring mercury life
given river deformed in amongst patient
building raise an urgent call reformation
strike the picking miners claw kick my ass
waste the given gift the natural cure
in the age of reason gone bad morning in
between the cold stone ashes fall upon the
wretched chosen ones 100 megatons evaporate
those chosen vaporize case in point and
deserving it vaccinate all stranger than whispering
crushed velvet corpse grind awaiting
underneath mask unneeded decisions come
from one side of the brain insolent dented
fibres optic looks the world of growth
fleeting image ghost destruction t.v.screen

7. Grave Wisdom

dry wind chars human storm lies barren
wasted greed taints water thirst dream
the asphalt burial daylight meltdown long
gone death grabs at stillborn child another
low test pesticide not until they are dead
believe in words attaching dread no meaning
color world of different levels no chance
to rectify nightmare running races skyward
tower boil black water tea contagious
waste disposal growing blind faith a tragedy
propagate safe history
creatures running underground all the
cages rusted displaced food bowls empty now
fit for the licking faces form memory
blind faith stupidity races run secretly
blind faith a tragedy not until they are
dead stop breathing fleas attach themselves
biting bits of flesh consuming words
once hated words are shit contracting the disease

8. T.F.W.O.

treason trapping animal hide in the vision of
paradise two explains your head deranged time
spun web deluded of life wicked black witch lady
localize intelligentsia go write a book to cry in
face it lost that look survivals hard enough fading
fire climbing higher time to realize that I'm on
fire patience sun the lord looks over who
covers in the watchtower freeze arm scraping
inches the vein blind distracted the worshipping
metal point a scraping hole forever breaking
in out temper test bottom so vile
faded higher why you liar

9. Morpheus Laughing

an extreme solution no fossil fuel mimicking
exhaust rattles troublesome a madmans vast
direct iron grooved world primary state average
distance closer to the sun draws a comet nearer
to a complex distruction a spectre so violent
in its views lies impervious altitude has a tendency
under pressure to reveal its identity
gaping hole bright star penetration blindfold
reliance wrinkles in the cloth of time unity among
such a poor existence in this third world
resistanceshould be used civil disobedience
central pivot revolving heated combustion back
to the origin of it all all of it no unwarranted
fear courage shown the white line on the ball
we live on deserted streets hallucinated the
bursted species abnormal conditions deep sentiment
for repulsive power nations knows immense populace
ingenuity and progress never progressed out of the sun
all experiments prove not need the established
greed and pain inflicted on the animal model still nothing
no cure the ravaged instinct silent waking to a
chemical perversion wartime underground
imperfect plotting grows the seeds of time

10. Reclamation

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