Dark Lyrics


1. Janya

2. Death

holding his hands
dream the whole week
radiance hissing rodent speak
elective evil once started
shot struck home so it goes

inches towards flattened back
on all fours drawn and racked
doesn't mean a thing

nature perverts itself so it goes
so what the hell let it grow
regret so full of haste coming clear
piss in blood
no one should ever have to

cut assemble resembled
played out wording disturbing
quiet saying relaying
a message raising cain's revenge

got a few no fucking whacked house of cards dealing smack
crimson scolding driving told im never holding one thing
back credit full of nothing slither here one thing back
licking dogs no hook no song feeling high fantasize wonder
why suck them dry choppy waves take a dive

crash enable disabled
effect not carried no power in
quiet playing resaying never more never again

distort the monomaniac
delivering the blow
core rotten bone

distort the monomaniac
black mass held upon the radio
doesn't mean a thing

be it what or ever could
doesn't mean a thing
sinister creation doesn't mean a thing
evocation of the dead
moses forbidding it
doesn't mean a thing

worm like ticking art worth shit
we play upon the things we fear
the smell is foul where does it fit
screw yourself go screw yourself
no one should ever have to

how do you sleep when its still alive
never to deep take a look inside

3. Candle

here falls now undone looks beyond the credits sum livid fractures less of fate
the whisper winds blow the seed of hate
disturbed society dogs my turn with no values intend to raise ability tried and
tested pointless view gods got security
hands like snakes sow the seeds
raise all negative force-fed traces poisons all impure
profane the haunted heaven jeering leapt into the pit of calamity
a mean condition no wealth dents provisions for a time unknown
thelemic gestures all planned and hatched in seasons of dissolute pain
cried afflicted and infected oblige the systems perfect dream
distorted my words assume all that is programmed before and somewhat left
unsaid behind shutters
dirt before desire dusted crap ingested comes
stealing life that you are not visited warped torpedo night crawls through
the distant and irrelevant a good life's experiment fused
I'm laying violent hands upon a dead card calling cattle the playthings are so
abused the derelict dial phone clock pusher
delved in reliving the future too
I'm sticking pins and needles in this stinging rotten fleshlike substitute
pieces of half cooked meat that are
walking on this earth abort desire irrelevance ticks in front in view
a candle rhyme to realign burnt out candles on the wall seize the moment...

4. Hardset Head

event width two path given pure force downs
turns the screw crawl in back

in term space a time to intrude
in term peace assuring a future

silence noise forming sound like silent noise
silent voice screaming hints retaliation

heinous plans in sides remain taking downs taking aim
filling curses two conditions back upon itself

pass it off as good intentions leaving marks hard to heal
reassisted retrogression leaving tracks path reveals
sample act reflected clears noticed thought while leaving hears
nuisance labels paranoia so stupid how perceived that way

silent claws shredding flaws hungers knawing
silent flaws forever laughter silence knows

shaman stands retreating all is over evermore smoke the
curse your creation back upon yourself

pushes distress closer to the edge one time cracks lights
the walls worry wasted hearing clouds up above the
chatter digging deep insider storms to find the inner
patience erasing shadowed gifted ruin haste retracing
promised news leaving statement meant as nothing
starving your words no excuses

silent truth asserts its proof like you abhor

5. Cult

a lasting moment to hold onto with regret the scent of time
tried and tested I never noticed the phantoms of her mind
cresent moon im cutting through paste up warnings fill the sky
smoking embers I remember time and time again to try
to live I light to sink within her I think of light

time to blame to borrow from your past elapsed

shes not insane
shes gone insane

and if the root of silence pulls me off and love is lost not
from my heart I sit upon this throne that throws me off

and she falls backward to the floor and forward to the back
she says elapses all my truth again shes the one I live for I live alone

burns inside horilbly she lifts me to the spirit burns
the darkest hours my corrupt brain is hurting
once again the door lies quiet left alone im thinking of her
sitting the burning clock of time

6. Process

alternative - mass control
diversification and guilt

jealousy prejudice
the courage to be themselves... often hated

aims to make individual freedom
spiritual bounds mental shackles
to heal the wound of separation
to question the unquestioning of the mind

offers an alternative to mass control
the center of the information war

we have progressed

physically as far as we can go... next stage mental
the process is you

justification decentralized by conditioned guilt
fear responses
for individuals who wish to acquire

sigil to the will
give the mind before which is a function of the self to react
and this focusing releases a tremendous energy

as the concourse lowers positive flow of energy

so be it
the process
so be it

body like mindedness
ageless souls
striving for individual matters
toward collective goals
a guiltless state of self awareness
the process is you
the process is yours

7. Curcible

good and evil does not exist(? CHRIST?)
fix the outcome overall playing into follow along
face the weak bland righteousness
deliver them or kill them dead
shorter now god
and the demise patience cries the burning cross

confessions alter bugger faith
moisten gland insert and taste

shorter nw a god lies rich
forced upon a sinners itch
kept a box locked in tight
slaves reward reserved in spite
drive across and burn incense

this is the god to save your soul
water burns holy
kill the faith inside of you
watch the killing starts
after you accept the part
to redirect your mind
whisper the name
all is not so black and white

8. Blue Serge

worn out gone ocean calmly lowers bodies offering
whims condition as night falls
spills disease mental sores
mine exploding you fucking liar

lines form short mans views

cassandra's curse prophets eyes
sees the truth they perceive as lies

this controls my mind
after supper o much fatter
how to reconcile this matter

lies disfigured one on top no distinction soaking sing
a screaming phrased in ill contempt
not worth it

this controls my mind

so whose resolve cant stop them now
raving mad so very small
kisses dust storm wave good-bye
have no need to scrape so high

9. Morter

killer in the morning scent of rain come on
fills the part put on me stranger ive been shown
less we love and know how were just morter filling holes
the glass eyed creature creaks the broken floors

teller lazy sky tales find your rate and pace
reinvent uniqueness adjust the outer face

planning pits diversions pusher rap downfall
take the crap sold as fact hallelujah clueless
the ship shine cellar albatross burned down find a way across
strangle hold albatross around my neck is sinking

psycho hymns too high the fee one step back to sanity

were all addicted anyway

10. Amnesia

for reasons untold born a body mass no excuse for
intolerable kick set in glass grasp a moment shattered

a lock on the door scraping demon trapped resides
starving for freedom all my strength to keep inside

tear it down

if I could move heaven or hell I would

to summon heads rush all perception void and meaningless
anti fathoms life in spite of it negate all feeling fractured
mocked deplore naming reverse remote viewing
empathic lesion surrounding the guilt cannot deny

tear it down a process to describe
whatever truth means nothing

when adding no results times a shallow digging through
the mud thrown out so expectable intentions not up front
and the shit that never faced reflects the sliver
looped a flaw rotates forever unresolved

tear it down

11. Cellar Heat

Guest Musicians:
Pat Sprawl - Guitar
Philth - Wave Manipulation
Pepperdine - Viola and Cello
Martyn Atkins - Voices
Lorne Bouquet - Backing Vocals
Rave - Guitar
Troll - Guitar

This album is dedicated in loving memory of D.R.Goettel
All songs written by Skinny Puppy
Produced by David Ogilvie and Skinny Puppy
Mixed by David Ogilvie
Recorded at Subconscious Studios, Vancouver
and Shangri LA Studios, California

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