Dark Lyrics


1. I'mmortal

Just looking for something is what to say keep looking
at nothing to go away you take my picture a portrait
prize behind my image your father's eyes just looking
for something NOW it looks like something from far
away inside the image grows and makes the shadow fade
behind the image posted on your wall a crack is hiding
fighting for it all just looking for something NOW
we've taken it somewhere from far away the voices echo
from yesterday behind the crack behind the image on
the wall I see you curled up tightly hiding from it
all just looking for something NOW

2. Pro-test

hit me on the street while waiting to do nothing where
within the space can anything feel certain look into
the future make out the word speak send in the spies
to watch them creepy are the people unable to do
something sitting on an armchair fenced in their
creation look up to be there anywhere is somewhere
itchy past scratch the itch hit me in the streets hit
me feel about a nation so precious is the freedom
carousel the brass ring reach into a black mass so its
corroded always polluted we all want some of it maybe
all the people now left without no loving where within
the strength gone better see it coming get off the
fence trip rip up the garbage make it up to the earth
bitch hit me in the streets hit me be a politician
eroding all your freedoms down the rabbit hole cracks
money markets fall through a looking glass time
becomes too fast all to benefit the rich so keep
eating from the apple edges from the center shaken to
the core until it doesn't matter no one to turn to no
where to run to better the bomb to blow it HIT ME in
the streets

3. EmpTe

beat my head to wake up cause I feel as if I'm
sleeping past is in the heart and I am waiting for the
rhythm feed the holy jaws no saying pain is the answer
after all is gone the story leaves me feeling empty
and all alone it leaves me feeling emptE breathe we
are all animals inside free the spirit is alive to
guide us we're all alone and really feeling empty
we're all alone when all revenge falls apart taken a
step back from the start leaves me feeling empty IT

4. Neuwerld

neuwerld order pissing on a river on the way a long
tomorrow rancid waters picking up the remnants of a
flower in all of us exists the touch of deadly warming
global and trust we must distrust the owners of the
new world order what of the hour of the whole look
what you've been missing feed upon the fingers chew
the knuckle to the bone dig inside the crack beside
the pain that is a home live a distant second skin
whatever else that can fed upon the remnants of a life
that's never had he took a living thing and made a
copy of it an image put the finish on a life still
being made the secret twist invading mists the desert
once a forest can't see the forest for the death
within the tree inside the crack beside the pain that
is a home

5. Ghostman

give it up today average levitation mojo no magic
dedicated delusion give it all away oh yeah mother
theresa all of it for the good of everyone never
really ever really happens life is all distorted
reasons are purported what we share with everyone
nothing every little boy and girl is under everything
is wrapped up tight underneath the spell what is
discovered everything is wrapped up tight every little
thing that is discovered did it ever really happen

6. dOwnsizer

attached in awe what a whiplash hate filled culture of
viruses born raised and infected with violent thought
to set it off defend the wrong incite the thing to
bring it down the panic of in a moments time bomb the
artful dodge to fabricate a polarizing opposite
political intention to keep it poor without a choice
so full of fear a peoples voice carve a scar warm
clotting of meat the maker of the hollow cost kept
pockets picked of all moral law to face the truth were
banished from a history of then is wrong defend the
wrong incite the thing to bring it down

7. Past Present

is this pure reality could we be led to believe
lemmings up against a sea drowning in speculation even
told when waters older more polluted never drink the
murky media to plumb the depth of time what of human
frailty visualize with clarity past the sanitation to
childish flesh and bone bleaching sticks and stoner
ribs pukes up gallows laughter stage the mighty media
blessing this sanitation what is this supposed to hold
freedoms crush disparaged souls despot dug in
yellowcake and failed to certify it crippled son to
pass it on a hatred fed on hatred born deify defensive
form as if to never see that what is real canned I
feel less important than today anyway is it worth the
slaughter? Sit and feel absolutely zero suffering a
condition worth denying pasted carcass killing fields
body parts off dolls that bleed who was once committed
for pulling wings off flying things feeling bold to
knot put over twisted ever after hissing faded left
alone to replicate the lie what is real asks the dream
some dim shift a rift within funniest seems a distant
the damp ring fitting end destitution ego death within
a condition dear dementia

8. Use Less

are we alone mission complete to the unknown this is a
story this is so sorry all is a stone sunk in too deep
run out of air lung full of heavy it's feeling heavy
were we forewarned force it to break labor of hate who
are we fooling what are we doing pin it on time proof
in the meat time to consume does it concern me under a
flag free are we all completely use less are we are we
end is a known sick and alone pieces of dream meant as
a nice theme meant as a nice dream so pause at the end
cause the effect shorten the pain time for reflection
or to regret them

9. Goneja

dark this heavy past tension over talking ever creepy
creep me out quiet soft pitch scratchy throat sore
bubble crass the eye balls of token alibis say digger
dig me then throw it out in time to gain all the
picture water sport aim the game to get no shot rich
vine land party spot all them kids so fucked up as if
the problem looks alive with each virtual compromise
dead head auction auction muscle every thing that
lives feeding egos radius dark this matter heavy past
tension over talking trash pubic public pimp the name
divine the only pissing game working on to undermine
only one to one two blind hooking up its wired set the
bomb depress the audience looker woofer hookah smoke
breathe in feed on spit it out inner vision inside
dope latest software antidote creepy creepy creep me
out quiet soft pitch scratchy throat cross the bubble
crass the eye dark this heavy past tension over

10. DaddyuWarbash

empire sews the seed of hate we remove ourselves
passing flames inspires ugly traits sanitize creepy
ills to keep the fear in line is it wrong to let the
liar lie creepy ills to keep the fears in line more
acquired is disease the souls state I am a god I am a
faceless warrior lost leaders wins the glorious
growing stocks of used up people life is twisting all
the words to shun life worth less than corporate rape
empire takes control of fate I am dying I am dying is
wrong to call a spade a spade popping pills will ease
the daily pain bombing peace back up into the stoned
state I am not living here I have got much left to
fear in the place of safety I am fortunate to be alive
with all these distant rich things around me I am left
to realize its not the blood in me it's not the hate
it's just the simple things that I relish I am a god I
am a face less warrior we remove ourselves from the
war looking from a distance sanitized wash your hands
an feel it the dirt is down the drain. enough

Thanks to vapid_reasoning, dark_lisa for sending these lyrics.

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