Dark Lyrics


1. Smothered Hope

withered rope you hang what's empty can't remain to put it simply
in time cry the hollow words to sing with false disguise
smothered hope fly from sorrow for a new divine tomorrow
i just don't want to know anymore
life shifts up and down everybody knows it's wrong
why don't you care? now do it seem fair?
it's not in the rhyme or reason
so it goes with every season crawl to top fall through bottom
first hand love is really rotten
slice of life find what's plenty inch towards a sanctuary
light with me inside the womb
i know everyone everybody knows it's me
it's my voice, my voice cries out obscenity
sightless eye regard my past sometimes it should
i just don't want to know anymore.

2. Glass Houses

sit in darkness understand what i am is what i am
overshadowed by assertion makes me certain
solemn ponder wander shake shaded with a doubt nightmare full of fear
solvent raining from the sky backlog danger hypnotize glass blown eyes
stain in drain on procreate fascinate me instigate care to here morbid
desert ice cream eyes so deceiving fraternize carefully
create vision fabricate smash to pieces watch and wait crash glass houses
hasten grasp calculate foreign object phornicate smash glass houses
misinterpret reprimand are you here myself demands
mediocre are you hearing headspace clearing

3. Far Too Frail

lovers and legions i've seen your whore try not to reason forsaken i'm poor
fire nerves and dissension flying at a glare a ginger reaction whisper care
a hairpin decision falls against the brain
to formulate the anguish and alleviate the pain
the silence is warning soul search nothing can't regain reach for air
scenes of a cheap thrill summon an old ghost
the foremost and sterile suffering one lost to
face the potential for fantasy and flair forever and forgiving summon
me and dare they keep on the mainstream forging their demise while
playing with the hopeless not facing their own lies
the symptoms of recourse i've seen nothing
overspill far too frail.

4. Icebreaker

passing ghosts heres the host
talk of nothing matters most
urban fracture whats the matter
only i am lost
rip blade doomsday cut string
way they go away
die love
are words misused
enough those shameless view
shall sail right through
cold mirror
gives icy clues
notice shells ails the well
smell of hell dosed phantoms will
future answer does it matter
deaths the only thrill

5. Solvent

silence the deadly golden cry out don't stay behind
stay up internal breakdown bloodflow drip from the eyes
incest the inner reason fast life lay in decline
sank back in fresh arrival face split with life so why
remorse a heartless soul senseless no apparent self control
since then cold uncaring accusations run wild
accelerate the heartbeat or so seen with their eyes
twisting with truth or fact a kind of story that lies
motion sickness is screaming stab cut retard my mind
tiresome a sacred leader sensations more than die
fortune is worshiped highly one day to pray then die
melting in fiery sand quick sink in false so high
over erase replace cancel the way a trial

6. Sleeping Beast

early one morning shattering life in the face
the finest creative loss of grace
out of heartshot with no hope meet the people try to cope
nod the head with distraction faces flirt for your reaction
with a grin over again start the day anothers whim
nice to nightmare she's a sleeping beast
lie the same dear anguish is your feast
frighten the peaceful powerless thought in the head
with decree attorney singe my dread
in the darkness know it well siege of face love to tell
how and why its indecision notice change by shapeshifting
from the real sacred seal rip with sex intelligent sneer
resist the useless aggravation kicked in teeth
the blankness created forms a wreath
slap the coffin hear no shout feel the courage seeping out
plunge the knife with no reason slash the name within season
slump retreat run again ride the pain going insane
very same morning shattering life in the face the finest creative
loss of grace find the truth far to down bring it up sense will drown
inside review sense elation can't regain the motivation
piercing probing is disturbing drove to me i'm not worth knowing

7. Brap

8. Incision

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9. Film

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10. Manwhole

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11. Glass Out

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