Dark Lyrics


1. Rodent

level edge backs against the ledge no knives the stone hard eyes
without the longing or fear that it would disappear they cling on nuturing
never ending obsessions on the table lines needed walls cover tips the balance
don't touch me wiped out cornering mouthed the word money head
shake handshake out to get a long way from corrosion pushes closer
to the edge wired not connected peeling back plastic wrap tinted green
and all illusion existing caught up crossfire trading tall tales where
are you going where do you fail whats that mean back and forth side
by side loose knot weave keep it up altogether or whatever that means passing
underneath the trespass dont get to close mouth the word your money if I
fade I may and I want to fade away all that I do is pray that you will be
there too if this were trying to deceive some minds what the hell
do you got to say? altogether

2. Hexonxonx

miles cable claws driller killer ripping holes tattered cloth stained
regaining the weather acid rains so sweet sweat streaks downpour
on humidity colder time talking hints watching tests the heat mangled meat
retaliate no blaming in future dreams could you have stopped it
from happening best left spectator spectacle time spaced fast paced
farther down all that trigger guaging cause kills at will melted prophets book
burning how undone written slurs the meaning the past they will repeat
hard to hit so unbeat melting prophets the past melting undone misted
fable role altogether mutating chains rattle happy to perform either
war or famine no where arid food growing warming trends a place passive
cows to feed the weak product waste give back nothing orders come in
make a million living things suffer hidden glad garbage body bag what
of that change that could save everything that paper shredder patent tender
puts us back in time again budgets that burst with oil crude gas in
purse no compassion common criminals seek asylum concrete pillow exxon dreams
hidden hiarchy no one in power taking blame

3. Two Time Grime

4. Fascist Jockitch

5. Worlock

binge cringe on the fringe sloppy mincing eyedropping biopsy cyclops overlooks
optic options rotton showstopper skinpopper babbler dabbler
self confessed criminal tore pen in vain instant still spellbound game
stock talk back rock reencounter incident subsistance inexistant
non committed unwitted oblivious habitual resistor buff the stuff roughed
up edge fluent nudge pre-collect ignition motivation inexistant wasted
views thats all they see blue hot blood guild optic nerve with the right attitude
you will succed blue self abusive recluse too late for me make
shifting peace settling crazy things keep your eyes open soft spoken
changes nothing a view so cruel dogs body comatose torchlight roast
disinterest disinfect retold impressed by possession insiders know
refresh detained contest off and pure sure tonight it feeds itself
freeze in time or shadows climb distracting override instincts
evolve and try over and over wasted truth why call at all blue hot lines
eventual decline with the right attitude you will succed blue resent
that discontent sidestep define the state of things so far crazy
things a view so cruel

6. Rain

these barriers disintegrating put forth fall bait the hook blind envy
makes me crawl all these familiar faces crack corner smile memories
build around me smash down by denial

7. Tin Omen

every truncheon hit misguided the peoples army divided united stance amped
out war dance what a ride inner thought of non violent rebellion outside
dare to die stand and fight show faith return all the weapons
government says use them right fixed action set in motion doubting amnesia
potion what to hide red carpet ride guessing right the jokes on
dark corner the square you bath once a week distorted the viewpoint
seldom seen wayback in 68 ohio kent state was nothing so great have of
have not forcing the point shot in the back take it back down trod soldier
away flower power within kill me kill this way of life and be
known one by one they'll be coming down altogether sister machine gun
automatic high what a ride what a trip tripped over the candlestick tanks
arrive fire wall got to keep the camera alive tell the world
whats going on here warning shots are fired at the stomach chest wound
coed falls amped out amped out changing guns for brooms the guards change
to clean up crews way back in 68 every thing was so great no way wrong
date keep up the trade balanced charade close circuit truth used to
remove keep the camera alive

8. Rivers

9. Choralone

10. Amputate

[Bonus track]

11. Spahn Dirge

[Bonus track]

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