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1. One Time One Place

in the rain collapse cross out which way we'll go honest the ever last

while the wind attacks the past truth at times so shallow develop an attitude
more time decay relapse in fortify the self cutter inbred and forever more

what a way what a life these won’t protect me forever away
faith bleeding eyes conjure pain distant so distant blood life take away
cold the war fast forward owning self destruction and all achieve a missile
tests mortifying flash huddles 'round the radio tube console to control
alive saw the arm levels of toxic waste disgrace the intolerant
all that's been done built up for a future race that's never worn
faith from god meet the maker's face distant book in time forever hate
that's mine blown fuse shortens with man's progression decipher what's
relative legal beaurocrat push us with a tender finger whose politics are
those with an X man overcame further as you left him black/blind two gaping holes
undriven carnivore nature's regret of all things brutalized and can it be
that need no time/town what a way to let go desperate/faithblood make face visionary

vestulate at bestulate at bestulate at bestulate at best at best
that's all there is in a gleam halo all jaded weakness corruption
runs harmonious begin by extremes doorway extinction resist
repression is based on god for a length of time full of elemental powers
inbred and not brilliant no fortune could buy this power away

2. God's Gift (Maggot)

to a life left screaming cry this holy god mercury with no degree
early lies to blaspheme eye sky sky's the limit
deceiving in this darkened splay growing back at the invoid
you're bloody righteous declare the light wounding
forever judgment of his righteousness
certain man feel the pain falling back a name overture
gentle black we're falling down knives in the eyes maggots fill the brain
falling down falling power away reign rain atomic grin on the floor
in the pool of blood on lifeless grin
back to the bedroom with a grin where
the master walks down the phantoms
living out the miseries
it's hard to fathom walk to the bedroom come
it's hard to fathom
hot to give maggots
god gave maggots god gave maggots
god give maggots god gift maggots
I saw it heal the fate no less then back again
open wound in a splash on the side as backwash
god gave us maggots god gave us maggots
god gives maggots god gives maggots
isn't a way back the bedroom/grin
go scription away
devils missing ghostly remain
never win again no route winning
constellation of love/life
prize work prize work easier
god winning winning the genitals fading
black sunrise a coerce is the easy road to survive
lunatic ration your motion gone motion back again
moshe god gives maggots god gives maggots
god gives maggots
my friend maggot
life built

3. Three Blind Mice

fascists can you hear it has begun seen the devil the outlived symptom
under the scream impress again shadow ways to do and joins from
everywhere treats my fallen character with no respect to taking goals away taking it all in
diminutive drown to live the hope of anything obscene is so obscure
do it again installing precious policy do it again Bolshevik craze on pretty days do it again
three blind mice posture crumbling it has begun in part a life time decaying from
within maybe it was definitely watch her creeping in owner shape the credit or stipulate

the wind visible all to see constantly
in reaping the harvest eating the grain so show you
it's gone everything I had sperima a strip away
do it again installing precious policy do it again Bolshevik craze on pretty days do it again the harvest
bromine bucket pile it has been done not double no one forever gone took and took within
a black ribbon

4. Love

Love Love...

5. Stairs And Flowers

6. Antagonism

flesh makes a stretch through the hoop again no faults nothing ever gained
livid fear, our time has come about what was believed now turned inside out
drastic hate, frantic air growing up while inching near a reason no throwing
back down in it's place cutting in with open space cancer in each new cell
rotting food left on the shelf

alive yet unaware asking do you really care
Nivek, rehgard with care witness our philosophy

melting features came to the light remains burn out comes rushing back again
cold claws lifeless abject hate power unleashed a vagrant mind in bits
grasping for warm embrace detest all views of place remember...

alive yet unaware asking do you really care alive alive

exiting crystal set view left below no truth now burning bright inside
absinthe grows cold open scar on the wall disregarded no bitter rotten
flames rip and follow break through never saw this inching near enough
fleeting, the image cracks ripping past the frame love's never came
wrapping the face dripping blade in love receding wrenching the image cell
who will decide what goals we set

alive yet unaware asking do you really care

listen as the hours pass back on the bridge again rebuild
nothing's quite the same slipped poison cancer central brain retracing
he steps so easily mislaid knife in my hand so don't you make demands
discorse at times or is it just in my mind

alive yet unaware asking do you really care
oh my god my god help me god help me
witness eyes eyes reveal witness eyes eyes quickening

7. 200 Years

8. Dig It

(Dig it dig it)
Love cannot attach itself to binding ugliness
rot in silence to advise life
the point at hand indifference
resolving of each others needs dress it up in false kindness
create empathy
hungry lie beside name
your game
feelings feeling
sorry that I ever came dissolve taste sweet
nothing corporate
nothing illogical of own accord
with choice of politics
open your eyes to verify the life experience
practitioner of medicine belong until the end
bringing hope scars the point extend eternity

(Dig it dig it)
execute economic slave
(Dig it dig it)
fill it unearthly remains
(Dig it dig it)
freedom as an offering
(Dig it dig it) ask again

flesh and bone attach itself to ancient monuments
unsurpassed except for us unheard violence departure from the fragrant
ledge fallen magistrate give it back a claim to right value
ecstasy hungry live
decide name
your game
feelings feeling
sorry that I ever came sugar and water dissolves the taste sweet nothing

(Dig it dig it)
execute economic slave
(Dig it dig it)
fill it unearthly remains
(Dig it dig it)
freedom as an offering
(Dig it dig it) ask again

(D...Do ya hear that?
The music.
A band.
Do you hear it?
There's somebody here!)


boils bitten haggard pick
vomit kicking out
razor slide
black eye shroud
brain bespattered
jaw retaliate begrudgingly
precise as what it seems fear of claim upon the cyst
pent up carnal grin live decide name your game feelings feeling sorry that I ever came too far away game game

(Dig it dig it)
execute economic slave
(Dig it dig it)
fill it unearthly remains
(Dig it dig it)
freedom as an offering
(Dig it dig it)
ask again ask again ask again

9. Burnt With Water

Behaviour! Behaviour! Behave!

10. Chainsaw

forlorn lists true contempt destruct dripping
red is it time to come clean wash away
everything hold the frame still life focus
ones intent to not be noticed lost in lies
graceful charms losing touch with everyone
management terms and conditions waiting for
own in addition contract is raised
the worlds greatest mortuary self destruct
mechanism introvert overturn assasination
make from steel the ugly weapon killers
instinct from man to trigger peaceful time
direct potentia living through ones own
dimentia come on hold arms dissect division
caress duress invite delusion back moving
through the keyhole trust in keeping a value
judgement overthrown like a somnambulist
twisting and churning in retrospect management
inedible benign applicants crime to everlasting eternal peace

11. Addiction

desperate deranged talking in my sleep again eyes twitch
retain a sentimental something looked lorn and we burned and burned
I was a cinder body soul in my dreams breakdown amidst the mixtures
avoid addictive plea responding disillusion encrusted cruelty decribe
why nails enclose me eating so evenly there exists a lot of reasons
to support fatality abstience possessed hardly what you think it is
hearts beat positive provided there's progress ignorance does insist of
the right coffin took some food offered me can't see myself drank the
wine wished the feverish burst of terror breakdown amidst the
mixtures avoid addictive plea insist that nothing happened chilled
bloodless fatigue recharge with bitterness fanatics beckoning mistook
a look impassioned absorbed with clarity consciousness drifts away
discarded memory packaged shelf life bad display breakdown amidst
the mixtures avoid addictive plea excessive near romances comfort
is treachery so pound the nails in tight eyes screaming out of sight
against a grain like curtain unbearably alive

12. Deep Down Trauma Hounds (Remix)

injured plea crushed destiny deep down
trauma hounds run to corrode integrity whatever matters and it would
they fail to see they make believe reality helpless deaths
ignored to be judged as juvenile head caves in growing pains no time
remains for fantasy tyrrany exists shrink beneath the ingrown thorns forced
to accept pledge allegiance to a flag tested to forget you must
resist they want you dead feels emptyness eternity keeps swallowing
digested benefactors whose silence deafens anything all of whom
decease and miss to pierce a point objects and lessons to realize
it's not the way what's the point of giving up leaving won't change anything
political resentment to push away all growth withing puzzles me offers
soul to nothing the message screams it's purity that those with no rights
display the right to have no life do have respect they must accept
a world commiting suicide

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