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1. Love In Vein

"Dreams, not waking, creeping down inside the quiet urns, listen to the
sound, crashing down into it, the needle is warm in the arm, hate burns
illusion, pain pain pain The rest is straight from Ogre himself walk out in
the street see the vacant eyes dreaming of the dream unbroken economic
repression plays a part i wonder what im going through ....pain....wasted
away island body on a darkened see to avoid chattering taped tape taping
human muttering warning flicker lights the candle burnsinside.....a pain
that never dies crawls up the back and waits for the lies tall climb edges
edges exhausts no night climbing higher ...... crawls wicked wire cut throat
explodes singing of the the vein no desire great fate.....human heart
explodes attacking pointed sticks in sores the arms wheres the warning
warning shot the lights out wheres the warning ........needle is warm in the
arm travels to the heart human heart flags the blood ........a halo of fire
scarring made of flame the flower flavor find its worth calls the tripping
strings supporting the game of life ......the pain...... broken chair that
horror tray of fear wheres the warning warning killing me .......aking human
heart except my patience is giving up on me.......river of track mark
volcano upon the arm open sores allowing ants tocrawl in and i wonder if i
missed the warning missed the warning casting away varnish crack ants
symbolize decay missed the warning missed the vein reaching out crying for
where is the warning heart exploding human heart attack."

2. Killing Game

"fallen angel head crashes dead out of control lost memories staircase
twists darker rooms lit with left out toys after playing men changes toys
into tools twisted playthings on the staircase fools whose weapons
represents the killing game who taught the killing game who taught the
killing game awaken eyes sewn wearing glasses dripping tapping at the temple
door locked inside scream inner scraping tooth and nail nowhere to go quiet
retraces forcing light tears then pretend nothing blinds minds closed in
sanctuary closed in sanctuary padded walls not quiet storms fury burned out
killing time who taught the killing game time's taught the killing game
herself no i taught the killing game first passing words distant pain
remember trains of thought collide no one view window pushing faces through
sharp cold glass poke bloody holes exposed i taught the killing game first i
taught the killing game first till at last you regret tortured animals wake
up time beckons death upon myself eyes travelled harden strange no stronger
feeling tempting motion slows to a crawl places his weaponry and it's a trap
let go the springs snap shut gazes show sharper teeth giving in to the jaws
of death i taught the killing game i taught the killing game first i taught
i taught i taught the game first first first"

3. Knowhere?

"a leech, passing unseen, kicked in mouth, firm, will prove sex slave, all
encomapsses high, gets you by, broken glass in a crystal blown problem room,
and one day you will have no one to run to, sell the satisfyer, runs the
genitals down, no sensation, promise your heart to the (slut who last) slept
in your bed, in you head, in your head, where it must have some reason, all
I said in you head, all I said, all I said, nowhere nowhere nowhere to run
to nowhere nowhere nowhere to run to looking back, looking back looking
back, one of two looks back, wonder which is real, and the naked arm that,
you will see the truth so what, your gift is misused your gift is misused
your gift is not used, not used at all when it is done you will have no one
to run to no one to run to."

4. Mirror Saw

"Through the window, blowing in, message ensured
walk within car passes terminal empty cracks started
showing through unlisted mystery a dead child was thrown
through a window wind opens windows carry promises true will unleash us
dogs bite flesh, biting, exposing,
freezing the soul, whirlwind blowing through the
crashes ceiling no fantasies gone ages ago
crashes through privacy gone ages ago
freezes hands, pale, lighter,
frozen paintings, illumination, illumination gone,
illumination, illumination gone, illumination not wrong,
sides heaving, chest boxed in, I will find the real
you/finally heal you, lighter, hand in smokes,
my treasures, there to know, I write a note,
tossed aside, tossed aside, shines through a
powder, baby the real you, blood shines through a powder,
reads the real you, love shines through a
powder, feel the real you, shines
through a powder, final curtain, what's become of me and you?"

5. Inquisition

"blatant manner speak parting bonding cement no longer holds parting bigots
too young to grow old addicted romance love tested ailing from substance
abuse wicked resenting never faced in itself torturer taints animal waste no
evironment torturer loving rightious read realtime intrusion fear's filtered
for reasons unknown cancer attack bleaching dessert so sweet leaves bitter
taste in her mouth forever tortured taints animal waste coroners creeping
fear tasting force fed lies of the wicked acting out fears false truths
turned around wicked torture wicked heed the wicked words of the torturer
abusing and controlling anyone that's useful to him wicked waiting of the
torturer wicked waits the torturer reads history truth seething believed
poison eaten swallows turning away torturer taints animal with fate
enlightenment turned away no change the wicked not facing himself controls
turning away wicked torturer force fed torment animal torture torturer
turning away wicked torturer turning away wicked not facing himself wicked
turning away wicked turning away .. tortures the animal"

6. Scrapyard

"One must believe in
Alter their image
Turn against ripping poles
In a tatter you shivered cold
No longer feeling
Accosted raising funds
from the son of time
Crawls to the corner
I want face and mind
One thing I look
Up at you leaks from the head
Nothing sheets plug Dread
Leave it alone
Best left unsaid
There's tension
to destroy
Die infernal demon
Nervous nails
never deliver them
raising matters
why don't we
don't let it
Torture myself
[whispered:] tortures himself
Please believe
Dirty daylight
Expression reveals
Best left unsaid
Cold and indifferent
Adjust the attitude
That the compass
Can confuse
Wherever shackle
Looks for refuge
Wherever falls the stone
Best left unsaid
this is going by Oh, we all had to be addicted to one thing or another"

7. Riverzend


8. Lust Chance


9. Circustance

Black time
I looked upon the circus in the sky
steaming colorized ceiling paranoia
Make it go away
Make it go away
There for years
Until tirade is used
Four ring
Four crap-hole
Listen to the circus
Listen now
Make it go away
Violent teases wet in mouth
Repromoting ecstasy escape
No self respected
Lies desperate
Lies pattern
Lies inside
Lies pattern
Lies inside
Lies pattern
Lies inside
So let's spew
Set it in
Let 'em know how it feels
In gaping hole holding
Head explode
Cream drip bucket
Washes dirt
Washing lies
Blaming cunt
Who won't realize
Tackle this reaper
Breeze rocking
Burning paper
pattern word
pattern lies"

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