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1. First Aid

those fortunate risk fate to alleviate a fear from within
clawing to trust someone monogamy sits uneasily ice that don't heat
freeze howl hollow howl in vast space all light displaced we can kill
desire albatross worn subvert to twist and old poem tick tick tick tick
tick altruistically we've come a long way man and woman raping from
the earth worming what it's worth right wing ricochet displays
the evolution of decay just go away infant hospital winged protection
infected the new born dreams a life that cannot be intuitive grease
paint drooling to relate all of lifes mistakes hitting in the face
orchard putrid smile head of state state headless states of being as
right up against what's wrong the disease believes to push away
normality alone with virtue what's there left to do a virus threads
poetry written time dogmatically lifes plague the first aid acquired
deficiency spreading it aimlessly have heart crash course caustic
dripping gins the reaper body count intensify getting weaker moisten
the soul away clouded and vague throw free love to history masters of
nothing living's now a precious aim

2. Addiction

desperate deranged talking in my sleep again eyes twitch
retain a sentimental something looked lorn and we burned and burned
I was a cinder body soul in my dreams breakdown amidst the mixtures
avoid addictive plea responding disillusion encrusted cruelty decribe
why nails enclose me eating so evenly there exists a lot of reasons
to support fatality abstience possessed hardly what you think it is
hearts beat positive provided there's progress ignorance does insist of
the right coffin took some food offered me can't see myself drank the
wine wished the feverish burst of terror breakdown amidst the
mixtures avoid addictive plea insist that nothing happened chilled
bloodless fatigue recharge with bitterness fanatics beckoning mistook
a look impassioned absorbed with clarity consciousness drifts away
discarded memory packaged shelf life bad display breakdown amidst
the mixtures avoid addictive plea excessive near romances comfort
is treachery so pound the nails in tight eyes screaming out of sight
against a grain like curtain unbearably alive

3. Shadow Cast

magnified fear stares back the mirror reflect
depravity the shadow cast a feeling of ill harmony so crisp the famines
itch a withering shoreline tears of grey interspersed with withered fruit
her gloomy banquet of cheer heaven what a sweet pain douse the
ecstasy the imagination drained away perpetual reverie abruptly fade
heavens soothing some say tremulous hand jabs from behind sticks
in the back for all to see organs spilled leak of will void of secrecy
genuine tears delights the taste pain salts the bitter brew rich in guilt
to absorb the filth she worships a point of view scarce the thousand
remnants black charred flesh a victim screaming through heaven or
hell what's the difference one to believe in one to live in careful
balancing what's hell to heavens only flame

4. Draining Faces

cut tear taking life too serious recreates a void not
unlike walking infinitely blind through rooms strewn with razor blades
I see what you mean what you say duck the issue and
treat as humor gorging forcing pointless impediments strangling
deform more than known know to never be ciao

5. The Mourn

along the cracked in floors dripping on the floor hter
sits a doctor murder samurai hit numbers calling gave up all old eye
shy nose on the wall a cracking membrane turn the message those eyes
warn and pull out the young eye why arms creak wishing higher caught
the point whore introvert maybe she'll have a chance one day but the
world watches with heart rid her arms out rip her arms out rip out

6. Second Tooth

(not much need) distraught wake up in sweat
something is very different no water hot or cold walk out in the street
greet the morning gun battles needless no need to understand in
a foreign land with gun in hand killing is respected a way of showing
faith in a country's need to exercise death penalities where were you
now in the chair to burn twenty years ago killing red in nam who
is worse when war is far away not much for sympathy a number count
of casualties return so burned with nothing left to learn murder now invigorates
the unwashed bloody hands kill again let the family burn
do little to comfort anguishing no decision could ever warrant
this war is just a childrens game no pretending dead why? dear god whom
we project its useless killing children to satisfy the arms budgets
who walks right or left a child won't give a damn nations arise to reason
the conceptions threatened for economic steps is it time to shut down
and lay to rest the bomb that servant suicide object worshipped
like a god be there now blown clear the human race what use is there of
figures the wrote wordless statistic names and numbers now seem out
of place a paper representating life blowing down the street kill again

7. Tear Or Beat

live within four walls scrape insect infested dreams
cancer cornered worn accepting misery as a way of dealing within
this complex fantasy which way or how to say is this ordinary terror force
the rain boiling over lifeless flame fear pays a healthy wage leaves its
trail in well planned pain crave whisper fall ride corrodes neglected
dream scalding of organs slowly rotting in the time to understand a body
degeneration reluctant soul search within a dying civilation fill
cracks with plaster hides all unbalanced things a shade to pale
of late features sunken in if all were to dissolve not to interpret literally
a mindless mat that minds itself void of expressing anything that
need be in order to believe then to substantiate by falling ungraciously
at the brother's feet used solely to defeat back around it gleams time
again terror nerves on edge no where safe to populate whose side to liberate
genocide applied with subtlety terror shadowed dream no chance
ending callous reign fear not rise up to stay the beast no moving
frozen are the meek

8. Deep Down Trauma Hounds

injured plea crushed destiny deep down
trauma hounds run to corrode integrity whatever matters and it would
they fail to see they make believe reality helpless deaths
ignored to be judged as juvenile head caves in growing pains no time
remains for fantasy tyrrany exists shrink beneath the ingrown thorns forced
to accept pledge allegiance to a flag tested to forget you must
resist they want you dead feels emptyness eternity keeps swallowing
digested benefactors whose silence deafens anything all of whom
decease and miss to pierce a point objects and lessons to realize
it's not the way what's the point of giving up leaving won't change anything
political resentment to push away all growth withing puzzles me offers
soul to nothing the message screams it's purity that those with no rights
display the right to have no life do have respect they must accept
a world commiting suicide

9. Anger

anger thought so no thought touched inside crazy
(disembodied gutteral noise need not make sense)

10. Epilogue

Showing a man, whose face has been battered
Whose body has been scourged back and front
Whose head has been crowned with thorns
Who has been crucified and has the sight of death.
It is my opinion that the man on the shroud is Jesus Christ

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