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1. The Arrival

Arrived autumn
With a visit uninvited
And by chill slowly growing
With a lesson fully dreadful
And by message all displeasing

Then arrived autumn
With a growing understanding
And by vision slowly clearing
With belief calmly growing
And by readiness to embrace

Then arrived autumn
With unpleasant companion
And with frost overwhelming
With a lack of will to stand still
And with movement backwards drawing

Then arrived Autumn
Not the light of spring to follow
Nor a summer nor a winter
With autumn tints the forests glowing
And with leaves newly falling

Then arrived
I to visit uninvited
With a message to me ageless
Carrying the understanding
Year of autumns one to embrace

2. March October

March has come time to awaken
Break the silence deeply sleeping
And the stillness lasting ages
Once more to start windchest filling
And the chains start freely moving
And the pulse start beating strongly
And the words set calmly flowing
Blow the dust out of the pipe ends
Rid the chains of rust they carry
And the pulse set free and roaming
And unleash the words from slumber
One another then shall follow
Join each other in the alloy
To bring forth the march October
In march start and onwards journey
Boldly reach out for October
With the tunes as flocks that follow
And the words as their companion
Shall the tunes then whisper softly
And roar load like rising thunder
With a leadscape on their shoulders
Or mere sunrays as their clothing
Shall the words not sing of sorrow
Leave for others words of lament
Proudly join the tunes sounding
Gallant ways the pulse beating
Take their places in the alloy
Fortify the compound forming
And unite the substance growing
And meld matter made for lasting
To complete the march October

3. Antimony

Cold creeps in and I start to feel
Each bone of each of my fingers
Darkness like a cloak on my shoulders
Silence almost close enough to touch
I play my part

Footsteps echo in the corridor
In the dust is left a trail
The light pale but not the mind
I play my part

Not once will ask for more
Not once will ask for less
Belittle the hardness of others
Glorify the part of mine
I play my part

The cold not better than the warm
The light as welcome as the dark
The sour as sweet as delight
I play my part

4. The Curtain

Wind in the dawn
Does not whisper
Through the day
Dark clouds gather
Fear not
In here
Storms will enter
Winds are still
It is us who move
Storms are weak
Against ones
Who stand time
Dark clouds
Like them
Beautiful but helpless
Wind in the dusk
Or stays silent
The dark clouds
Or slowly shatter
Sky in the night
Is dark
Like high ceiling
Fear not
The curtain
Slowly closes

5. Pendulum

Bare light enters
These halls
Time barely passes
The floors
Silent for time
The Doors
Still for air
The mirror
Blind for movement
Time barely passes
Right hall
Shadows marking
Colored cover
Left hall
Light routes
Shall part
Pleasant ways
Hall behind
The pendulum
Through time
Through light
Through darkness
Through dust
The pendulum
The silent becomes loud
The absent becomes present
Each time barely passes
These halls
Hall behind
The pendulum

6. Oars In The Dusk

The sun may stopped rising
Light in mornings growing
Horizon sky from sea dividing
Clouds of waves separating

Grey have been our days
For longer than one will remember
Not a breath of wind in weeks
And ages of the last rainfall

Yet the oars strike into the dusk
Steadily keep the rowlocks sounding
Let the morning bring land or more sea
Into the dusk will the oars lead us

Grey is night
Grey new dawn
Grey the light
Grey light gone

Feel no wind
See no shores
Never shall we turn back
Never shall we stop

Let the sun stop rising
Moon at nights appearing
Clear sky between clouds flashing
Night from day differing

Grey shall be our days
For as long as journey remains
We welcome cold and rough wind
Into the dusk will the oars lead us

Matti - Vocals
Jani Kekarainen - Guitars
Eero Pöyry - Keys
Lasse Pelkonen - Drums

Thanks to ylffko, pedram_paragomi, eduardo.mps for sending these lyrics.
Thanks to sanityerosion for correcting these lyrics.

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