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1. Intro

2. No Room For Mortals

3. Dying By The Dollar

4. Generations Of The Lame

5. Vegetable

6. Psych

7. Animated Life Styles

8. Skank Or Rot

9. You Really Got Me

10. I Wanna Puke

11. Generic Ruins

Something sweet
Something pure
Something unique
Sweptout doors
Wrapped n trends
Clenched in fashion
Cloned to no end
And it's catchin'
Put on your uniform
Spoiled likeness
Like you're born just for this
Your lips are brown from sucking up
To the peers you've found
Bland proportion
Provoked vomit
Join the crowd
You have done it
Open eyes cannot bear it
No surprise - you're all generic
My world - pitch black
Outta the ruins
I'm never comin' back
Generic ruins
Never! - No!

12. System Slut

Up and down the ladder
Never a secure spot
Sucking for that identity
Same old slut
Paint your best face
Your sole reliance
You're a little worn
Crawling to the business giants
Kiss ass and lie to the man with a tie
Big bucks rolling in
But you're still beneath them
Can't put a pretty face to the grindstone
Knees hit the floor
Dignity's gone
Grab the money train
Fuel with greed
System slut goes down
System slut is skin deep
System slut

13. You're The Subject

Stop the pain, stop the slaughter
Open your eyes to this senseless thing
Of the primate in the leather straps
With his guts on the table in the name of science
This can't go on any longer
Stop the pain, stop the slaughter
They inject the needle - it's a new food additive
They know it will cause internal haemorrhaging
But can the vomiting dog survive?
You call this progress
If this is progress - I wanna regress!
Don't get me wrong - I see the point in testing
We must make alternatives to this sadistic crusade
What would you think if we reverse the situation and you we're the subject on whom the tests we're performed?
The panic which you can't control overwhelms your rational thought
The white coats staring at you with the electrodes on your brain
The white coats stand above you smiling
Pinning back your eyelids, smiling
Shredding your existence

14. Third Worls Vacation

I can get drunk
Working is hell
I got a home, I got food
My parents won't give me more
Meanwhile, somewhere else
Homeless and starving
Like a knife in a swollen belly, hunger is carving
You soak in pity, they bathe in dirt
Uneducated and decrepit
Bodies diseased and ridden with worms
Now we take a little trip down Leper Lane
A new life to live in the land of pain
Beneath the arid sun, between hell and death
On the boiling floor, you take your last breath
Salvaging your insanity for the painful realization that it's not perfect, but it's the best you got so far
Next time you're complaining - take a Third World Vacation!

15. Fat Maggot

Shovel that coal - gotta make a profit
Fuck acid rain - I hate fish anyway
Beef up production - too much competition
I wanna buy half the nation by the middle of the next week
Profit! Profit! Profit!
I don't care if all resources are consumed
We'll try another industry
Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!
I don't care
Raping the Earth for selfish profit
Feed me! Feed me!
I wanna reproduce like a parasite
I'll feed until I starve my host food
The world may be dying but I'm living comfortable
Leeching Mother Earth makes a profitable company

16. Even The Water Reeks

I don't understand how people can piss their future away, short term profit can't compensate for global suicide
Maybe if they'd wake up and smell the volatile coffee, maybe we would stand a chance with life as we know it
I walk along the shore and try not to step on any rotten corpses of dead fish that litter the beach - first victims of our chemical forces
I can't look away, this carnage, this atrocity
Bring on the waves of death
Fall bearers of the toxic tide
I dare not swim, the dioxidized water will shred my skin
And the oil spills
Hazardous to health
We dump and dump and dump like kids with worn out toys
There's not a way out and we don't give a fuck
Oceans of cruelty
Reigns supreme
Putrid growth starts to climb
Vile orgasm
Even the water reeks
Call it careless, call it ignorance
Put it in the sky, liquidate shit
It reeks

17. No Fucking Way

I'm so confused
Don't know what to do
Should I take a chance and face the consequence?
Or should I lay back and die without the satisfaction of giving it a try?
No way, I'll get off my ass, make it happen for myself!
No way I'll let the chance pass by me again!
No way! No way! No fucking way!
I can't sit idle, to me it's suicidal, 'cause time is a disease which feeds on my incentive
Gotta take some chances
Without the "maybe's", what's the point in living?
If actions speak louder than words, it's time they started screaming
No way I'll let the chance pass by me again!
No way! No way! No fucking way!

18. Chainsaw Sodomy

Breeding of your ignorance
Spawned by insecurities
Badge of law gives you the balls to abuse your authority
- I'm a cop, I'll kick your ass!
- No, you're a redneck piece of trash!
Soon to be outnumbered and back in a corner
Strap on the chainsaw, it's time to sodomize!
Pants to your ankles pig!
Here's mud in your eye!

19. Fucking You

Travis Ogletree - (v/backing v)
Jared Reed - (b/backing v)
Eric Hosmer - (g)
Doug Silvia - (d/backing v)

Thanks to nah3man for sending these lyrics.

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