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1. TV Shock

Thieves and liars
The players
Upon your screen
Gangsters and killers
The thrillers
You've always seen

They seem so far
Although they're coming to you
Every night
They're coming tonight.......

There is no barrier
To the master of fear
No kind of barrier

No space no age
For flames of rage
No place to hide
And when they ride
No higher tide

Shock shock TV shock.......

2. Rock Rock City

My steps on the sidewalk
Dirty street of this old town
I'm gonna hear some more tonight
I'm dying for that sound

My God the noise is rising
I can hear it grow and grow
It's howling wolfs, it's thunder hell
The only sound I know

Rock rock city -- ooh yeah
We're moving to that beat
Rock rock city -- ooh yeah
Up and down the street
Rock rock city -- ooh yeah
Turn it louder in your car
Rock rock city -- ooh yeah
My religion's my guitar.....

3. Skanners

Life is creeping ` round deep in the mud
Life is nearly dying, oh my god
Free it let it flow in every vein
Let it reach the kernel of your brain

One more monster, he will reign the last
Giving to the world the final blast
Maybe it's a nightmare, it's a curse
He's the rule of the universe

Skanners no body nor face
Skanners no mercy nor grace
Skanners the last chance at all
Skanners can you hear us call

It's heavy metal time

Can you hear the thunder coming from afar
Can you hear the thunder, the breath of war....

4. Everybody's Crazy

We are the wildest bunch
Of furious animals
Locked up in a cage
It's the end of our age

And all we need for lunch
The heart of an enemy
You have read the last page
It's the end of our age

The curse in our mouth
The lies in our eyes
The poison takes effect
We're getting crazy

Bites and scabs, scratches
Upon your skin
And what we feel within
Only fever
Only hate
Everybody's crazy
We're getting crazy
The whole world's crazy.......

5. Black Eagle

Try, you've got to break the wall
And there will be the sky
Sky enough to live
Sky enough to fly

Spread your wings
Draw fire rings
And catch them

Black eagle dark queen of the air
You'd better beware
There's someone behind you
They're waiting for
Your weakest hour

Black eagle you'll fall
Tonight it's the night
You have just to keep your eyes open

Black eagle fly
Black eagle cry.....

6. Walking On The Wall

Walking on the wall
One by one and steel the same direction
You see
Something within is lighter than the air

It's a voice that's calling
It's a cry in my brain
Like an angel who's falling
But I know it's in vain
One by one and steel the same direction
You see
We're walking on the wall
Walking on the wall

And we feel the wind of death
Every time we turn our head
Every time we try to wonder
How and who's the master of the fate
We have to suffer

And a whip is coming down
Changing smiles into a frown
Every time we seem to forget
That we are walking one by one
Walking on the wall.

7. Steel And Fire

Heavy metal
5.000 Fahrenheit
this way they come together
steel and fire

Shining more than bright
They melt into each there
Melting like two lovers
Steel and fire

And this is the way
That we could feel every day
`cause we are steel and fire

so don't be surprised
don't be scared
if the temper, the temper will rise
it's hotter than hot
it's brighter than bright
we're just setting the sky on fire

It's burning inside, desire
We're setting the sky on fire.

8. Dirty Armada

Dirty army dirty army dirty armada
Sailing in the night
Searching for alight
Looking for a land that`s out of sight

Dirty army dirty army dirty armada
In the dark a knife
Danger for your children and your wife

Captain Captain
We want money
Captain Captain
We want fun
Captain Captain
Where`s the money
Captain Captain
Let`s all hit and run

Dirty army dirty army dirty armada
In the dark a knife
Danger for your life

9. Running Back

Games and toys just smiles and laughter
Everything seems to be so clean and nice
Games and toys what's coming after
Tell me haven't they got any price ?

Games you play in danger zone
Your body steel, your heart of stone
You're always alone
Running, longing for your goal
They burnt out your soul

Running back to find the key
Running back to liberty
Running back the time has come
Running back to where you come from.

10. Starlight

It lives in your body
The spaces it needs are so wide
The room of the universe is the room of your mind

It leaves you sometimes for a ride
In foreign skies
Coming back it touches your brain
They call it starlight

Energy, power, it's a free fireball
Energy, power, you can't catch no control
Every day faster, riding up to the skies
Every day stronger, hypnotizing your eyes.

They call it the queen
Of the stars in the universe
But it don't needs no warriors at its side
And the iron men better watch out
Not a sound, only a flash
And they'll malt like snow in the sun.

11. Scorpion Rider

The night has com, the road is waiting
No time for silence in the woods
No more time for whispers, no more time for love
No more time to talk to the wind

The night has com, the road is waiting
Dust and mud will cover you
But they wont hurt your pride
Somewhere something's dying, in forgotten lands
Somewhere something's waiting for you...

Scorpion rider run and fight
There's something to defend
Something must be kept alive
To save us in the end

Scorpion rider run and fight
Run, don't turn your head
Rock and roll has to survive
When everything is dead

Scorpion rider flying in the sky
Scorpion rider flying in the sky

Save the only language
That's still loyal and sincere
It's your task to free our eyes
From the dust of hate and fear

Scorpion rider run and fight
Run, you'll never fall
Calling back the wasted time
In the name of rock and roll

Scorpion Rider run and fight, fight fight....

12. Rock Rock City (Reprise)

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