Dark Lyrics


1. Acme

Break now through your deepest fear
And reward will be most disastrous awe
I eclipsed the sun and blind birds
Fell down to the ground like lead
I'll take al the human joy
Serve in submission...
Celebrate my darkened reign
A solemn shape will disguise the Phoebus god
I saw you dead
Like shreds of your unreal faith...
... and god
Alone as always
Taken from the ground my hate
In ecstacy and shame
The view shows me closer
To the end of god
Come back to the source of power
The darkest eye like the deepest well
Let bricks of my hate soak in virgin tears
I eclipsed your love and mercy
Setting back the clock to barbaric times
How horribly you smell now
Raise your god and kill each other

2. Passover 1994

Father of our guilt I rejoice at golden heaven's'
Birds eye view to earth
All is mine today
There's no word like hope
As the sun is hidden by the mist
Now the fortune's turning
Mix your gold with ash
Look around your nation's dead
And god forgot your name
Six feet under we lie
Strong our faith now dead
Paint with blood on these cryptic walls
Of our forlorn defeat
Bend your knees in prayer now
That is what they're for
Father did you see
Legions marching through my land
Trodden flowers dead
All has gone today
Father smiles when we forgive
The wound that leads to eden
The years of slavery remain
And mean nothing

3. On The Verge

4. A.U.Tomb

Memories alive in shame
Through my sadness
Sun shines cold
Now and here I want to fade
Thoughts, my feelings, tears
Try to change the world
As the worst becomes reality
Falsehood in your speech
To leave this repulsive land
Garden falls in yellow-red
As tears when meeting the dawn
Childish dreams and happy years
Sustained in the dark
Bring me to the broken panes
Let sunshineburn my eyes
The truth was hard to face
And all now seems in vain
Relentless slowly reveals
The pains of life increase
Autumn in the garden I feel
And all now seems like
Wounds on your hands
The heaviest cross on thy neck
Brought down your faith lord
In your name
I am here haunted by fear
Trembling afraid to sleep
Lying on the dry dead leaves
Key to nowhere
In my reach
We were dead from the beginning
False existence we dreamt
And now I see I've never lived
Help me escape

5. Iridium

So cold but shining
Shaped hard machine
Reaction out of reach
They're laid to sleep
And rust for years
Horizon leads their trip
Now construction dies
For the things time can't deny
Fall out of step
Fall to the bottom
Distorted space
Sclerotium and scouring wire
Equal finish done
Dry sand into
My empty anger
Truth for delight...

6. Pillbox Impressions

Rainy mood haunts our minds looking through the agony
Depression brought by the darkest times
When hope is hard to feel
Tell me the truth of heart taht throbs in you
The rains they freeze me through
Then grief is like the wound
Drown in sin with pain that dwells within
When hopeless views are falling to the past
As hands not young and strong as before
We are in ruin
With the lack of hope, distrust, undying love
We lie among them bleeding
The truth of what will come from beneath
It dwells inside our hearts
Staring at my windows, black, I see nothing
But the end
No escape and no way out
Stay with me and force me to stay
Comfort me I live on the edge
Slave to my own grief
Do as you wish but I don't understand
How you could bear all this
Solitude is a complaint of nuclear tribes
Effusive feelings bring them down
No way to ease this pain when hope melts in rain
The tears from silent heaven

7. Panacea

8. Bitter Seas

Now I'm crossing through
A sea of icy tearful juice
Last this trip to land of rest
And sorrows of the past
Drifting on the bitter seas
Yet she sees the blood red sky
I'm beneath flowing down
To sleep among the stars
Feeling like I'm crossing through
A sea of bllody tearful juice
Last this trip will never end
Though soul departs the Earth
"Joy thou glorious spark of Heaven
Flower of Elysium
Hearts on fire aroused enraptured
You will drift forever"
Gather all the pains you fell
I'll wear it till the end...
Bitter are my tears swallowed at the end
Let them be some sacrifice for ones that
I have lost
Soon we'll meet and kiss in eden
But ship... your boat still drifts and flows
Now I drown dead in the eye of dawn
I'll reach the end in the bottomless space...

9. In The Final Moment

Here's the world I chose to lay down in
Here's my place of last relief
In its red burning towels
Salvation from foul deeds
The shelter that I crave for
The shelter that I crave for
It will protect me from your revenge

Defeats overfill my illusive stories
Another mission failed but the next one won't
I'll find you in the final moment
To make you bleed and crawl at my feet

The planet seems like it lost its life
Dissolution of my heart's empire

Gone into ecstasy over burning ground
I left this world to seek another one
In the final moment
In the final moment


Gone into ecstasy over burning ground
I left this world as smell to seek another one

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