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1. Equilibrium

CONSUME ME! From the inside out I wage war with my demons Suppressing the urge To give into my dark side Faking every emotion to avoid suspicion Blood is my clarity Without this code I am lost.Temptation is taking over The darkness confronts me now Temptation is taking over Desperation sinks in The darkness confronts me now Exhausted from this double life Maybe its better to just be alone So here I stand here in solitude Temptation is taking over Desperation sinks in I hide in plain sight Unable to reach out Will I ever be free of this dark passenger Can I stop it Will I want too...

2. Fall Of A Tyrant

I AM A TARGET!!! Of your self deceiving ways. You Will Fall! Your Tyranny is over Yet you continue to thrive in this place You seek me out to fight your burdens now On my own To carry what your to weak to withstand Yet you still look down on me and refuse To lend me your hand when I am in need Your affliction haunts this world It spreads decay to all surrounding it Your goal is to weaken the strong To destroy the weary and build yourself up! Yet your weakness grows stronger every day (Make Haste) As you hopeless crawl upon your knees (Fix what you destroyed) You have fallen, Your power is void, The lies and deceit you spread to us all You have fallen Your power is void Why do I let you control me From this conformity I must abstain Your control over me has been broken.You will not break me down (I will overcome) You will not tear me down (I will defeat this) I will not be a host For your parasitic thirst Now fall upon the floor I will have the last laugh The Last Laugh!

3. Humanity's Creed

A decaying world burns around me A hopeless sight for a dying soul Ruins of what use to be abound me I grasp on to all I know Inside a monastery of scarlet painted walls The embers devour all who've yet to fall And as I speak my one last breath I pray repentance overshadows death For we are the sick the poor and insane And we have become just another Pawn in lifes evil game This world has corrupted all we know and obey Perverted minds filled with ghastly thoughts Death and decay morbidity we sought We praised deception Evil and scorn We are the.. LOST we are the.. Insane We mock the ones who have lost their way in this life will we ever find what we wanted or will we perish And when we reap the seeds we sown reality grabs us closely And though we fight to live again will we suceed? How have we lost our way HUMANITY!!!!! Will we ever find our way back Or will we simply just Let it be done!?

4. Acid Etched Nightmares

Your words are so frail your truth non-existent as you continue to speak to me For all those who have turned their backs on you Just another victim Of your vicious deceitful ways as you play innocent Yet you still spit on me I'm through with you My back has been turned on you Yes I'm through with you! A liar you remain! A coward you are A deceiver you shall be How dare you take me for a fool right now You preach your lies yet you seek no truth in it Can you walk the path you have set before me You sit back and have pity on me now You continue to speak your lies Instead of setting yourself free A coward you are A liar you remain You and this wretched society Contaminating us all. A Liar You Remain! REPENT YOUR TRANSGRESSIONS!

5. Visions Of Your Ghost

[feat. Alex Huffman]

Trapped inside this paradox Of me and you I'm lost In the shattered remains of us Searching for my salvation I seek my answers to no avail Despite your feelings for Me I can't help to Still dream about you and Wanting to ignore the past. Feeling inclined to Tie up lose ends Despite the outcome I'm All in Despite the outcome I'm All in! What is real anymore!? No more pretending No more illusions What do you do when your soulmates Soulmate isn't it you? What do you do when your emotions are strangling you!? You are the curse The virus that's corrupted me Left in stasis You can not erase this An return to the graces of our master Where this is fleeting And chaos is king! Watching my life slipping away from me a tragedy And I can see your empathy Your angst for me Has set me free If I had all the tears I have shed for you Then I would drown you in them!

6. Isolation

You are my escape I am locked away from your presence No one to comfort me or hear my cries As I lie awake wondering why I remain I hear your voice calling my name now As I stare hopelessly at my cell wall I struggle to break free yet I still fail to suceed Its not you who put me in here But myself who instigated this pain I was determined to live a life of joy Through worldly means and petty gains But all that would amount to nothing As I approached this end So independent yet you still fail miserably WITHOUT YOU I AM WORTHLESS WITHOUT YOU I AM NOTHING Don't Let Go! Alone I can't suceed Don't let go Never let me go..

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