Dark Lyrics


1. Celestial Extinction

The blood is not dry on our ancient sins,
As I speak to you in the present mine eyes see a terrible future
Do you not see what I see?
Do you not see your own death approaching?
From sinners regrets
I gather true strength
And all will be right if you die, alone
The mournful cry of children shall shatter the peace and shake the foundations of heaven,
As nightmares realized are true
No knowledge will save you, no magics will buy you time
For you will end up in fire as heaven and earth will burn.
Watch the stars fall from the sky
Celestial extinction
Watch them fall from the sky
Watch them fall from the sky
Celestial skies are black as night tonight

2. Transcending Dimensions

Feel the winds of ages past, frozen we march toward the sky
We wait for a sign, facing a truth I could never deny
Journey ahead, through a path as old as death, miseries, and pain
Follow me as I transcend, as you are now so once was I, as I am now you soon will be
Prepare to die and follow me
Close your eyes feel death embrace your putrid corpse from this bloodstained place
Alone your soul is withered cold confused in pain in frost and snow
Helpless to the random will of time, as if you had a hand in your worthless
Fate remains the guiding hand twisting reality toward the end
Alone your soul is withered cold confused in pain in frost and snow
My time has come my flesh dries below my grave rotting the earth
A bitter wind rips at this barren world, silent and cold
Feeling my body ripped from my soul... transcending dimensions
No mortal lies, no worthless cries, slowly the light fades away from my eyes
Feeling my body ripped from my soul... transcending dimensions
The path ahead is aeons long, a solemn end to a starless sky, a battle that none can ever win
Struck with a fear unsurpassed, a silence that could pierce your soul, unable to comprehend this end,
As your ashes never were. Arise and transcend Death.
I never knew my final day was here, that all I knew would disappear,
If I could live another life, I would accept my dreaded fate!

3. Infernal Conflagrations

I see into their vicious eyes
Of which revel with my demise
Mad people cheer themselves to death
I shall not repent with this final breath
Strapped upon fires of sanctified lore
I feel it burn, I hear them roar
The Heathen flame calls out my name
A voice that sings Foul-wicked song.
Raised set ablaze
Seared infinite ways
Antipathic scorn
Yet ill proudly adorn
The tale of a Witch Not dead and unborn.
Blasphemic cries

Its me they despise
This sacrifice
My corpse will suffice
Yet Only the wind will remember my name
Only the Dead will remember my name
Nothing Remains, of This, ConFlagration
My Ashes, and Embers, Fall in a scorching mist...
Black Smoke rises, to cover the heavens from sight.
The celebration onsets as my flesh begins to ignite.
As if anything mattered, it's not as if anyone cared, now only my ashes
Are left and it's the wind who carries my name...

4. Immortal Revelations

Waiting, for the dead to rise and march forth
Grieve mine eyes arise to defend, the fear that the fallen are soon to ascend
Spreads like ravenous venomous hate, and all who still live shall share the same fate
Misery, darkest acts of contemplation
Agony, beg for death before salvation
With my final breath I recall a night of horrid dismay
The clouds conceal the heavens from the mortal sons of earth
Strikes of thunder lacerate condemning mortal birth
Written on the faces of the children who are lost
Disbelief at their own fates the paths that they have crossed, revealed!!!
Revealed to mine eyes a path from which I cannot return.
The way we were, so innocent, so young, concealed was the darkness within me, as wind and time flow the sands
Break away, dreams of pure madness too vivid and real the line of reality in shade,
Festering cries of religious intent revealed to me the very truths of a desperate kind of greedy hate,
Anticipate of wealth for mortal kind
What does it matter I say clenching my chest alone and shriveled tonight.
Surrounded by eyes of vultured intent revealed to mine eyes
Collapse of pure spirit, to a world full of fear
Inevitably certainly rise
From the voice of the wind a warning to all
Prepare to lose your lives!

Faced with the trials of ancestors past
And the outcome remains the same
We walk the same path from dusk to disgrace
Our humanity decays in vain.

5. Beneath A Star Long Since Fallen...

Gaze across the desolate plains
Void of life
The earth veins have dried ,no remedies tried,
What happened that night when hell would decide

Convictions held strong that a savior will come from
Beyond the stars to save everyone
If only they knew... where their star ... fell from,
If only they knew ... the pain that's begun.

Invocation that falls upon deaf ears
How is it possible to appeal
To the eyes and ears of divinity.
Waiting for a sign to reveal.

Beneath... a star... long... since... fallen

Beneath... a star... long ... since... fallen
Fallen from grace...
Without a trace, our lives were erased,
This is the tale of human disgrace.
Beneath... a star... long ... since... fallen

6. Winterseige

I gaze upon
Their faces
Of those who would defile
No chance we'd reconcile
We await their slaughter
The winter winds begin
If not our hate that takes their lives
The winterseige begins.

From the highest peaks of mountains
We storm their frozen Force.
Their bodies fall like beaten slaves
Send these cowards to their graves
This is the war of winter

This is the wintersiege.
Nothing stops our killing now
This wintersiege this solemn vow.


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