Dark Lyrics


1. The Science Of Prophecy

A profession
comes with darkness
A profession
to decrease the mind

Lower life-forms
A second nature
Delivered to
erase mankind

The science
exercised by the prophet
The prophet
which will be condemned

Dark landscapes
and total destruction
Development of the worst
that's his intent

Maintain cruelty,
that's the science
Behind the torture-skills,
and darkness forever

"Science of the prophecy! Prophecy!
Science of the prophecy!"

2. The Macabre God

Struggle of opposites
See the bleeding Gods
Death needs no angels
Skewers in His scrotch

Eaten to the tail
Only remainders are left
The spreading wings of fear
killed for theft

Theft of dark influence,
the perception of pain
The gods fight a wa
for the malicious, to retain

Feathers circling
Stick through the heart
A blood-soaked dress
The pain of wrath

Darkness will reign
Death is heir apparent
Surviving the struggle
Giving commandments

"To allow the acts of God
The underworld shall fall apart

A solution brought with pleasure
A stick through the heart
To abandon all intruders
All done by the macabre God!

The macabre God!"

3. The Sculpture Of Insanity

The sculpture of obsession
Determined to reveal
The neglected worship
of a so-called god

The sculpture of delusion
The carnal saints must die
to work on progress
for the statue of real hate

Sculpture of cutted flesh
Made to obey the sinners
Mandatory madness
for every human brain

The sculpture of delusion
increases the filthy mind
with hate towards the holy
and fear of Thy Father

The sculpture of hate
created by mincers
Flesh becomes art
Mutant skin decoration

The sculpture of insanity
created by butchers
A feast of limbs and bones
taken from the morgue

"Sculpture of insanity
Sculpture of cut flesh
Sculpture of insanity
A sculpture of rotten mash"

4. The End Of All That Conquers

After a million year break
mankind survived in vain
By the lack of a rich soil
Only black vegs are obtain

For there is nothing left
then despair and an endless sight
The force manipulates them
"your own flesh is a delight"

The zest for life becomes less
Emotions drained by the Grim
Primary urgencies of existence
for the salvation of Him

The end of all that conquers
the beginning of damnation
They will all suffer under
common sad desperation

"The zest for life
drained by the Grim
The end of all that conquers
Desperation of new times"

5. The Masquerade Of An Angel

Through a valley of chaos
an angel comes
In her hallucinating slumber
she's hobbing to the prom

With a litthe of conscious
she's hoping for a wonder
A feast of death
is what she finds

With her blue eyes
marked by depths of fear
She feels the sorrow
while she's looking for peers

Wandering in loneliness
Desperation takes control
The dark atmosphere
creates the perfect fail

Playing tricks with evil
there is hope to live
But mortal and weak
the masquerade of the angel
will be revealed

"Masquerade of an Angel
Pain revealed bydarkness
Fading away the pain
Also this life will end"

6. The Dome Of Pleasure

Discrepancy of death
In the Dome of Pleasure
Bloodhound instinct
A killers breath

A swirl of organs
Gutted from the body
Murderers conflict
A forlorn massacre

No aim for life
But comprehension for mutiny
A game of death
A pleasure to survive

Caged mutants
Spreading limbs
Failure of evolution
Overcome its disease

The Dome means salvation
No acceptance for survival-mode
in all their shrines
This is pleasure

"The Dome of Pleasure
The Dome of pleasure
Be arranged

The Dome of Pleasure
The Dome of pleasure

7. The Post-Apocalyptic Servant

The mayhem of this time
brought by the servant
Bringer of new eras
The servant of the death

Obtained destiny
Obscurity of the cross
New birth of mankind,
in a time of desolation

A mutant race formed
by post-apocalyptic soldiers
Powered by the wicked,
the hooligans of the godless

Extinction by cannibalism
by eating inbreeding meat
Implanted slave-brains
with no conscious awareness

The post-apocalyptic servant
and his army of leeches
This means the end of mankind
and the beginning of a time to die

"The post-apocalyptic servant
Leader of the death
Mutant life forms created
Forlorn race will come instead"

8. The Art Of Skin Decoration

Follow the stench
Of tattered skin pieces
Separated by cruelty
And machinegun fire

Execrated life forms
Intented to be filleting
The skills of sickness
For lust and art

Like a sculptor with insanity
The torture will be massive
Skull battered flesh
The definition of beauty

The day has come
To deliver a collage
Filled with hate and pain
Colored by meat and blood

Even the godz will enjoy
This gruesome painting
Symbolizing a new period
The art of skin decoration

Art... by the skills of sickness
Art... by the skills of sickness

9. The Saviour

The flesh infused with chems
and ready to be cut

The skin of a crippled
The legacy of wrath

Raincoat against all fear
A protection of the flesh

They need precise incision
an act of distress

Permitted by the absence
of a mortal in live

Preparation of the future
in the gloss of a knife

Here is the saviour
to watch over the undead

To hold life and pain
for there is no better dread

"Cut! Decision! Death!

Gap! Disease! Skin!

...The saviour! The pain will increase!"

10. The Burden Of Mayhem

Cruelty of sentiments
Collision of independant forces
War men on death patrol
riding on dead horses

An army of slaves
made of rotten flesh
Marching to the chaos
Fighting for last breath

Cult of a ridding disease
Conduction of the pain
Grotesque fear of mayhem
World chaos to maintain

Entering the chessboard
for carnal objects to kill
Rebirth of despair
Eternal burden to fulfil

"The burden of Mayhem
The burden of Mayhem
The burden of Mayhem
Eternal burden to fulfil!"

Aad Kloosterwaard – Vocals
Mathijs Brussaard – Bass
Dennis Hartog – Guitars
Toep Duin – Drums
Bas Brussaard – Guitars

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