Dark Lyrics


1. Gates Of Bloodshed (Intro)


2. Unheavenly Domain

Daylight disappears
Behind venomous clouds
A landscape so spooky
And silent like death

Battalions standing in line
For a quest of no return
Armed with weapons
With no mercy in their hearts

Unheavenly domain
Where death dwells
Unheavenly domain

Marching forward
To the field of madness
Obey to your commander
The slaughter can begin

Legions are facing
No time to bleed
Kill in the name of your saviour
Kill in the name of your God

The smell of defeated flesh
Floats over the battlefield
Skeletons in open graves
Marked with no names

Useless relics
Are eaten by vultures
No memories will remain
Of this massive killing

3. Transylvania (City Of The Damned)

A place surrounded by darkness
Damned with plagues and fear
Streets flooded with chaos
Created by the creatures with wings

The swarm falls into the deep
A herd of damnation ready to feed
Veins boiling for blood
Mighty teeth piercing the flesh

Prepare to unleash new life
Showing to God he is not the only one
Slimy cocoons filled with hate
Waiting for the sign of their master

A one man army
Sent as the left hand of God
With special weapons to kill
The redeemer of the weak

The first day of your death
Fighting a hopeless battle
Against the new breed of sickness
A force of the underworld

Thinking how to end this war
Surrender to the teeth of madness
To become the demon
You hunted with passion

Transylvania (City of the Damned)
Transylvania (City of the Damned)
Transylvania (City of the Damned)
Transylvania (City of the Damned)

4. My Casual Enemy

Abstraction of the mind
The way to survive
Enemy of your god
Murder among the wicked

Forlorn and avoided
The sickness from within
Through a dark journey
The inner conscious is found

Evil has no complaints
Incubated for a reason
To object the filthy mind
Filled with hate and prayers

Penetrated to the core
The mastermind has delivered
The one which I never met
My casual enemy

My casual enemy
Uses pain for a trial

My casual enemy
The motion of denial

My casual enemy
Faith is a felony

My casual enemy
The flesh which I'll never be

5. Crown Of Thorns

Enjoy your pain
While marching to your death
With a punctured skull
With spines in the head

The stabbing needles
Make the blood flow
Defeated by cruelty
No sorrow for your goals

Thy fallen kingdom
Your bloody passion
The massacre is complete
After years of repression

Walk the road to perdition
In your blood-soaked dress
With a heavy load
Your life is in distress

Cherish death
The head deformed
A battered skull
The crown is thorned

Crown of thorns
Crown of thorns

6. The Carnage Ending

Bodies - rotten - carnal

Beaten on command
Succumbed under pressure
Pile of limbs
Assumed dead

A visceral mass
Organs shredded
Lifeless objects
The carnage revealed

The weight of death
Immense decay
A brutal stench
The burden of a massacre

Cauterized bodies
Total annihilation
Millions of dead
The work completed

Bodies - beaten on command
Rotten - a visceral mass
Carnal - the weight of the dead
Carnage - cauterized bodies

The carnage ending
The carnage ending
The carnage ending
The carnage ending

7. Oath Of Rebirth

Cross of the wicked
Victimized by cruelty
Death or disease
Renewable for Satan

Born in fear
Captured by hate
In Hell they come
To enjoy and suffer

First time death
Oath of disbelief
Oath of rebirth

Penance by pain
The second coming
Rearrange life
Damage by God

Oath of rebirth
Born in fear
Penance by pain
Sober sphere

8. Regarding The Imagery

Regarding the imagery
I declare war
To abusers and molesters
Their soul will burn

regarding the holies
The circus of faith
Their vulgar images
Of death and pleasure

Regarding the imagery
Decapitated bodies
Artillery against the saints

Sick-making imagery
Of child abusers
Results of celibacy
Thy father will be condemned

Their conspiracy will end
Torture their skull
Beyond recognition
Burning flesh of the holy father

9. Blood Ecstacy

A war between tribes
In a world far beyond
Where only death dwells
And fire reigns

The ultimate predators
Fight a bloody battle
One with wings, one with claws
In a unheavenly domain

Blood ecstacy
Blood ecstacy

A slaughter without weapons
Killing with strength
Bodies marked with scars
A complete massacre

Beast against beast
There will be no victory
In this eternal oppression
Only hope of surviving
So never lose

The axe will swing
The sword will slay
The knife will stab
The blood will flow

10. Defamatory Content

The crypt of rebirth
Failed to be free
Majestic cathedrals
Forbidden place to be

Torture skills
Keeps the mind clean
Insanity of christhood
Their stories, are too lean

Defamatory content
In the holy book
On top of this fear
Our free mind, they took

Sacrifice the soul
Tortured by grinders
Keep yourself free
From God's reminders

11. Final Destroyer

From the ashes of depraved skulls
The common smell is intoxicating
Dark clouds form the mortuary
Dungeons of dead are illuminating

Under pressure of vengeance
The frontier is far beyond imagination
Believers have fallen down
As part of the Devil's creation

Funeral of the conversed is arranged
A casket full of rotten lies
Buried six feet under
Or cremated after demise

Final destroyer - the crusade of death
Final destroyer - lies from their head
Final destroyer - the unworthy breed
Final destroyer - let the unknown breed

Finally the curse of holy salvation
Is broken down by the last ride
He wields his scythe of death
Blessed with his immense pride

Aad Kloosterwaard ‒ Vocals
Mathijs Brussaard ‒ Bass
Dennis Hartog ‒ Guitars
Toep Duin ‒ Drums
Bas Brussaard ‒ Guitars

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