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1. Valor And Vengeance

I am not alone.
So here we go again, feels like we cannot win.
Our backs against the wall, like so many times before.
No matter what is said, no matter what we do.
There's one thing that holds true; you for me, and I for you.
Us against the world, that's the way it is, and in you I find the strength to overcome.
I will not back down.
I can't close my eyes.
I refuse to take less than what I gave.
You've given me strength.
The strength to overcome what I cannot change.
The power to destroy whatever's in my way.
There's no more looking back, only straight ahead.
Open my eyes and come alive with a brand new strength.
You give me strength, strength to rise above.
I can't believe how far we've come.
Moving forward.

2. These Scars

Watching the paper bleeding my pen bone dry.
Words flow, yet I am still alone, conscious but barely breathing.
Watch my life pass me by.
You've taken my heart for a ride; put my will to the test.
All I wanted was to make you happy, but I'm dying inside.
If I had to paint a picture of my mind, it would be your face against the sunlight.
You are larger than life to me, and I hoped we'd share one destiny.
The hardest thing I've ever tried to do was set you free.
You're free, but I'm so empty.
Now what have we become?
What will tomorrow bring for us?
Forever a part of my life, you'll always have my trust.
Look what we put ourselves through.
I cannot justify these tears, though I understood all of your fear.
Right now, there is no turning back.
Every time I try to live, with everything I have to give, something's always, always in my way.
What's left for me?

3. In My Way

You failed me.
I should have known it long ago.
In my eyes, you've torn apart everything we had; and for what?
Afraid to be a man, afraid to take a stand.
I've grown tired, tired of you and your half-hearted ways.
I thought you were on my side, but you were in my way.
I let you waste my time.
You can't take back what's gone.
You're too afraid to lose, and I've lost all my life.
I have been betrayed.
How can you live with yourself?
If I were you, I could not look me in the eye.
There'll be no more holding back.
Save your excuses, your actions say enough.
First time, last time, you failed; you're in my way.
I'd be there for you.
If you needed me.
I wouldn't hesitate, now I'd just walk away.
You won't fail me again.

4. 24K

For you, I'd die tonight.
For you, I'd give my life.
No one can take what we have, our bond is too strong; brothers for so long.
In my eyes, you'll do no wrong, and that's the way this just has to be.
When I was down, when times were tough, you were right there to lift me up.
I hope you know that if you ever need me, don't hesitate; I will be right here waiting.
More than a friend, my boys are family.
The day it ends?
The day my heart stops beating.
You're alweays there for me.
I'm always here for you.
More than blood, understood.
When I'm near, have no fear.
I'll separate those phony ones who try to pretend; they won't last long.
God help the man that gets in your way.
I'd throw down at the thought, and watch him bleed.
I have your back, just like you have mine.
Never turn my back on my brother.

5. Up In Arms

Born into this, cast, I never asked for this.
I don't belong.
I never will.
Searching, still I search for a reason.
To belong, unaccepted amongst the rest.
The way I live...
I despise all you are.
Once I tried, once I cared, but now that has all changed.
I reserve no pity for you, hate your kind and all that you do.
I will never change my ways.
I will not become your slave.
I will never bow to you.
I'll never see things your way.
Don't want to live like you.
You all make me sick.
There is no light at the end of my road.
No bright future; caught in a stranglehold.
Was born into this; I never asked for this.
Slowly slipping away, goodbye.
Never will I see eye to eye with you.

6. The Only Way

Never again.
I see the fire in your eyes.
You don't like what you see or hear.
You know there's nothing you can do.
That's what separates me from you.
I see your anger and taste your fear.
What you're thinking is a bad idea.
You have been warned.
Patience, I have none.
Things could've been different.
You brought this on yourself.
I sacrifice for my family, and nobody else.
And you thought I'd give up.
I bet you thought I'd quit.
Just save that act you play for someone else, because I don't buy your shit.
You've got a lot to learn about respect.
Think before you speak to me, unless you want to learn the hard way.
It's part of my life.

7. In My Eyes

In my eyes, you've taken the last, in and out of my life that fast.
The way we were, never again will we be.
I watched you change, you watched me suffer endlessly.
Now you've afraid, afraid to lay in the bed you made.
You have no fucking loyalty.
More than a fucking game to me.
I wish that I could make you see.
You'll never understand, you'll never have the heart I have in me.
Never have, never will.
My loyalty, my sacrifice, left me for dead.
I'm moving on; life without you is easier.
What I've felt for you has been removed, 'cause you're no friend.
You're fucking weak, and nothing more, there's no love lost.
I see right through you.
No one needs you here.
You will hold nothing sacred; you have no heart.
I always knew you'd break this, weak from the start.
You thought that you could just take; you never gave.
No reason for you 'round here, don't show your face.
You have no heart.
Break the bond that never was.
Where's your heart?
Where's your pride?

8. Enough Said

The way you live is not alright; it's time to fight.
It's time for you to make the changes in your life.
Don't quit, stand up and fight.
Can't wait, the time is now.
I can't understand, why are you willing to take that fall?
I will not stand by and watch you come apart.
I owe it to you, you owe it to me, and through it all, we stood as one.
Until the end, we'll stand as one.
Enough said, quit holding back; you see what's wrong.
It's been this way for too long.
In my life, I see it's time to make a change.
Let's start tonight.

9. For Today

I can't look back; I don't have the time.
I've been down before, and I've picked myself up.
it's never easy, but you can't get caught up.
Just keep your head high and live for today.
When you feel alone, you need to get to a show and let it out.
If I feel alone, I need to get to a show and let it all go.
When I feel alone, and there ain't shit in my life that's going right, need to find a show and let it all go.

10. This World Is Dead To Me

Can you save me from myself?
Tell me why I love this pain, and why I'll self-destruct with every move I make.
I'm taken to the edge.
All that I loved removed from me; where I had cared, there's only suffering.
This part of me.
Tell me why I cannot escape from this hate.
These feelings, emotions, are just a fucking waste, for from them comes nothing; I dream, then I awake.
I struggle day by day; how much can one man take?
I'm far too strong to break.
All by myself, I'll stand alone.
All by myself, I'll walk this path alone.
I'll stand apart from what they are.
I carry the strength to stand alone.
I need no one to take me back, I realize I can't be saved.
I struggle to become a better man today than I was yesterday, but something's in the way.
Watched my life slip away; consumed by memories.
Surrounded by weakness, I watch you all decay.
This world is fucking dead to me, and I've become your enemy.
Dead to me.

11. Laid To Rest

[re-issue bonus track]

Nothing in common; I'm not like you.
You don't fucking know me, and you never will.
Not an ounce of faith in you, I will never trust.
I will give you nothing more.
Ashes to ash, dust to fucking dust.
Laid to rest.
Give your opinion when I never ask.
You're so quick to tell me what you think.
You said I've changed.
How would you know?
You didn't know me long enough.
What the fuck made you think I care what you think of me?
What the fuck made you think I care?
You're nothing to me.
I cannot relate to you.
There's something you need to prove.
What made you think I'd let you in?
My friends are few and far between.
I know your kind, so save your breath.
Look out for number one and fuck the rest.
Your concept of friendship is not my kind.
The trials come and go, and I'm glad they're fucking gone.

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