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1. Dead God's Saga

It was very long ago
When the Flood absorbed the Earth
And the mighty ancient low
Deeped into the Abyss doors
The roaring of the breakers
Muffled the cry of madness
The despair and the fear bear in the tranquil sadness
In this demolishing Chaos
Was quitely standing black sailor
Two hearts with proud and despair
Was looking at the work of the Nailor
One of them screamed with fear
Hearing dead voice of the past
Another staried through the emtiness
Understanding that Temple is lost.

2. The Way To The Kingdom Of Evil

Troops of Doom destroyed the Paradise
Troops of Doom lighted the flame
Troops of Doom proclaimed your coming
And everyway is heard the holy name Satan!!!
Gloomy night has come on the Earth
It`s the eternal night
Powerful Satan destroyed the fuck god`s throne
And aglomerated the light!!!

3. God On The Dark River

On the dark river I can`t see the end
In my alien family I can`t find a friend
They think that I`am lonely but they`re ain`t right
On the dark river God will hold me tight.
Under the light of the fullmoon me and my brothers pray
For us the silence of black nights is better then sunny day
They say that we are criminals but we shall never give up
We shall destroy the everyone who will say us"stop"
Now we stay in the shadow but soon we shall enter in light
With the cowerdly christians we shall begin our fight
Armageddon days are coming black clouds fly through the sky
When we`ll recieve God`s answer we shall ready to die
With unholy blasphemies we shall begin our ball
With the aid of Satan christians church will fall.
Give me a sigh, my Lord
Give me a sigh. When we`ll receive your answer,
When we`ll recieve your answer
We shall ready to die.

4. The Great Inquisitor

The day of punishment is aproaching
You hear the steps of the master of souls
You dared to say true words and god is watching
At you. And for you church bell tolls.
You have taken the impossible burden
You have fallen to the ground under the cross
Now you know what it means torture
And on your lips you fell bloody froth.
He is looking at you without compession
You are not the only one today
And he stays calm, he has a passion
For waiting from you the word"obey"
And in your prison you know one thing
And about it you extremely think
Today you have a darkest visitor
The great Inquisitor.
He is servant of god he is fighter for his belief
And he is very proud of it
He is judge on the Earth, he is able to give
The salvation of soul instead of infernal heat.
He is not afraid angel of night
Because he thinks that he is right
He doesn`t know that now in medievil
Is coming from There the Kingdom of Evil.
And in your prison you`re waiting the end
Soon you will leave to the dark, unknown land
Last time in your life you have a visitor
The great Inquisitor.

5. In Embrace Of Pain

It`s the return of the angel which felt from the Sky
His wings are open his fly is high

The taste of blood makes me insane
I feel like a demon in embrace of pain.
In the name of Naamah fucking promised land
By the sword of iron will be buried in the sand
Just give me the blood
To fell my God.
Burn the guts with shit inside
Of living gods from the other side.
Hold your bleeding axe with unreal force
In the name of Satan break the heavens` doors
Cut the wings of angels, burn them in the flame
Dedicate your holy war to the holy name

6. Devils Masterpiece

When the spring open her arms
To meet the fragrance of May nights
Every creature of evil come to see
The miracle which was made for me.
On the big field filled with blood
Grows the flower which will never be cut.
And all the demons gathered around
To see the flower which will never be found
I`ll take this flower and hold it tight
It will help me in ancient rite.
Hail brides of Satan!
Open your wings and fly to the woods
Let`s make a Sabbath!!!
Hail, Lord! Please hear my pray
Destroy my enemies day by day
In the dark Evil Night
We will make a rite!

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