Dark Lyrics


1. Reflection Of Fire

Preko voda srebrenih
Prek' planina golemih
Preko suma zelenih
Tu su dvori vladarski

Oko dvora vladarskog
Zid od sna istkanog
U tom dvoru lezi on
Mladi vladar srca slomljenog

O vladaru cuj me ti
I kroz vjetar junacki
Kreni prek' planina njoj
Svojoj ljubi jedinoj

Konja sedla mlad vladar
Na sedlu mu dukati
U daljine gleda on
Svoje srce dao njoj

As darkness throws its hands
Toward the sun's dying gaze
We've traveled through the days
And nights only to reach the shores
Through mountains, deserts and ice
With darkness, moon and stars
With eyes blinded by fear of
Wanting to see your shores

Why can't you hear these voices
Of ours, there is nothing within
That you should be afraid of
Lost thoughts of yours I cannot understand,
World that is new
Will lead you to my stand

The journey is ahead of you and us
Fear is ours to keep
Through dreams I will find your light

Reflections of fire

Land I see in front of me
Sun that is red will show me
My lost path
Within this ocean of sand
I will close my eyes
Lost and again I was found
So let me be the light of your night

2. The Eternal Lie

I dok dana nestaje
Kraj izvora zastade
Da se vode napije
Zedan dalje ne moze

Vladar tada ustade
Gleda, oci ne vide
Zar da slijep ostane
Od izvorske vode te

You told me once that life
Isn't worth of living
So what other truth, except for lies,
Do I have?

Remember now, this life will pass
So look beyond
Something is there, unknown to man
So seek and find

And this night I will watch for the stars
Silence and desert will hear my cries
Lost do I feel within this ocean so deep
Follow me there where darkness is your
Only friend

Voices of night are calling me to you
My flesh is taken, my tongue is ripped

Why do I need your diabolical thoughts?
Why do I hate your mystical mind?
Where is the end of this terrible nightmare?

And so it ends right here, forever
Or is it my long lost wish
That's gone with you

Remember now, this life will pass
So look beyond
Something is there, unknown to man
So seek and find

3. Trinity Of Gods

Svjetlost tada obasja
Lice njegovo
Glas zacu se i straha nestade
Ne plasi se vladaru
To je samo san
Od magije satkan
Oci tada vidjese lice njeno
I magije nestade od
Ljepote beskrajne

Once trapped in your prison of dark
Now free I am under the moon and stars
Soon I will choose but what will I choose
An endless dark or silent night

Hate is eternal in its diabolical form
Just like a dream I once had
It returns again and again

Your pins I feel inside of my soul
Through haze of thoughts I hear your calls
I hear old man's voice telling me the truth
Cursing me to death, wasting my soul away

Child close your eyes
Do not follow him
For he is not your guide
He's given by the might of those
Who do not understand

Yes you should ask your questions
To a trinity of gods
The ones who know nothing
But for their own demise

For one last time I'll close your eyes
And let your dreams take over your mind and soul
Soon you will be at the end of your dream
And I will leave your thoughts and your...

4. Scars Of My Flesh

Zasto zoves me
Kroz snove svoje
Zasto trazis me
Zar ne znas da noc je
U kraljevstvu mome

I sada nocima trazim te
Kroz carstvo svoje
Na krilima snova
Ja dozivam ime tvoje

Kreni preko polja
Snova mojih
Ostavi samo strah
Da bude ti cuvar

This night I shall lay my curse upon thee
Is it enough you miserable lord?
Listening to your voice is only making me ill
Can you read my thoughts, they are denying your truth
Watch over me, drink my blood at your feast
Curse me if you want, humiliate what's left of me
Still you cannot kill these eyes, they are blinded by fear

Father speak to us loud
Your children abandoned are now
Just hide your flesh and your scars

So he stood on the cliff
Watching me climb those stairs
And spoke with voice and tongue
Unknown to me, yet thoughts I could read

Child have you decided
Will you accept me as you?
Will you live my life as I live yours?
You know nothing and I am everything
Can you ever reach the cave?
The one in which I'm hiding
Still you'll come to me
And defeated shall you be

Yes I do not believe in you
Why are you summoning the light?
When hatred is everything
Your deeds I'll follow
Like scars they mark my flesh
I'll choose eternal death
Rather than salvation of yours

Fear I felt same as joy
Knowing that closer I am
Again darkness spoke
Tearing my heart apart

Father curse us now
Unlike others I'll stay and fight
Just hide your thoughts and your eyes

5. Chains Made Of Sand

Jutros mi je ruza procvjetala
Ruzu gledam pa sam zaplakala

I stood there trying to remember who I was
Looking inside the cave, but no trace of him was there
What should I do now?
A thousand of the thoughts are crumbling inside of my mind

Death shall rule your world
I will rule with plague
Side by side with you

Darkness spokes and nothing I could do
Hear my words you blind, twisted being
Killed you'll be for thoughts
That are yours
Bring his eyes to me for I shall feast upon
Give me his strength
And I'll burn it away

Yes he believed that I'm dead
But blood was still running through my veins
To cut his throat was my goal
To destroy his kingdom of lies
Was my destiny

Lies, I will give you my lies
Can you give me your light?
Life, I would give my life
If only I could see right through your eyes
Right through your mind
Right through your scars

Through shadows of this mountain I'll pass
And reach the light on the other side
Wisdom I could not find in your thoughts
With horrible feeling I'll leave your sleepless mind

Night will bring the truth
And I will cast it away
Silence will be complete

6. Blood Of His Blood

Blood of his blood
Just speak no word, you are full of lies
And corrupted words of yours could invade
My pure dark hopes
My battle has begun
With mayhem unleashed I'll rip your heart
Behold the light that I bring
To destroy your strength

Wait for me, now I screamed
Far in the distance of desert
I saw them move
In the land of sun that shines
I cannot find my path without
Their traces left in blood red sand

Time is to regain the strength which
I once had, but will it teach me the truth
Which I'm looking for
Why can't I live without
Your false dreams and your long lost words
Was I born just to live
Or can I get closer to you

No. It said to me
You decided to live the life you live
Do not preach to me, not with your hell burned mind
Closer you are, yet my fear is gone
I'll wait for you on the battlefield of our dreams

Whatever you do I will walk among humankind
Without my sthrength, but full of evil

I will inherit the world
I will destroy your hopes
I am one with the hate
And I am forever

Speak no more for I shall cut your throat
And maybe then you'll realize the truth

7. The Journey

Sama cekam te u dvoru svome
Tama je prekrila bijeli snijeg
U mislima svojim sa tobom sam ja
U dvorima svojim ja cujem ti glas

I was standing on the hill
And looking at the valley below
My heart was filled with joy
As I walked toward the shores
Dawn approaches with sun and its golden flames
No words could describe the warmth of its glow

I knew that my battle is over
The moment I touched the ground
Within next few hours I will be
So close to your shores
But then as I looked toward the forest
I saw a bird
It was a sign for me to approach

You are eternally damned so speak not to me
You will call your witness to testify in the name
Of night, evil and lies
What can I do, what should I say
To be released from chains that are holding
My inner strength
But than I felt the presence of might in my flesh

Was it betrayal, you beautiful deceiving snake?
My eyes vere blinded as I reached for the sword
Her words are poisoned with touch of truth
Her lips were so cold

I felt her spells are getting weaker
My mind is free, my hands are strong
Step into my cave, what do you see?
Just dark and fear, he spoke

I flew across the mountains and land
Covered with blood
Oh, you'll never learn, you'll never comprehend
The knowledge I gave you once

I thought that truth is the reason
But now I see I was wrong
Lies and deception were my guides
Through darkness and despair

Lie is something that I would not believe
Words are harder to speak when you are all alone
Now you are locked by your own chains
In your own prison

I saw him, he was staring through
His eye made of glass
He was stunned but not amazed
His hands were covered with sandmade chains
And finally I saw the color of his flesh

Screams are louder than before
Thoughts are clearer than before
For I see Thy eternal sign
Carved into walls of my mind
And abandoned by eyes of everyone but me

But then as I looked towards the forest
I saw a bird
It was a time for me to announce my victory

8. Under The Dark Winds Of Forgotten Worlds

So you shape the truth the way you want
If I could speak your words
Unspoken lies, dead dreams
Swallowed by the art of deception
With blasphemy of those who are denied
And cast out by their own kind
Within our broken bones they will put
Their inverted truth to bleed
For we do not believe

Throw my rotten heart
Lock my mind away
Shut my eyes
And rip my tongue out
Still eternity has no mercy
Neither does your gods

Lost, our perception is wrong
Lost with those who feed on despair

Without excuse and with deception almighty
Our eyes will be burned
And flash eaten away

Greed is stronger than faith
Faith is weaker than mind
But hunger feeds on fractured bones of truth

Summoning eyes are calling the emptiness
No one can hear the cries of slaughtered ones

Behind the glass hidden are those
Creators of hypocrisy, masters of betrayal
Eaters of souls
Nothing but lies can persist here
Voices of innocent, wretched and doomed
Are shuttered by the stone cold walls

I saw them hide away from my eyes
I hate them yet I love them
For they are me

There will be no turning back
For this journey has just begun
Of lies made are we, or lies are made by us
We shall return to nothing, to earth,
To ashes, to dust
We are hostages of our own destruction
So seek salvation in greed

Look through the eyes of a blind
And see what he sees
Same as the moon, he rises to die,
We will travel this life

Lost, our perception is wrong
Lost with those who feed on despair

Throw my rotten heart
Lock my mind away
Shut my eyes
And rip my tongue out
Still eternity has no mercy
Neither your gods

Summoning eyes are calling the emptiness
No one can hear the cries of slaughtered ones

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