Dark Lyrics


1. Under Your Might


2. From Dust

Above the snow cold winds will blow
Inside these woods red hearts will glow
Can you hear my son, can you hear te laughter in the night

Ruins of the world now standing before me
Shadows are tall, trying to deny my being
Visions are born from dirt and ice blue sky
From nothing he came with wings larger than world

From dust we'll be born again
With nothing but our own deeds
Can you be the sun of our days
Can you be our light of always

Now time has come to move away
From mouths that have nothing to say
Leaving behind your empty words
There's nothing here in this world of ghosts

3. Above The Bed Of Stones

I entrust my fate into your hands
Colliding my thoughts and your flesh, again
You'll be the one to cause my pain
Without you I'd be a king in my own land

Look for the knowledge
Search for the truth
Words are your knife

Mind and soul, are those just words
known from before
In stone you'll sleep
Forever, in your eternity
Love and hate are united in your own fate
In time you'll live
Forever, in this eternity

You speak to me in an unknown tongue
Hoping that I will give up my dreams
Once you are done with telling lies
Distrustfull I'll move away from my own fears

4. Drown Them Back To Sleep

You never look back
To see what you've done
Your mind is so black
You cannot hide
The ones you have left
Mean nothing to you
But now is the time
To repent or to die

The promise you shall keep
Drown them back to sleep
Into the lake so deep
Drown them back to sleep
Where light can't be seen
Drown them back to sleep
That promise you shall keep

Your sould will be drowned
Into the lake of sin
You'll never be found
You'll never be seen
The fire shall burn
Your flesh and your bones
You'll never return
From under the stones

5. Path To Oblivion

So you try to preach your truth
Yet your words mean nothing to me
Do you really think I am hurt
And that my wounds will never heal
I shall follow the path
Nothing you say can come between
This road leads to light
With eyes it can't be seen

Silence will fill your heart
Right at the very end
You have been told

Path that leads to the oblivion
Will heal or hearts forevermore
Path that leads straight into your soul
See the light and let yourself go

At the end of your life
Will you surender or will you fight
Never deny the force you felt
So deep inside, before you left

6. Straight Into Sun

Out from the night
They are running away
To search for the silence
To search for the land
Ages are gone
They'll never return
Illusions are here
Forever to burn

Forgiveness do you expect
In nothingness you shall dwell
With fear of tomorrow's day
Fulfilled with emptiness and pain

Will you walk my path
Without love full of hate
Will you be the one
To live in my own fate

Straight into the sun
They escaped this time
Nothing has left?
To look behind
Hearts are shattered
Turned into stones
Forgive and forget
Will happen no more

7. Old Ones


8. All Hails To Our Soil

Forever forgotten, despised, unknown
With stories to tell of legends unborn
Sickening silence becomes your grave
But will you surrender to those not so brave

Sun will burn these forests
Of your childhood
Snow will cover the traces
Of the city that once here stood

Remeber the stories
Written by the old
For sharing the wisdom
Is what you have been told
Once you are there
At the silvery gate
Begin with your quest
And follow your fate

Kings will come and kings will go
Rulers of the land you call home
Could you believe their mouths filled with lies
Betrayed you'll be in times ahead

9. The World Beyond

Within this shadow
I can see you're hiding
With your mind so hollow
I can see you're denying

What once was truth
Now is a lie
What once was a virtue
Now will die

Now I can see
What causes your fear
Fear of unknown
The world beyond
Now I can feel
What you can not feel
Fear of unknown
The world beyond

As nights pass by
I can see yo're running
The more I try
The more you're denying

10. What Lies Below

Once there was a time
When sun would speak to us
When nights were cold and dark
We would travel for days and months
Just to get to the holy soil
That would take us far and beyond

Stones would speak to us
About towers of gold
About people who tried
And the ones who will fall

Come and see what lies below
Words mean nothing
When everything's told
Come and take this truth
Carve it into your heart
This life of yours
Will be your own fight

Now we know the world is lost
But our hope lives inside
For the day will certainly come
We shall keep the flame of truth
Burning high above your lies
Enlightening ignorant ones

11. The Knell


Emir Cehovic ‒ Bass
Stefan Komljenovic ‒ Drums
Edin Cehovic ‒ Guitars
Amir Cefo ‒ Keyboards
Amir Hadzic ‒ Vocals, Guitars

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