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1. Suffocated In Darkness

[Music - Albenez Carvalho, Lyrics - Dilpho Castro / Sandra Félix, Arrangements - Silent Cry]

I'm feeling suffocated
The anguish burns me
I want to find the exit
But in each attempt I fall in the emptiness
I realize that I am stuck inside of myself
The light seems distant and blurred
I won't be quiet, this time I need to free my self
The hope no longer belongs to me
I will stay closed in the prison of the uncertainties
It's like a dream that never ends
I can't reach the exit
The gates are closed I can't see the hope
The screams are in vain

2. Sweet Serenades

[Music - Albenez Carvalho, Lyrics - Suely Ribeiro, Arrangements - Silent Cry]

Why did you steal day light?
With your deceptions of an illusion
From love to arise the pain
Hour after hour
Tears consume me
And they devour me
Playing among the flower
I feel your tears
Taking my pain
I can hear a soft serenade
In my whispers tears and love
I want to finish your agony
Tears devour me and they consume me desillusions of an illusion
In my thoughts
I heard you speaking softly
Like deceptions of illusion
The hope that I posses
It's a hope so full of pain
Enchanter's this nightmare
That desires that devour me
Hour after hour
In the tips of my fingers
Washing my sadness
The stars fade one by one
Out of memories
Until the whole to disappear
To feel the taste of your love
Living in a castle in ruins
Keeping the same words

3. Remembrances Of The Future

[Music - Albenez Carvalho, Lyrics - Dilpho Castro, Arrangements - Silent Cry]

The Wind Brings constant shivering
I'm afraid of the future ahead of me
But tonight winds persist instant after instant
The moon irradiates the light's prettiest picture
I can no longer smile in front of such splendor
Such an astonishing and yet catatonic beauty
I shall wait out the persistence winds
I contemplate a magical moment, but I don't comprehend
It wont be easy to have this encounter be whole and beautiful
The main memory is in the darkness core
I feel strange in this mix of feelings
Maybe for I see my body laid

4. Last Goodbye

[Music - Albenez Carvalho, Lyrics - Jefferson Brito, Arrangements - Silent Cry]

She lies so cold, as cold as the night
Her hair so soft, as soft is the cold breeze
In her sleep, I know not where she flies
In her sleep, she drifts like the clouds, serenade and cry

The serenity in the last words
The uncertainty in the last kiss
The pain inside, that makes me burn
The grieving thoughts of an endless night
The promises of undying love
The silent screams in our last goodbye
Rest now my angel
For the night is falling
Together we cried
And that when the music silences
The sweet sound of your voice
Bringing me back from eye of the storm
Drying the tears I could no longer hide

5. Innocence's Look

[Music - Dilpho Castro, Lyrics - Dilpho Castro, Arrangements - Silent Cry]

Please, be wary, don't get involved, be patient
I try to protect you, at every movement I'm confused
I'm left to the grieve, the moment is coming
Now I'm left with no choice but to accept the loss of you
Within reality's filth, I'm exhausted
It is stronger than everything, for its real and touchable
I'm left to grieve, for the moment will soon be upon us
While you gaze at me, I shed tears
For I see the purity. That troubles me
Inner divergence consumes me at every instant
I look upon your purity because is sweet
And inside, I see the look of innocence
The contamination is broad, there's no avoiding

Please, don't look me in the eyes
How could innocence vanish in such way?
I hear a child's cry, and it won't let me think

6. My Tears Are Still Falling

[Music - Albenez Carvalho, Lyrics - Jefferson Britto, Arrangements - Silent Cry]

The storm is upon us my dearest one
The whiteness of the snow covered valley
Somehow comforts me as the day dies
But still the tears are falling
With closed eyes, I can see it in the stillness
I see my world consumed by flames of deception
I see a man, and a weeping child.
I see my end as I reach out for you.

The ache within this dull heart of mine
Is darker than darkness itself
Why must it be this way?
Why there must be such pain?

But even in death I still can feel you
And on my knees, I pray for a merciful god
I weep as I pour my heart out
But there's no answer, there's no compassion

Dance for me, my one true love
Come and rest you hands on mine
Kiss my lips and taste my blood
Share the grief you bring inside.

7. The Wine's Dance

[Music - Albenez Carvalho, Lyrics - Dilpho Castro, Arrangements - Silent Cry]

Feel the contagious energy's force
That takes us in its contaminating rhythm
You're pale and cold, have some wine and renew yourself
Slow movements follow an enchanting symphony
And the souls dance, hypnotized by the darkness
There's nothing left for them but the wine's dance
Everything is possible in the dark room of dead souls
While they kiss, we feel the force that emanates form the energy
Drink the blood of our victims for they're dead
This path has no return, it contagious, move yourself, the wine's dance
This path has no return, it contagious, move yourself
We're like them, there's no return, and we've reached the end.
Taste the blood of our helpless victims
Cry not over life, for it no longer belongs not to us

8. The Moment Is The Time

[Music - Roberto Freitas, Lyrics - Dilpho Castro / Henrrique Gobbi, Arrangements - Silent Cry]

For long time in mind, I remember
Blood and battles, reflex of devastation
Have been tormenting me eternally
With anguish and sorrow

That awakes my thirst of revenge
Because the pain still hurts
Because the past still is present
The moment is the time
This warrior regret
And awakes the thirst of revenge
Still present in his chest
The moment is the time
Rise your sword and fight until the end
In this poor and disgraced land
My tears turns to blood
This bitter feeling moves my anger

9. Enigmatic

[Music - Albenez Carvalho, Lyrics - Sandra Félix, Arrangements - Silent Cry]

Flying to the sky she walks on thin air
Trying to realize why we can't see
What is hidden in the stars
With her calm and quiet ways
She dances the happiness
But what she really brings inside
Is the sadness

So she wants to be free and completely ethereal
We can't feel her, but she can feels the
Presence of everything
Belonging to everything
She can feel when the soul breaks free
And delivers itself to the scent of the win,
The colors, the flowers.
But even if invisible
She leaves her trace in an indelible way,
Occupying every place
Leaving the rare sensation
That something inexplicable and
Enigmatic happens to those who
Comes across her path...

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