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1. The Hate Has Arrived... Bitter Than Ever


2. Trust Is A Disease

Your lies make me wonder who i've been trusting Your game it's almost over nothing will stop me Back stab your delight knew your intentions I can smell your lies I must bury you so deep now!! Jealous... of who i am... because you know what i stand for... can't trust anybody don't care anymore close your eyes i'll make you pay there's no way to escape... be witness of my rage your downfall is coming trust is a disease revenge will protect me and make me stronger my hate will destroy you you will crawl forever a nightmare will embrace you make me an offer nothing you can do now you'll be drown in your own blood trust is a disease

3. Desolation Whispers

Try to keep my faith but, i just realized, soon i'll be surrender by the evil force within your heart... I fell suffocated today, I feel so fucking empty trying to change my intentions and don't be so hard oh take me to a place of no return save me from the claws of destiny follow me til the end of this confesion come to me without fears of my beliefs... don't be such a fool desolation whispers... desolation i just realized everything dies in your hand i just realized the knife you stick in my chest ruined my life oh be with me no more living on a limb trust me i will be the one you need dream with me lets be part of this endeavour help me to become your soul and pain... nothing will remain oh take me... trying to escape from this world and this indifference we became a solid mass of hate that destroys everything in our way not surprise you are already dead now you see the truth and you wonder if my heart is yours don't be stupid is the end of my life?

4. In Death State

Cold and rotten blood flows in my veins with the poison that you plan to infest in my dying heart ahhh... no, i don't want you, i don't want you no! a scar within my soul don't let me breathe fine... and i'm getting tired of this already it's time to recover my life once again. My life once again i throw you away everytime that i can. Don't touch me again been tortured by you was enough for me. Enough for me! No, i don't want it, i don't want it no! To eradicate what is in my mind, your lies. Your crap... Killing me slowly is what you're doing desperate voices won't stop my crusade, and chaos will reign the shadows of darkness will tear you apart, and eat you alive suddenly by surprise you won't be the same, won't be the same no, i don't want it, i don't want it no! Terror will embrace you now a nasty feeling caught you by surprise and now you'll be condemned to suffer, by my side hallucinations drives you to collapse come feel my pain and try to survive here comes my rage step out of my mind finally you'll be out of my life no i don't want you, i don't want you no! no, i don't want you near of my face... fucking face!!!

5. Intermezzo


6. Wall Of Pain

I can't stand your pain no more i can't stand your... pain!! soon, my life will colapse piece by piece, like a glass indeed changing this cycle, chaos arrives blameless once again my desire to be there waiting for you to learn how silence it's void clear the path... Is set you demand for a place mankind isn't ready for what will become faithless wounds will fade suddenly you decay falling into an abyss of deathless souls claiming to have a place... inside trying to conquer my... style fighting for things... that, you won't have judge me and face the pain motherfucker! wall of pain ahhh, this is the end of your path nothing will keeo you alive slowly the pain will arise and you will be mine... wall of pain ahhh, a portrait of cruelty and blood confused by the voices of war visions of hate and remorse will force you to quit once for all

7. In My Dreams I Kill You

In my dreams i kill you over over and over again!!! in my dreams i kill you ahhh... over over and over again! in my dreams i kill you this is not a game... I dare you this is not a joke... I promise this is not unreal... It`s coming this is not a dream... I'll kill you... now you destroyed my life... You bastard you make me so cold... You bastard you tried to bring me down... You traitor you put me to sleep... forever!!! Over over and over again! In my dreams i kill you fight now... It's your time... In my face run now... It's your time... You coward back off... It's your time... You better wake up... It's your time... Let me tell you how... I planed all this long time ago you'll never know who made this to you.

8. Complex Mind

Who I am? Who we are? Where I'm from? Do we have a soul? things that are unknown inundate my self strange sensations are part of me now i feel the end is near and you're coming with me immerse our minds on a state without fear no longer mine... My goal was to find out far beyond my control segments of my life, that I can't recognize. Became the obsession that keeps me alive!!! Your paradise... My hell prelude to death is what i can slemm is there something I need to know? Something that will save my soul!!! Frustration will erase it all... and I will be gone!!! Complex mind force blinded soul
I, I own all your sensations ecstasy sets me free the excitement will stand forever hypnotized by my words... Paranoia will eat me alive deadly terror... I cannot forget morbid thoughts come to my mind my purpose has reached and end.

Eduardo "Filthy" Chacón ‒ Vocals
Roberth Barrantes ‒ Guitars
Freddy Chu ‒ Guitars
Rodrigo Chaverri ‒ Drums
Diego Paniagua ‒ Bass

Thanks to hrocha666 for sending these lyrics.

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