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1. Repression And Resistance

Find pungent suppression where dictators corrupt and control
Subversive elements in their constant resistance
Civil liberty falls prey to fatuous dictates
Fatal ideals, legislative power and executive authority!

Paramilitary troops are the government's arm
To hush up the injustice, who's given them the right?
Repressive affluence versus flinching poverty
Malpractice, where the andes extent

Await the holy father and his blessings promising
Talking democracy and charity
All at once all rays of hope are dashed in Chile's stadiums
And resistance is foremost written in the eyes of a hungry peasant child!

South American junta in blood drenched uniforms, hiding their
Arrested opponents in foresaken jails underground
A regime interspersed with old and exiled S.S.
Passing laws and restrictions in their insanity

Another illegal election, another ruthless purge
And another restrained voice dies away within four walls of blood!
Another mother's tear shed for another missing son
Another rifle leveled at another unremitting enemy!

2. Life Cycle

New life dawns - the inception of another link in a profound process
Alteration and progress, nothing remains the same
Like a from from the egg to the tadpole to the final stage
Everything develops, learns, there's always reason almost rhyme!

Like a spirit staircase that someday, somehow will end
Even the world's life cycle ends when progression's altered (synthetically)

I stalked the blissful fields of springtime, I comprehend and I remind
And I will taste the bleary bleakness of autumn time, in due time I will find!

Genesis, search, consumation - no living thing is extempted
Confined knowledge cannot understand - harmonious symbiosis!

Life cycles - almost everywhere!
Life cycles - permanent progress!
Life cycles - a higher contrivance...

3. Apocalyptic Disposition

Call to arms, call to arms, antiquated symbol of brutality
Join the forces, join the forces - learn your lesson in annihilation
Accept the peace, accept in unconcerned -maintainin' political philosophy
Contribute your best, contribute your best and follow the doctrine-conformity

Sophisticated theories of strategy - accepting the war
Awaiting the nuclear blow - as Nostradamus has forseen!

Brave criticism, rationality
Serve the doctrine of strength and force, apocalyptic disposition
Fatal attitude - leading us to death
The grand illusion - apocalyptic disposition
Accept this paradox, immortal attitude, phrasemongers leading us to hell
Don't mind your rotten spirit, don't mind your rotten spirit - keepin' the world war calculation
Guard the simple Catechism-Darwinism-1999, welcome and advancing
Macho attitude - those who want to see the earth as a big Arlington!

Accumulate the overkill potential, a paranoid phobia
Built the nuclear time bomb - the conventional battle potential

Brave criticism, rationality
Serve the doctrine of strength and force, apocalyptic disposition
Fatal attitude - leading us to death
The grand illusion - apocalyptic disposition

4. The Roads To Iliad (Instrumental)

5. David

Back in the days of doubt and dissension, from the soil Palestinias
A wandering began, mathless in the annals of history and time
Exiled and expeled, trapped in the walls of Babylon - only a leg on their way
A consequence unheard-of, dispersion and pursuance for no rational cause

Symbol of confession - held in contempt
An endless voyage through time
Prejudice, unreason - a contagious seed
Today we shake our heads, can't comprehend
In medieval times the Christian church made itself a part of the crime

Conversion and judgement in blind infallibility executed upon the jews
Bigotry and prejudice are persisting and basic characters of man
As essential feature not to accept dissenters, it's so easy to judge

But at nightfall of civilisation, when reason fell and Fascism prevailed
A malpractice tarnished the world, rendered by a subservient mass!

Accustomed to misuse and fear, we're looking back - insensibly!
What happened then won't happen anew, close your eyes in arrogance and simply forget!

So much injustice and grief done unto the star of David
Remind unsound doctrines of an Aryan race, the concentration camps, the relentless exodus
Some folks say it will never come again, are they oblivious? Full of unconcern?
So look Pretoria and the fascist-like regime - will man ever listen to reason?

6. Straggler From Atlantis

Out of the sea and no longer wind-driven, an ominous shore beckoned him
Murmurous waves comforted thy rebirth from the wamb of the strangling ocean
Kardios - sprawled on a while coast, alive and ashore far from home
Reminding the garden where a tune brought mischief a quivering shadow slid across him!

All of a sudden something towered before him, an assembly of giants older than time
Weakend and weary with a harassing arcanum they eyed Kardios, Nephol their name
Further they heard Kardios' tale, Enek and Yod and Lotay
Solemn silence fell upon them for Theona's Atlantis was drowned in the sea...

Out of the sea - from dark waters he rose
Kardios - bearing the burden and throe of memory
Theona overrade the presage of old
Kardios, who drowned the isle kingdom... kissing the kiss of death!

In bright unbroken beams from the far untold unknown
Like a torrent of foam he came
An obscure structure without shape or form
Coming from the skies faster than light

"Atlantis, Atlantis has flowered forever
For Theona has resigned as her queen
Worshipped and honored and loved but kissed never...
So is Theona and always has been"

"Fairer Theona than moon or than sun
Fairer stan stars in the vault of the skies
No man can say when her reign has begun
Lovely and queenly and regal and wise

So it was told by the gods in high heaven
Atlantis shall live and forever prevail
Until her sweet lips in a love-kiss are given
So runs the prophecy, so says the tale
Forever Atlantis has flowered but this
Is told of Theona - the moment that she grants
To a lover the boon of a kiss
Atlantis, Theona will drown in the sea..."

Out of the sea - seeking remission
Predestination - the harper from the sea
Nephol island - sullen from a riddle, known as filth
Exemption from a substance they called Fith...

Fith subsisted and throve of Nephal flesh
Brought upset and turmoil
Burdened with dismay anf bereft of hope
The giants hearts failed them

Devoured with ambition he was led before a well
Once the home of spirits, convenient of Fith
A weird blotch of wastness to separate the sun
Far below the well a pallid spot of silver light

Peering in the void old Atlantis came to mind
Theona's tender eyes in the raging, roaring flood
An edge of icy-blue from the cave community
To combat Fith and cast off the burden memory!

Prepared well for the finale he descended to Fith, the luminous mass from the stars
The flaplike projection thrusted Kardios with a touch like a tongue of bright flames
But the glow of awareness in Fith's tissue blinked out, the panting breath labored then stopped!
So it was told and freedom was given to the giant kin, Nephol their name!

"My sword was wonders shall we twain not do?
The world is ours to roam and render clean
Against whatever peril comes in view
My arm is strong, your point and edge are keen"

"For storming citadels for holding clear
From sail and sloth, for glory in the sun
For showing enemies the face of fear
My good companion, you and I are one!"

Out of the sea - remission was found
Kardios - the straggler from the sea
Farewell to the cave community
Walking past the trunks he hummed Theona's tune...

7. Arcane

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