Dark Lyrics


1. Broken Wings

Take these broken wings and mend them!
Give me strength to keep my love alive.
Nothing's gonna change this feeling.
Never gonna stop the heart that's beating
But, I've…

I've been chasing the endless growing lie.
It's been years since it burned me down
But, I...

I've gotta break free!
Never gonna let this love go!
Never gonna let the tears flow.
No! No!
Gotta save me!
I've been waiting days and years for
Someone to walk in and take over of me.

I had built a wall around me.
Hid my love beneath the broken dream.
Gave it all away for nothing.
Gave my love away but now I see…

Hit me with the arrow!
Love me, make it last a life more!
Give me what it takes to be before I wake,
And see you no more…

2. Loved For Eternity

Drops of pain, they roll down my window.
My shame pulls me down.
Fear and hate, they lay on my pillow and when I feel alone...

You shine your light on me.
You hold my hand and set me free!
All my tears are gone,
And the heart that was torn, is loved for eternity.

Empty rooms, unfamiliar faces, I'm lost and I'm torn.
Seasons change,
Problems just take over,
I'm 'bout to lose my faith.

I've been living a lie,
Never once knowing why, I've been failing completely (oh!).
But, you taught me to fly and now I testify,
That you alone now complete me!!!

3. Transparent Black

I've been surrounded by these... colours
That seem to be... fading!

I never knew a part inside o' me
Was painted black and it could take over.
Can't go back to the heart that's sober.

It took time but, it still grew stronger!
I let it rest in the tears that so hurt.

Miles I've walked holding in
All the pain that lasted and bruised easy.
There were days when everything was alright
But, it always stayed in me.

Take it away!
This transparent black consumes me.
And I don't want it anymore than you do.
Take it away from me!!!

This hurt, it grew inside o' me,
Got me fighting like a wounded soldier.

I tried to lock it up and bury it
But, it still remained the weight on my shoulders!

4. Fountain Of Memory

Drink my dreams!
Bathe in the fount' of memory.
Let not it hold you back to... Find your destiny!

Open your eyes/mind,
Let demons fear you.
Through space and time you'll find your way!

Born free! This is what I believe.
The past is no more.
Here's your chance! Go!
Take a step to be free for who you wanna be!

Scavenger!!! Son of hate, seed of misery!
Visitor!!! Near to stay, common enemy.

Splinters in my skin, tearing deep within

You seek and find,
Walk through doors open wide.
Open your eyes to see
All that you ask will be.

Open your eyes to see.
All that you ask will be.
Walk through doors open wide.
Seek and you'll always find.

5. Forever

See where they are now,
Look how they talk.
Watch every movement, watch where you walk.

Play the cards that they played,
And we'll lose our time,
Lose our faith, lose our love.

Walk through the feigned and classified.
Take the road that will leave our scars behind!

March us through the tears!
Take us pass the fears,
To a place I would call "forever!"

They took for granted, when we gave it all,
We were wronged, we belonged...

Fearless shame, withered hearts,
Though we tried to keep the sparks ever lit, ever new
But, never!

6. Drown

Sticks and stones, you're never gonna drown me!
Your frikin' words are a devious conspiracy!
Heart's made of stone but, my conscience is summoning
Every breath of you!

I'm not alone, there's a voice breathing over.
This endless rage in my memory.
Cut, jaded black, dated back to the remedy,
Lost soul's reverie!

Throw your stones at humanity! Get in line for impunity!
Freedom flows for he knows of no tyranny. This is our destiny!

Get in line! The page is torn, we're starting over.
This is time, for we write our own!
Through the grime, we'll rise above and fight this war,
Rewriting symphonies!

Reflections oh so still... They overshadow your iron will and you...

Skin and bones, you look just like my enemy.
This mask of gold is a gift untold!
Concealing your suffering.
The king of sin trapped within your soul.

He'll crucify! – Your spirit lives in hunger.
Your alibi will drown you in your sleep.
These crimson tides won't flush away your anger.
It's you and I, against your dreams!

7. B-run-ch

Last night I dreamed about the evil that men do.
Dolls and black crosses, they've cast spells on you!
Since the beginning we knew they've continue...
To cheat us all!

So break away from the maker's hand
And be the difference. I am the difference!
Take down their pedestals!
Cast out their demons!

Sleep my darling in moonlight glow!
We've come to catch your dreams before
You run! You run!!!

I've seen the lies and your hidden instruments.
Out come the smiles when I'm asleep!
You try to penetrate me.
Break my walls, come and live inside me.
Cyanide! Burn my mind!
You're nothing but a pig inside!

You've got a little bit of soul that I'm gonna rip tonight!
Wreck your cavernous plans (and) perfidious lies!

Straight from the tip of your head,
Right to the brim of your hind!
I'm gonna take you down! You fuckin' parasite

8. Fidelity

She was an angel fighting for her life;
Nothing would have changed her name.
Weeping with hatred, nothing would have stopped her
And we are the ones to blame.

Justified, alone she lies,
Ripping apart the souls that were concerned.
She denies her holy lies and
We are the ones that burn!

Get her down! Rip her heart,
(If she ever really had one.)
Broken bones and poison
Will always do the work.
We are done! Get her out!
There is nothing more to say!
Light the match and watch the "angel" run away!

Breathing hate like fire, internalizing pain.
Rid her from earth, her right to birth,
The blood within my veins.
She's a cold and hated liar,
Oblivious to shame.
We will endure and smite
'Til she fights no more again!

Thanks to Sheharawork for sending these lyrics.

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