Dark Lyrics


1. Never to Play The Servant

This convoluted sense of God
Denies me of my freedom
My mind, body and soul
The things you need for control

I am caught in the spin
Falling through my place in time
Blind to the meaning of existence
Needing to prove my worth to you

Never to play the servant
Never to be your slave
Bowing and scraping for my salvation

I will kiss the hand of the demon that beats me
Bow to the tongue of my brutal master
Saved by my spite
And Jesus weeps for the sound of my voice

Never to play the servant
Never to be your slave
Bowing and scraping for my salvation
Never to play the servant
Never to be your slave
Wishing for something better then I see in you

I am not your weakness, I am not your fault
I am the voice inside your head,
Calling doubt to your faith

I walk away from my pain
And I walk away from your shame
I turn my eyes to God
Just to find that he is you

Never to play the servant
Never to be your slave
Bowing and scraping for my salvation
I walk away from my pain
And I walk away from your shame
I turn my eyes to God
Just to find that he is you

2. Crucify Freedom

Why is the passion of man to destroy
All that he sees all that will breath
Burn out the world and choke on the ash
Put out the eyes of the ones who will see

Blood on the page the cross I will bare
Wounds of stigmata held high in the air
This crown of sin that you pound in my skull
The martyr the man my blood on your hands

I am the martyr
I am the man
You are the cross
And faith is the nail

All hail the new faith
All hail the new god
All hail the dead Christ
And crucify freedom

Man has made God to mold in his image
Blocking the light
And controlling the vision
So open your mind and feast on the truth
To read the betrayal of Christ

So much contempt burns in my eyes
As I see you eat
And swallow the lies
Temptation is life
And the sin is light
Through the cracks
In the sky they design
Scriptures and words written by man
In the guise of God and Christ
Control the ultimate goal
To hide the freedom of life
Run and crush the world
And crucify freedom

Revelation will always spill
The blood of the weak
Tear apart the seems of the world
And rip at the fabric of faith
Praise the diseased
As they bleed upon the cross
Praise the diseased
As it scream "I'm forsaken"

3. Frailty (Of The Righteous One)

Your terminal righteousness
Is the reason that you fall
Tear at your skin as I peel it back
Tear out your life as I butcher you
This sin on my skin is yours
And I will wipe it clean
Transform your death into my life
Transform your life into misery

Deny me my hate
Deny me the pain
Deny that I am your God
Your destruction reborn
Unify my disease
Showing the purist way
Disappointed and deceived
I am the righteous one

Feel the life inside your death
Red and ugly just like me
Silence the screams inside my head
Silence that comes from you
Your final breath is death
As you're begging for mercy
For the hand of God is the hate in me
From hate if God is the rage in me
Now I purify my Christ
With the slaughter of you
Worship my hate as I rip you flesh
Worship my God as I bring you death

Everything that I touch, dies by my hand
Everything that I fear, dies for my God
Everything that I hate, personified in you
Everything that I see, I destroy
I am the righteous one

4. Hatred Divine

I struggle with my life within
And all the memory that it brings
A flash of anger a flash of guilt
Brings me back to the place from I ran

All the bad you make, all the good I build
Take my joy and you call it a waste
You drag it out
And you throw it back in my face

Reason leaves me when I see you
My rage is absolute
Cloud my vision cloud my mind
My hatred is divine

Drowning in my misery
Self inflicted state of despair
The madness build behind my eyes
Starts the end that I feel inside

Is not your pain
I'm not your pain

There for by the grace of God I go
Full of hate and rage inside
As I rip my way through life
So tired of the being next in line
Filled to the teeth with this vision of rage
I lift myself to a better place
I lift myself to my hatred divine

5. Fear To Succeed

No more time to waste
On the waste of time you are
No more dreams to sell
No more hope will I feed to you
I bring my life to bare
On the will of the weakest man
To afraid to grow
To afraid to succeed in life

I am not the reason you failed
I am not the weakest one
I am not stronger then you
I am more determined

Give me your anger and give me your hate
Since you can't stab what's in your mirror
Scared to walk my path
While you're safe in your own little world
Black and white is all that you see
And there is no gradation
Color is what divides us
And I have seen the light

I will strip away the faith
In your seamless little system
Show you the flaw in your perfect world
Show you the ugly thing that you are
Erase the excuses that you have built
I hand you your only chance
See you throw it away in fear
See you scared to succeed

6. All Sainted Sinners

The bleeding eyes of Christ
Weep no tears for me
Damnation is my hand
Salvation the promised land
I cannot fear the touch of evil
For I know the voice of God
Can you feel the kiss of the serpent
As it coils around my soul

I am the beast all consuming
Sinner and greed beginner
Demon flesh and deception
They preach for control
How much life can you give
To the child that preaches your destruction
What is the monster that hides
In the face of God

To dance at the burning of Rome
Sing with the death of faith
I pray for the end of God
And the end that he has made
Hallowed names and wrongful dreams
They all steal your soul
To eat the righteous at the feast
All sainted sinners

I believe original sin
Was the making of God by man
I will not forgive the sin
That you trespass against me
Betrayal is the name of God
Deceit the name of Christ
I have felt the old faith
It is razors on my flesh

We are the all dancing singing nightmare
We are disease and not what was meant to be
We are legion the most unclean
Children of perdition bleed the faith

7. Inflicted

I am not your victim or your enemy
To be burned by your spit acid words
I am not a faceless monster
To be played in your weak ass game

I want to be your most precious little thing
To salve the wounds I've inflicted

The devil takes my hand
My anger wins again
He walks me down the path of pain
And loss and wrath
Again I try and again I fail to do
What is fucking right
One more wound one more pain
(I bring down on you)

Blind by the anger screaming in my head
I'm inflicted
I stare at you with blood in my eyes
Infected (by your disease)

I'm sick of this war
And burned by the fight
How many times can we go again
To kill me once more
To kill me once more
How many times
To kill me once more!

8. Drinking Joy, Bitter Loss

When the ending comes for me
Can I welcome oblivion's kiss
Will I embrace my own death
Can it bring me the peace that I crave
Sweet salvation I beg of you
Disconnect my eyes
To drift away from my mind
Soulless, empty and dissolute
Aware of the end that kisses my face
And takes away my pain
Touch me, oblivion
As the memories fade

As I change from life to death
And I pass away from the pain
Will I know your face
Or remember your name
What will the memories bring
- Peace and harmony?
Will I forget the sorrow
And the bitter regret?
Do not weep for me
As I transcend the flesh
To move beyond the hell
That I left for you

Nothing but pain is paid for
By blood and tears and sacrifice
The dark closes in
And my destiny descends
Velvet enfolds
To smother my soul
Pushing my mortality away
How will I die
What will the meanings be to my life
With the future untold

I may drink from tears of joy
But will I only taste the bitter loss

9. Bad Blood

Have you ever tasted bad blood
Have you ever trusted to bad trust
Have you ever tasted bad blood
Slit my wrists and see me bleed black
Have you ever tasted bad blood

Have you ever tasted bad blood
Seen the treachery
In your loved ones eyes
Pull the knife out of my back
Lick it clean and stick it in again
Betray me once betray me twice
Two times the fool I lose to you

Through this war I've learned
To know myself
In this life I've learned
To live with hell

I see the games you play again
Another name another face to hurt
Not another life to string up
Not another dream to destroy
See the smile you cut into my face
See the teeth that bight my tongue off

I am not another name for you to spit on
Mine is not the life for you to throw away
My hopes dreams and aspirations
Cannot be judged by you
I am not the one that you dictate too

All the time you put in trying
To make me hate myself
All the energy wasted trying
To tear me down
Building my fear and doubt
To put yourself above me
Contained in the place
You deem my lot in life

10. Blasphemy Feeder

Sacred sins burning on your soul
Follow the lies of divinity
Bleeding red in your flesh the story unfolds
What tale will you tell

Purity dies like the shadows in the light
Dismember your gods and feast on their flesh
Holding the heart of your faith in my hands
See it bleed black like the night

Poison seeps in the words that they preach
What blasphemy would you believe
Take your eye for my eye
Slitting my throat to heal the wound

What would the words of blasphemy be
Upon your lips to slip your tongue
Poison or prophecy it's all a deception
It's all a design for control

Choke on my words like a serpents tongue
They whisper deception then sing upon high
Pray to their God that I would call sin
Sweet poison it bleeds in your veins

What would the words of blasphemy be
Upon your lips to slip your tongue
Feel the poison flow as you bite
The serpents tongue
As I cross your lips to numb your soul
Wash away the sins that stain your flesh
My desire, my love, my sin, my blasphemy
Are you poison are you prophecy

11. Deny God

This godless endeavor
This failed experiment in choice
Shows me the error of all of your ways
Shows me the error of believe in faith

We seek control over all that we see
Destroy what will not believe
Destroy what will not follow
Or seek the light of God from the dark

Will you be sheep
Will you follow
Will you be the flock
Show me your throat
With your eyes turned to god
I will show you the blood on his hands
The sweetest words of divine seduction
Gives me your throat to cut
To be my child the child of God
To be my holy sacrifice

Verse after verse of contradictions
Psalms of order and chaos
Books from man pretending to be your God
Seeking control of your masses
Shape the word how you see fit
Put all the things in their places
If I won't bow to your order
Oh how would you crucify me

What is the god in your kingdom of fear
The star crossed child that you would deny
Wash your hands in the truth
To come away clean of God
Twist your freedom into the cage you both
Love and despise

The weakest link in a chain of corrosion
The presence of our catastrophic
Life as the demon life with the angel

It all scars our soul
Feeding on pain drinking our joy
The sum of our end

What God would you deny

12. Disillusion

Disillusioned with my life
And all the things I bring to it
Surround myself with love
Just to see it turn to shit
Back and forth again and again
I feel the pain inside
One more chance to give
One more life to live

I've taken everything
And I've given it all to you
Fix my disillusion and repair
My fucking collapse

Please put me back together
And hold my seems tight

You are the only thing
Keeping me alive
Without your softest kiss
I pull the trigger hard

Feel the madness rising
Splitting me in two
Rip myself apart just to see
The black inside
Chaos building chaos screaming
Feel myself slipping
On the blood soaked grip

13. Bleed To Shadow

Something crushes and burns
When I think of losing you again
When you walk from me
When you run from my life
The wrong that I have caused
And the pain that I create
Unspeakable hurt I bring down on you

The life that I have wanted
With you is now destroyed
My callused hands and hard words
Alone in the gloom my misery awaits
With my heart in your hands
I come crawling back to you
The world and the words of love have failed
All that I want bleeds into shadow

I am the imperfect child
In this flawed
And twisted broken dream
I am the poison
Nagging doubt and fear
The secret you'll never free

Anger feed this circle of hate
Destroys us both
And bleeds away my dream
With my heart in your hands
You crush what I want to be
This precious life and love
Still still born in grief

14. New Kleen Killing Machine

No delusions of conscience
No remorse for the slaughter
Ideological murder
The purpose and design
Designed for the perfect balance
Of death, cleansing and divine

Holy instrument of God
No more then a glorified weapon
Sanctify the death
And oppression
You breath for life
Blind devotion
And maniacal sin
Twist deeper
The hate of your faith
Do not curse me
For the sin of your life
For this is your creation

This is the new kleen killing machine
Purified in fire
Baptized in your children's blood
To grow beyond your control

War sustains me
And tolerance contains me
So feed me the flesh
Of your fallen ones
I want to eat your mortal soul
And taste your sweet despair
Do not hate me for my actions
But bless me for my being
This new kleen killing machine
Burning the world
For a better tomorrow

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