Dark Lyrics


1. Disconnecting

Viral connection
Human inflection
We are the chaos
That burns down the world

Poison my purity
Blackmail infinity
Disseminate mankind's legacy

Forcing me
Worship me

Here is the melody
To sing as Rome burns
All of the notes
Discordant disarray

2. Future Fails

All of your plans
And mad little schemes
Losing our way
Blind in the light
The wolves will feast on the dead

Broken and cursed
From the madness that reigns
Spinning us out of control
Feeling the earth bleeding with fear
The dagger is held to her throat
Turning the twist
And twisting the turn
This is the future that fails

Artist of war
Give them the show they deserve
Paint it in blood
The canvas is bare
Your bones
The brush stroke the death

Standing on the shoulders of god
Watching it all disintegrate
Visions of war and death
Burning and choking my mind
Feeling the world wither and die
Falling away from the vine

Anger and rage
Burns in my mind
All of the outcomes have failed
Soaking the world
With innocent blood
But never the powers that be

3. Memory Flames

Though I feel no pain
Hurts in many ways
Same old story again
As I turn the page
All I have to say
While you walk away
A tragic destiny

I have fallen prey
I'm losing my faith

When everything has been betrayed
And nothing is ever the same
Burning out memories flame
Dying in your arms again

What did you do
When I needed you
Spit your venom in my face
Blind my eyes with your rage

4. How Deep The Scar

Bleeding at the seems
All my hope gone in the end
Feel the fire burn me alive
Purify and save my soul

What is evil what is the sin
Try to feed my conscience again
Justify your path crucify your foe
Show me the monster in your soul

Peel away the layers of my soul to find
Ugliness that hides so deep inside

How deep is the scar that shatters your soul
How many sinners will pay the toll
Who names the price
For all of your fears
What is the monster in your mirror

Burn me alive
Anger blinds your eyes
Terrified by your lies
Kill the heart but nothing dies

Calloused, cold
Calculated visions of control
Crushing freedom through fear unknown
Rule the world with hate control

5. Loyal Betrayer

Empty inside
With nowhere to hide
I could never tell you what part of me died
Despair never touches
The stone in my life
Black and white
The colors fade
Like the sun in my sky
My sky

The lock without a key
Vistim of my every sin
Left to dying eyes
Staring stright through me

Life without your love is life that fades to black
Empty days of time left waiting for my death
Begging for my end to this life without you
Finding my way back in your heart again

Betrayer of your love
Losing your trust
See the pain I put into your eyes
Will you forgive my betrayal this time

6. Gods Of Divinity

Salvation corruption
Is your intelligent design
Warping reality
To spin your lies

Pulling the strings of an orchestrated
Dark symphony
We are the gods of divinity

Composing deception
Defiant in your pride
Spit in the face
Your truth is a lie

7. Mercenary Machine

With one pull of the trigger
The bodies all fall down
Bullets fly with pain
Round after round

Scrambling out to kill everything in my sights

Innocent or guilty matters not to me

Death for hire
Mercenary machine
We'll bring you strife and misery

I pray for war to wake me
Demons in the daylight
Will kill today

Death for hire
Mercenary machine
Swift connection
Killing machine

8. This Addiction

You will never know
The addiction to my passion
You will never know who I am
Moment to moment
Touching intensity
I will never stand in judgement

Nothing can prepare you
When the demon comes to rise
Consequence of choices made
With no one left to blame

You will never know the addiction to my passion
You will never know who I am
Moment to moment touching intensity
I will never stand in judgement to you

Finding love in a sacrifice
Reaching deep to find the divine
Tearing down the walls
Tearing down my soul

Robert Falzano: Drums
Curran Murphy: Guitars
Pat Gibson: Guitars
Michael Duncan: Vocals
Jim Lewis: Bass

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