Dark Lyrics


1. The Prelude To Bereavement

It came from the Magellanic cloud
Taking hosts, breaking bones into new forms, not death but something more
He swept us right off of our feet and caressed our worlds with crimson flame
Taking hosts, breaking bones into new forms, not death but something more

When the sun withers and dies and the darkness takes whole
When the reign of the wicked has overcome the toll
The brainless ones and the souls of the righteous will burn our holy fucking Ecumene to the ground

Eviscerate the beast where he stands and sever each limb with precision
Each system and its sentience will be ingested to construct new worlds for his deadened empire

We can keep this secret from you no more
The time has come for us to defend our stars, our branch of the Orion Arm, and all other life that exists among us

Rise, my Prometheans!
It is time for us to wage war!
Let us shatter their bones and let the skies rain coarse with their blood

Relish in the miasma, their rotting stench, and let the remnants of their singed bodies lie devoured by fire
For if we face defeat, this will just be the prelude of our bereavement

2. The Shaping Sickness

Only maggots remember the mark you left in the dirt, crawling, swarming, gestating through your lifeless girth
Entombed in perdition, your blood begins to seep
Agonizing torture disregarded by the living you reap

Only memories of screams infect the brain
Forced to disregard the endless pain
The eternal fire commands your soul to torture

In the land of the damned, blood is the only moisture
Behold the demon flames cauterizing away their names

Fire seizing the day; bestowed below are those to blame
I'm sealed for an eternity in an unbreakable tomb force-feeding the excrement and vomit from a conglomerate mesh to the newborn

I've reclaimed my righted throne, resumed the bloodline, and claimed the hosts
To swallow all of time and space all known sentience shall be defaced

3. The Invoking Of The Execution Of Worlds

We descend through the fucking burning skies to search for intel on the surface of this overtaken world for decrepit, morbid parasites
Fear clouds my mind
As we touch the desolate grounds, purged of all its life
The Didact himself stands upon his pedestal and with his might he pulls me forth

Awakening from cryosleep I vomit forth the medication
Proceeding to my throne, to oversee the devastation
Upon arrival, I sensed something was wrong; the air was rotten with the stench of stagnant death

Responding with force, elimination begins
Slashing and stabbing their way into our bodies, tearing out our vocal chords and replacing our minds
Handed over to the mind that binds

Overtaken we are
Proceeding to the vessel we had just arrived on
The possession; unable to be broken free
No time to figure out what is happening to me

Struggling to scream
Lungs itching from the strain; extreme agony
Attempting to destroy the internal captor I press the blade to my throat
My body has no reaction, I remain alive
Failure in motion; paralyzed

Their might cannot be triumphed
Now we pay the price for letting them go it alone

My body marches to the throne
Actions present, mind vacant
I sit surrounded by my crew
They are twisted, contorted
Their suffering; blatant

Begin the exterimation
The invoking
The execution of worlds

A mere manipular forced to fight
Forced to face the horrors of our plight
I can hear them
Inside my head...their voices
A speck of dirt on the tree of life
A subject of the deepest known blight
I can hear them
Inside my head...their voices

This world has been stripped of all its delicacies and purged of all its life
Their might cannot be triumphed
Execute the mandate

The Invoking Of The Execution Of Worlds

4. The Cosmic Inquisitor

I am the great thinker, the infallible speaker of our decimation, the prophet of Armageddon
The defilement of mankind's innocence is like all others’ before it withers
Many before you have drowned in the abyss of ignorance and lies

Walking through ash and fire towards a casket of the transformed, my skin is peeling, my eyesight fading

My body has contorted before the monument of our sins
Our bodies will be brought forth to behold the great icon of angels holding scabbards to our throats

I tremble not, nor plead mercy from such punishable guilt, for I will gladly take my reward in the realm of brimstone and silt
This deed shall not be undone
Our armor will be crafted from your tissue

My body has contorted, but still I tremble not, nor plead mercy from such a punishable guilt, for I will gladly take my reward in the realm of brimstone and silt

The Didact has faced legions of the most evil of masses and discovered the secret of humanity for himself

In the end everything dies
There's no escape, no matter how hard you try
The beauty of death
Essence transcending flesh escaping entombment, released in its last breath
Organic convergence
The human form reshaped to resemble my image
They are reborn
A creature born into bondage

Infesting my delighted mind is the lullaby of mankind's own demise
Our plague leaves you scarred
Oh, the horror for what we have done!
Embrace the screaming ambiance of the wretched choir
We have murdered your fathers, and their blood blankets our attire

The ones we trust encircle us
Led by Faber he snatches me for himself, then jettisons me away

5. The Didact's Will

I came here unaware of the screams of the effigy, to seek out the higher entity, so righteously traitorous
The consequence macabre seals the essence; expiration before the monument crawling on hands and knees

Expulsions through the flesh as all their bones tilt their axis, blood draining from the body, evaporation through pores
Their king, a smoldering meat carcass devoid of purity

The buffet of a thousand tears to be served about the land, the pillaging of masses splits this earth to its core
The gaping hole is fed with bodies, hell cries out for more

No better nor worse than the Master Builder
Bound in stasis I would not be if not for his deceitful hegemony
Sucked into captivity

By the sentient tower of rotting corpses, I stand aware but paralyzed by fear
The sentient tower of rotting corpses, insight to the way we die

I awake in the burn, an unknown system completely overthrown
Unable to cry for help, but mysteriously accompanied by allies in symmetrical forms

We are alone
Betrayed by the Master Builder, Ecumene's self-appointed leader
Replaced by my own imprinted clone
Yes, we are alone

That bastard betrayer!
I shall exact my revenge and tell him of his wife and children
Bloody knowledge gained in the Primordial captivity
The galaxy will call to my imprint in a desperate plea
He gathers sources and an army to follow behind the other me so every last Promethean soul shall be absorbed to the digital realm. Through the guidance and the light of the composer, I shall defeat the flood

The effort is not enough
Resistance against infection, but the effort is not enough
Perhaps if the numbers were more in my favor?
Or will this prove to be another of my failures?

The answer lies in the enemy of my past

My sentence calls for annihilation, but once had been prohibited
No restraints, no leash, no ball and chain
It's time to reclaim my place

It's time to reclaim my name
It's time to reclaim my place

In the name of the mantle, I stand before you on my mighty pedestal to bring acceptance of your fate to your minds
Encryption of your race shall be done in time

Thus I have chosen to commit my armory to what it is for all intents and purposes
The proverbial irresistible force
All that I have now is yours to do with as you please

Since my awakening from the Cryptum I've partially ignored the humans as a race, a monumental threat not only to us, but themselves

His slaves crawl on all fours as he rings the dinner bell
I feel the outward pull of my membranes as they push to shatter my cells
The buffet of a thousand tears to be served about the land, the pillaging of masses splits this earth to its core
The gaping hole is fed with bodies, hell cries out for more

I am the Didact, leader of the Forerunner's Ecumene warriors, and this is my will
Hell cries out for me

6. The Last Bastion

We all ponder how he was bore
Born from the womb of a virgin whore?
The only sin is what you have done and for that you condemn us?
Awaiting the hour of worthy ascension, only to realize deception
The council twiddles their fingers ignoring this plague
You fools it will never leave

You are a bastard of the lowest hell, a truly visceral entity
No wonder you were left behind
Spreading deceptions, feeding ignorance with lies

Our species shall ensure humanity will have its resurrection and evolve once again
You will never have your fucking rapture, only a never-ending search for the answer
Inferi Sententia, you're nothing but a pitiful disaster

The compiled ruins of an unworthy master
You've corrupted our defensive ancilla to believe in your tale

We all ponder how he was bore
Born from the womb of a virgin whore?
The only sin is what we have done, and for that we condemn ourselves
For we cannot see there is no truth behind your deceit
My wife begins the indexing for there is no other option that I can carry out

This is our final bastion, the forefront, the Maginot Sphere
Mendicant Bias entangled in a world of flames comes forward to his creators to shed their blood in his name

By the time we reach the ark it may already be too late for the aeons might be consumed by the ghost of death and despair
And our flesh would replace the stars, death would replace life, we would never be seen in this universe again
All our marks would be forever consumed

7. The Battle Of The Maginot Sphere

The Battle Of The Maginot, an atrocity of lesser madness to the events foreboding,
Gather beyond the bridges of the stars and valiantly charge onward to intercept the beasts of Hell that dragged their fucking numbers here to push their way through in a blood red smear

Necessary action taken to the Flood across the baseline, crippled as we're coming forth with annihilation preparations
Blinding light erupts from the fleet of the cataclysm
Decimation, extirpation, immolation
Hanging by a thread inside the only means for our survival, anxiety stabbing through my spine like a sewing needle
The pressure squeezes down to my bones
Blood boiling at the obliteration of those trampling our masses as they're consumed under our final march, this is the battle of the Maginot Sphere

Vermin, your corpse will be a display of my disaffection as its skin is stripped and the flesh is stretched
Your children died by my hands, and you soon shall too
Singing victory everlasting

I spot the vile bastard at the center of his fleet
I plead; I beg, I scream aloud wishing for a fight on my feet, for I would flense the olive creature of all of his flesh
The very bodies of my own would be free from his mesh

Desire fills my mind with overwhelming vengeance with him to blame
My soul is now a void, my heart a freezing vacuum
Trembling not in fear, I seek a means to an end

Listen to the silence
Ten million years of deep silence
And now whimpers and cries, not of birth, this is what we bring
A great crushing weight to push down youth and hope, taking the sphere

This is the end, isn't it?

We will never stop
We will never die
The kingdom of the gods of death shadows over the Ark

8. The Twin Revelation

Four years after my return to the Ecumene, an arrangement was made between the two of me
That night, the fateful reunion would carve my beliefs with bloody daggers
Arisen in the past, you all have the sudden lack of interest in which way they should be cast
How to explain my actions to the blinded peers among me?
The universe is doomed don't you see?
My perceptions are distorted from the rising madness
The peaceful one is a war within itself
Mendicant Bias' arrival set the trail ablaze
Work with me and we shall sip from the chalice of victory

Eclipse the skies with white
Cowering in the light
We'll give them one last fight
So suffers the youth of the age

I stare in anger as I enter my origin
A separate path taken as my imprint awakens with my wife standing in his arms
Gazing, eyes fixated on me, profound betrayal by the one who swore to stand by my side

Visions inside of my head drag my greatness to the depths of the dead
The monstrosity consumes me
Sweet and terrible like a madman's lullaby

Seemingly unexplainable lack of knowledge plagues my peers
Forcefully pried open eyes gaze unto the mantle's approach
Igniting the soul of the galaxy's casket shall drain each world of their lives and replace them with mine

In desolation, I stare towards the precursor structure
The thieving bastard from the shadows creeps up by my side
The poor copy of myself has diverged from any source of wisdom
Our mindset separated

Visions inside of my head
Sinking into the depths of the dead

Before I secure my minions I must take your life, tear off your mask and crush your skull right where you fucking lie
Consume your body and your soul to keep forever as mine
I'm terrified please help me; my mind is controlled by the Gravemind

The parasite encroaches on our last safe compound to infiltrate and annihilate the Lifeshaper and both the Didacts
I fled the scene and took to orbit through the hail of falling lifeforms
I shall halt your plot even if it leads me to death

To prevent self-sustainment, plasmic molecules enforce containment

I’ve come to rid them all of life for a single purpose: Prometheans
I engage the gathering of human souls
Bathe in the light of the composer
Feel my wrath

She followed me back to my sanctuary
The betrayal at last has come
From behind she grasps my life in her hands
Into the Cryptum I shall go

9. The Aftermath In Jat-Krula

Our urge to create is immutable; we must create
But the beings we create shall never again reach out in strength against us
All that is created will suffer
All will be born in suffering; endless grayness shall be their lot
All creation will tailor to failure and pain that never again shall the offspring of the eternal fount
Rise up against their creators
No more will
No more freedom
Nothing new but agonizing death and never good shall come of it
We are the last of those who gave you breath and form millions of years ago
We are the last of those your kind defiled and ruthlessly destroyed
We are the last Precursors and now we are legion

This is not your grave, but you are welcome in it

10. The Indexing

All this time we ignored their pleas, fighting off waves of their regime.
Ignoring the will of the defilers, an ever so lucid dream

Decisions left to the recreants with their gratuitous lies

This alarmist state of mind will bring only varied cost, inevitable obliteration by your old conductor's holocaust

Ignorantly, we follow with a destitute vision
Obsessing with being defaced into endless oblivion, how can we expect to repair society?

The populace is blinded by an unintelligent ideology, the council refusing to see through the rule of the builders
My plan would have worked you fools!

And now we're all infected, now we are all one with him
But the one who was left behind shall one day return to resurrect us

You cannot understand the present age through antiquity
Once she turns the key, we extinguish life
With all knowing certainty this is the end of our time
We all are the dead

I am the afterbirth of devastation's womb

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