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1. A Distant Paradox

Given for one instant an intelligence which could
Comprehend all the forces by which Nature is animated,
Nothing would be uncertain and the future, like the past,
Would be present to its eyes" Marquis de Laplace

Seasons cycle, in full circle
A subtle kiss of frost
Burns my lips, a numb of cold
Hibernation - maybe forever

Distress - We're doomed
No shelter No sanctuary
Our lifes depend on a Chaos Theory
Destress - Resume
To a normal day sequence
Your feeble life depends on a Chaos Theory

2. Seventeen

Because of the infinite multitude of simple substances,
There are, as it were, just as many different universes,
Which are, nevertheless, only perspectives on a single one"
G.W. Leibniz

There are 2 worlds and 2 worlds only
But the plane between them counts as 1
From the sides, dim and twice as many...
Mark my words 8 and 8 and 1 will be
The magic number, 17

Whatever these words may mean, the omen is upon us
The gypsy read our blood red dusk

3. Beware The Signs

We may gain a great deal of understanding about the universe
If we can learn to see it more as a self-organized system
And less as a machine" Lee Smolin

Am I the reaper of the light or a phantom in your dream?
I plant the seeds into the ground but the harvest is your deed
Am I an angel of the night or the demon in your dream?
I bring you knowledge in true light, I am a part of the machine

Am I an angel of the night?
... am I an angel of the light?

4. Thorns And A Rose

How was Christ, who is God, able to be born and to die
When he is for all eternity?" Jean-Claude Carriere

A God is no more than a man who grew older than old
His heart filled with sadness as the truth is unfold
If there can only be one, then this one must be me
I'm the new messiah so bow down to me

Good and Evil appeal to me, I'm both thorns and rose
Good and Evil rule inside me like a two-headed God

5. Believe

The main problem philosophy faces at the present time
Is how to have knowledge without faith" Paola Brancaleoni

It's hard to follow someone with a vision so extreme
The words come out of my mouth but the meaning is beyond me
The sinner will throw the first stone, with force until you bleed

I trust no one so why believe in you
I trust no one to show me the way
I trust no one but I'll believe in you
I trust no one - I trust no one... but you!

6. Atalanta Fugiens


7. A War Of Principles

There are no human struggle more noble than the one
Through which we set out to break the chains and go forward
In the vehicles of understanding" Giordano Bruno

The holy war has just begun
A holy war has just begun

An illusion so real
I had to dedicate my life
To make you see through, break the ice
You know - There are dangers for you and me
We're making waves, they don't like it

The holy war has just begun
And they are fighting for their principles

8. Fear And Loathing

Men cannot conceive that things occur by chance...
... they have a holy terror of chance" Umberto Eco

We have enough of your madman's intuitions
That hide the truth behind the curtains
We can believe in what we see and Gods we grew up with
But your black hole paradise leads us to a dead end road

Fear and loathing: the result of a chain
Reaction - the lightning strikes again
Fear and loathing: the reward for the change
You brought - the lightning strikes again

9. The Kether's Syndrome

People who appeal to fixed conceptions of necessity,
Contingency, and possibility are simply confused"
Roberto M. Unger

I swear I never meant to hurt
I respect innocence
Virgin minds call for freedom
I merely opened the door

I failed my life and I failed others
If only they'd washed away my words...

10. A Crack In The Mirror


11. Chaosgenesis

When we reject the siren song of false sources,
We become free to seek solutions to questions of
Morals and meanings in the proper place -
Within ourselves" Stephen Jay Gould

The clock is ticking backwards for me now
Evolution has no meaning when the change inside
Is a metamorphosis so deep your world falls apart
Do I belong, do I belong here? It's obsessing me

No love - No life - No understanding
I'm lost - I die - Will I rise from the ashes?

12. Lucifer's Pastime

You must become an ignorant man again
And see the sun again with an ignorant eye
And see it clearly in the idea of it" Wallace Stevens

We feed our own sorrow at the fountain of time
We search our own tomorrow in the eyes of the sky
To decipher is Lucifer's Pastime - Temptation

Is this what life should be all about?
A trail of tears until it's over
The power goes where the power dies...
In the perfect silence of a Chaos Theory

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