Dark Lyrics


1. Mindgames

Entering - the near life experience...
For things to come...
Leaving some outer memories
For things to be done...

Don't you stay, far away...

Life is the trial of something I don't even understand
More and more things happen always different as I planned
I'm on the highway to nowhere, where things are different any way
Take me to another planet, take me to a rainy day...

What if all your lifestyle ended up for tomorrow
Would you scream out sorrow?
What if there was an exit for you to go
Would you take a silent road?

Don't you know you are asking for being in form...
And you keep on requesting putting inside the norm
You feel that every thing is taking part
No-one should ever escape

Sometimes it really makes me wonder - what can life be about?
Is it just the way of nature to be entering in and out?
Take me further on your blackened wings bring me forth another dream
This is a neverending story within another daylight-beam

2. Permanent Crackdown

...welcome the wastelands

We have been ending up by destroying our inner part
Believing in nothing but our selfish suicidal art
The corrsion that we built
False romance to be willed
Our life is filled with redemption and guilt

We keep on trying to control each other's hand
No matter what or if we drown we do not aim to understand
The devil's advocate
Is what we procreate
So shut the fuck up (or) do you hesitate?

Don't you ever feel?
Life is a game and there is nothing about it to be real...
The story has begun...
It's a struggle to survive, an element full of lies,
It's a war that can't be won

...the permanent crackdown

We want progression, in the same way devastation
To maintain our own power, only others to devour
Keep on fighting for freedom
And killing for wisdom
'cause we don't care if it's dead-end-run

We love each other, don't fear murdering our own brother
Just have eyes for our own interest and nevermind to re-infest
Mankind's vicious circle
The morbid world-recycle
The downward spiral of the human guideline

I will just lose myself somehow...
Drown myself in regrets
'cause you are the devils in disguise
For someone I have bet

I don't want to feel so real, feel so real again
Just loose myself, just drown myself and silence will remain

3. Mass-Placebo

So here's another senseless story
Without exit or hope and without any glory
Come along and I will pull you down
To the center of redemption or the toxic crown
Tell me what you are waiting for and tell me what you are crying for
This is - where we are from, this is - where we belong
There are things you might ignore and there are things you might explore
Entering the welkin' dying puppet throne

You keep on asking, you keep on yearning for more
You keep on talking and there are things for you to score
You get another chance, within your stupid trance
Surrounding is the interface, searching for some outer grace
The toxic command, the inner remnant
There is nothing left for you to self-refrain

Come on take it to another end - the freedom of our blend
Come on take it somehow higher now - and you will understand
It's an illusion of a dying plan - the failure to expand
Cause you keep on trembling - the way you'll find an end

The mass-placebo

Use your senses, rely on expenses
Pattern chain moving and arpeggio grooving
Killing joke or silent moving
Infinity, reality, what are they doing?
It's a newly spinning universe, the center of some blind remorse
Will the future plead for love/hate as seed
World's a hateful spinning course, just try to find your war-resource
Down on your knees - a fictive bet you'll need

4. Antisense

The final showdown...

I don't know where to go...
I don't know where to go by now...
To let my anger grow
To let my hatred flow somehow

'cause when I put on the news, each day at night
And see all the conflicts that may or even will collide
There is no more excuse for our self-abuse
All these goddamn things - I even feel amused

Come on, take it on by now, this bitter role
Of playing god somehow or even Satan's pole
Double moral, the freedom choral
Our mind-expanse, your ignorance!

I'm feeling somehow better now, after all the fury's out and nothing could cure my damn agonies
I'm feeling somehow lighter now, after all the pain's cried out and nothing could build more stupidities

Disastrous and mournful, adventurous and harmful
This is how the story goes
But then again I decide that my dreams should not hide
And no-one ever knows

And then I realise one thing - that we are killing ourselves
'cause our greed is leading us to our own graves
"Wise" decisions and blind superstitions
Hate spin facility and the death roll fatality

To Venus and black or just a strange little pill
New conflict dimension and some more reasons until
The hate based machinery, a cold subsidiarity
Is starting its fucking tech-raging clarity

5. eXisTenCe

Which ways do you chose, which ones to abuse?
Come along, make me stronger and taste no longer
When moments are gone, when moments turn to stone
I'll be the one to carry on...

Which ways to accuse, which ones for fair use
The ignorance drop down of a joyless stardom
When moments are gone, when moments turn to stone
I'll be the one who takes it all...

I have to go, to feel inside the pain is real
I know, I never choose to go
You have to know, I'm dead inside, seems poisoned light
I know, I'll be leaving now

I wonder where we will go?
I wonder why we might know - it's forever
And there is no way going back again for now...

So if you try to take it on
So if you try to leave it all - forever
I will not drown

There are ways we wonder, there are rays we encounter
There are things we say and we find in any way
Antisense behaviour, tearing saviour
Harvesting - the bleak seed raver

Hear me calling, see me falling in vain
See me asking for answers, when I cry out in pain
Start to leave all behind, try to fold and unwind
And you'll see if there is more to remind

6. Snow Crash

The end is yet to come...
Distingue your memories before they're gone
The end is yet to come...
But then everything turned out to be wrong

We were meant to speak in highly different tongues
To enable our diversity, to enable being social ones
Back at the birth of man, back at the birth of speech
To discover excitement, to disorder and to teach

It's the 23rd century and there's a newly sworn enemy
Coming from behind and turning you to blind
A steady-state of a binary presentation
A hate-progression of a coming termination

Did you reveal your scars and human signs?
Your mind keeps turning, this is not real
Did you re-heal your wounds and sweet-caress?
I am the virus in you and I am going to steal

It's a snow crash - inside of your head
A ponderous oblivion, a force to be fed
It's like a mental destruction - turn of 180 degrees
Dementia is coming, don't you agree?

It's a snow crash - inside of your brain
Heading towards your mind and falling like rain
It's like a war inside - when all our thoughts collide
'cause you've been erased even though you're alive

Metaverse, the virtual desire
A fictive world with all dreams that you admired
But now there's revenge, the fall of Babylon
An Infokalypse erasing what was going on
Don't you believe, don't you retrieve?
It's the disorder of the word and the rising of grief
A stroke of excitement and of permanent delusion
A paradise lost in fucking horrendous confusion

Take my breath away
And knowledge will always stay...
Take my breath away
And no one will ever stay...

7. Playing God

Your mind keeps talking now...
Your soul keeps trembling - somehow?

Sometimes I wonder - how does it feel?
Is there are reason to kill or is it just making ill
To murder and to strangulate, to hesitate or resignate
Time is non toxic, but will never procreate?
The ability to heal and cure
The tempting reason to react no more
Masterminds, cluster-blindness
Can it be confident or obsolete kindness?

There is no tomorrow for the human race
As it comes down to us now - face to face
The lords of chaos, the rats of redemption
The killer's eye, the serpent's relention

What if I knew there was nothing to lean on?
Forever and never, again dismissed
Now its time to understand, it's all a fake command
You gotta take your chance

Point blank in arrival, death's head a denial
Mass-bound aggression, a coming termination
In colourful speed, the line to exceed
Drowning, winding, wait and bleed
Escape-phenomenon or heat-shock ecstasy
Mass placebo or tormenting agony
The extinction level is set for you to dwell
Destruction of madness is here to steal

8. Near Life Experience

When I sit down and think about all aims in life
When I walk out and breath in all that's being derived
When my eyes start sensing among the things to come
Then I wonder why I often keep on going wrong

If I supposed there was some kind of outer form
If I opposed all dogmas being inside the norm
If I kept telling that everything seems like a lie
Then I could say that I'm - feeling alive!

When I raise up my hand reaching out for some good
When I try to compete and don't feel understood
When my mind keeps trembling of some inner fear
Then I wonder if our end could be anyway near

If I chose to reject from all the things yet to come
If I instead let go all moods that made me overcome
If I never felt some regrets and if I never let loose
Then I could say that there are still things - I have to chose

Come closer, step further and listen to me
There's no solution but a suggestion, the key?
I don't have a message, there's no instruction
To handle yourself and to prevent destruction

And I know it's an experience that you chose every time
Collecting thoughts and being so amused
Take it all away
Impressions will always stay

Don't want to take it back
Science evolving
Progression dissolving

9. No Man's Land

Every thought is in my vein and they all seem to be the same
Every breath I take a night makes me me lose some more delight

Every story has an end and there's no way our lives extend
Every sorrow starts to grow when I let my feelings flow

Is it truth, is it pain or fear?
It comes all down and seems so near
I wonder if you will understand
I welcome you to - welcome to no-man's land

All seems wastes up for sure and there are wounds that should be cured
Fate and fiction I neglect, senseless words that I detect...

Can somebody tell me if some silence is near?
Or if it's only a vision and I don't see clear...
What do you expect from me, what do you want me to be?
Implications of change, filtering your thoughts to be free

Did you ever think of what's behind that door?
Did you ever find the things you're looking for?
You never tried and you never expand
I welcome you to - welcome to no-man's land...

10. Pitch-Black Insomnia

Hold on - as I am coming along
Watch out - see me taking the throne
'cause there is something that I have to proclaim
The trigger-substance to drive you insane

Someone has to come to push my fate away
Someone has to feel my breath and my betray
Love humbles mankind, but hate will make us strong
And now you return where you belong

So here is starts right now - you're feeling so alone
Nothing more to know - we are taking it on
The poetry of war - just things to ignore
The mirror of despair - the smell of pain right in the air

Can you hear me - laughing at you?
Can you feel me - despising you?
You keep on trying to escape from the chain
But you don't know that there is no way out of pain!

You are always yearning to get another chance
Forever and never it's a fading dance
You are always grasping to control what you commence
But things have gone their ways...

Someone has to lie to kill the truth inside
Someone has to die to spill blood in a tide
Love humbles mankind, but hate will make us strong
And I don't care when you're gone

I can see you crying - all hope having gone
I can see you lying - and you don't know what you've done
I can see you grasping - but things have gone their ways

Moritz Neuner ‒ Drums
Lukas Lindenberger ‒ Vocals (clean)

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