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1. Attention Deficit Disorder

Frameshift-mutating vengeance throughout this dying time
Tragedies exalted, elegies are no crime
A silver-glass-projection - of ideology
A fever-caused injection - of stupidity

What if I chose to cease all killing style?
Drowning faith at death's door for a while
Beyond this bitter option
There's no salvation now

With a smile...

Contempt of spawning sorrow, but in the end it's fear
Conspiracies implanted, everything's so near
Exploring unknown regions, never seen before
Entangled here in after, tormented to the core

Seeing...the unseen
Hearing...the unheard

Regain access to the tree of life
Your first choice into another future
An enigma of shadows
A legacy of shame
A mirror of night's glamour
An infernal horde of pain

I am the pain inside when our feelings collide
In all redemption
In all rejection

2. A Farewell To Nowhere

Descending into the hardest region
Of a glittering past, of a metallic season
Transformation of my darkest cave
The inner-perspective, a slightly tempted wave

Walking through life like a remote person
Without direction, without any action
I want you to rescue me from all the pain
My golden shining tears are drowned by rain

Come & show me the farewell to nowhere
Come & lead me to a highway of tries
Come beware me from a farewell to blindness
Come & save us (from) a reflection of lies

Don't you care where we go?
Don't you care why we fall down?
Is there anything more to know?
Who's the one to blame & drown?

Nothing remaining, nothing maintaining
All bitterness, all bloodshed, all aiming, all youth
Reality endulges our silver-painted mind
Blaming a scapegoat's easier than the truth

How long does it take until we will brake?
Courage in the moment of downfall - awake!
The last fair deal has just been made
The trigger to cleansing was pulled right & straight

A garden where hope has died
A place where all mankind cried
In a moment of clarity my senses are aware
Nothing worth to keep it up, nothing here to beware

3. Pharmakon (Sulphur City)

You always thought that reality is what you see
You meant to feel that your sense was totally free
No sick illusion, no false institution
No dream to hold on, just the pure retronomicon

You never realised that life can be the perfect drug
An imaginary colour screen, created without overdub
Of how to think and (of) how to act
How to develop & of what you might expect

Activating - the bleak seed of chaotic coil
Disintegrating - philosophy about godless turmoil
Degenerating - the lonesome frequency of life
Recapitating - the little jewel of entity derived

I'm giving insight to the conflict relation
Between your desires & thought-strantulation
You try to build up your own definition
By pretending a world without recognition
Gift & poison can be the same
Intoxicate your mind & drown yourself in vain

You never tried to explore your mental range of will
Instead you chose to freeze intentions poisoned still
Without your own believe, fucked-up initiative
Without identity, just crap-banality

You always live for the moment next to come
Don't waste a thought on things that could be done
No more perspective, grotesque & distinctive
Contradictions analysed, built up & pulverised

Wake up, it's your decline!
Relieve from now, realise that it's time
To break it up, find a new direction
I'm gonna shroud you in fog, give you a new interpretation

To complete your downfall...

4. Project Judgement

We are forsaken - in a world of pain
Roads have been taken - to indulge yourself in vain

Hellcome to our realm where you'll abandon
All your mortal visions of a peaceful life
Far beyond your imagination
Far beyond all temptation
Come & your soul will taste the foul flavour
Of an eternity so close
Today's gonna never end at all
'cause at the river lethe nobody cares

Settle down to suffer as you never did
To procreate & suffocate
Extinguished by your own hands in heaven
Hidden from the earthly light
Get closer, leave the past behind
The present will remain at zero-speed
Today's gonna never end at all
'cause at the river lethe nobody cares

Only pain, no salvation
No harmony, no sympathy

Enter a new dimension of fear
Without forgiveness or compromise
This is the place of final judgement
Where your worst nightmares will become true

So lose your faith
A new possession of your dreams
Sounds of redemption will caress you
In bitter sweet dissection

5. Anticipated Resurrection

Everything is tentatively, everything's venally
How disgusting & lifeless, how morbid & tasteless
Dying is carried out in thrusts and parts
Automatic redemption, seasons of killing art
Searching the answer somewhere in nowhere

Glamour is the land, where you'll never live
Out of your mind, out of endless sight
15 minutes of fame is what you'd like to receive
Within your sense, within unreachable delight

I use the terror of the new to buy - emptiness in you
The quantity of nothing's what you will have to go through

Everything's a number, reduction ad absurdum
Strangulation of the individual's mask
The natural person being torn to the minimum
Control of thoughts, control of every task

You're bound to empty promises and false hope so curled
Man is a ware like anything else in this world

Is it water, where we will drown?
Emptiness is our burden crown
Unwilling to lose it all
We'll slide down the surface of things

Zero existence

Shattered glass & venomous dreams
We are starting the overture to screams

6. Hybrid Tech Messiah

Drifting further down beyond the spiral
Agony is leading me across this
Viral platelet-activated mask
Mentally executing all this dormant side
Wiping out the coldness in one fucking slide -
All this would be a bitter task

What will it be when all turns neon & black
When we tumble down & the walls will crack
So where is your master, your idol, your guide
The hybrid tech Messiah's gonna crush & collide

Having seen the scenes through fragile memories
Never will forget the so-called prophecies
That should fulfill one day, some time
Velvet filth devours the jungle of perception
All that remains will be a cold deception
Blinding me & you with warmth

You try to hide in welkin velvet
Where you seek forgiveness, painful honesty
The dreams you dread recovered in your mind
So face your destiny 'cause you cannot rewind

The tasteless wonders, the sky-high deep
Screams you'll remember in your dead-end-sleep
Generations have failed again
The struggle - for survival - a stupid aim

Save the last dance for the morning
After all has been erased
There's a shadow without warning
All our thoughts have been defaced

7. Desperate Accuse Dimension

Intoxicated in the hidden breathless zone
Where ears are lead by poisoned mint & sweet-harsh tone
Someone telling us to believe in the unknown
All our aims are executed to an obscure crown

Religion & progression - two contraries by now
The perdition city - a perfect word somehow
Keeping on trying to reverse all hidden truth
Time's gonna tell about the lies inside your mouth

So if you try to take my hand, I'll seduce you & you might understand
So if you try to take my hand, find a now god, seek a peaceful end

Desperate accuse dimension
Black label force dillusion
Liquid soul dimension
The pain commitment surgery

Enigmatic is the shadow that rises in the night
For centuries you tried to take advantage of your might
Ridiculous the way of being so prominent wise
The white dove shall be prosecuted for your alibis

Stigmatising god & all his followers so blind
The consequences are the failures of your fucking mind
Ignorance & vengeance - the product of your seed
Peace, love & forgiveness - the thing that's gonna bleed

8. Plan 9 From Outer Space

Psycho structures
Virtual death
Distorted visions
A paranoid soul

Bleeding hopes
& morbid echoes
Mental suicide
Just spiritual advice?

How would it be to have a dagger close by side?
How would it be to carve all pain away - in just one slide?
Behold the past - in your mind
Behold the future - in your eyes
Plan 9 from outer space - your recreation

Endless fever
Elemental shades
Dancing moonlight
Black sunshine

Visual deconstruction
Killing spree
Endless life?
Eternal despair!

Look what you are now
Look what you've become
A wreck of liberation
A soul of disintegration

9. Strain

I never know when the fever starts to grow
I only realise that my mind is gonna blow
No emotion, no fusion, just a vision of ease
When I float into nothing and wait for some peace

You'll never find out why all my senses cry
You'll never know that my heart is gonna die
It's an illusion of nothing, a filthy picture of decay
Like in a minute of silence and some pulse-delay

Without our self-relief, there would be no hate or grief
It makes me wonder why, we don't just decide to die
Without our phantasie there'd be no fear inside us all
Is there anybody out there, do you hear me call?

If you decide to seek the truth
Beyond the seal of constant youth
You'll find an empty desperate strain
'cause inside of me there's nothing more than ... pain!

Feel free to heal & lose yourself
In moments of sorrow & emptiness
Keep breathing for another revival
Construction of night & a secret denial

I thought this little jewel would help let me forget
To abandon reality (&) the moments I regret
To shed all emptiness, destroy despair
The burning smell of scars is waving through the air

Sometimes I used to feel that wounds will never heal
On the horizon of forgiveness there's nothing here to seal
Instead it seems to kill me slower than I thought
It's only flashy moments that I have caught

And nails are piercing me, like in a grief of killing spree
All fear inside my brain is starting to haunt me again
It's all fucked-up somehow, a burden more to take
I erase myself by now, don't want to awake

Thanks to Damned for sending these lyrics.

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