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1. Metal Asylum

Judas Priest, The Maiden Band
Brought us to the promised land

Led Balloon, the Sabbath Boys
Cranked it up with metal toys

Thin Lizzy, Diamond Head
Ripped so hard it woke the dead

Metal Asylum

Motorhead, Slayer too
Paved the way for a Motley Crue

Ronnie James, and the Ozz
And the words for the world to see

Uriah Heep, Rose Tattoo,
The God Of Thunder, we fire for you.

It's heaven and hell, in this Metal Asylum,
you're under the spell
Metal Asylum

Scream for me Long Beach!
We love you all!
Does anyone remember that song?
Look at all the people out here tonight!


Dirty Deeds, B-O-C
Gave us all society

Highway Star, Creeping Death, Quiet Riot
Bang your head!

It's heaven and hell, in this Metal Asylum,
you're under the spell
Metal Asylum

It's heaven and hell, in this Metal Asylum,
you're under the spell
Metal Asylum

Asylum, asylum, asylum, asylum!

2. Year Of The Witch

Time calls to fight for their lives
We'll make a change in the world
The spirits alive
Take them, take them away
Far from this shame
Through years they've been led astray

Year of the witch
Darkness will fall
Year of the witch
Heroes will crawl

Sadness, sadness through lies
Twisting, tormenting
Blinding their eyes

Free them, unlock the chains
The steel that binds them
So helpless in pain

Can you hear them calling
Can you see them falling
I hear you calling
I see them falling

3. Fires Below

A modern dream, world higher powers
To create hordes of demolition
Sinister minds working hours
Designing escapes aviation

So insanely
Making history
Revealed mystery

Countdown to chaos begins
Madness, the final sin

Leaving the mass devastation
Down in the fires below
Hearing the cries of the nations
Down in the fires below

Mission planned, oblivion unleashed
Frantic swarms devour each other
Frenzied, sucked into their blood feast
Left in hell they flee, we discover

Soaring vessels
Burning metal
Through atmospheres
On through light years

The hate portrayed
A mirror mirage
The world betrayer
Twisted collage
All along behind the closed doors
The awful truth was hiding

4. Cries Of The Living

Where have you left us
What are we to do
This place of such madness
If we only knew
How could you betray us
Lived your beckoning
Only to find we'd see the reckoning

It's the cries of the living
That awakens the dead
All the cries of the living
Now you're six feet from the edge

Sickness taking over
Seeds of doom are sewn
Slow death, starvation
We must feed on our own
Black skies in heaven
Horizons of blood red
Cries throughout the land
Awakens the dead

Living death walks among us
Becoming obsolete
Eliminating the righteous
The grand scheme to watch us die

Can you hear the cries
Cries of the living
Cries of the living
Awakens the dead

5. If You Were God

If you had the upper hand
No retribution,anything in command
Would you be the hand that feeds
Or ethnic cleanser, be the holy creed
Crimes of passion or crimes of hate
To whom do we owe this sadistic fate
Living in darkness at a beckon call
Would you pervert them or let them fall

There must be an answer
There must be a reason
The questions that we love to ask
Forgive and call it treason

If you were god – could you refuse
If you were god – would someone lose
If you were god – would they have to choose
If you were god – what would you do

In his likeness is what they're taught
His blood is spilled in worlds apart
New disease, a new weapon found
Religious slaughter on sacred ground

God is good, and you know I believe
Why damn us all by mortal deeds
Power that hand that can turn it all around
Or let it remain the real battleground

One by one would you lead them down
Take away the life they found
Could you take them by the hand
Lead them all to the promised land

One by one are you on his side
Time will come when you decide
Blood is shed, the millions cry
Call it an angel on Judas' side?

6. Can't Find My Way

Looking for a sign
Of how this all unfurls
Trying to do what's right
In this crazy world
Searching for the truth
Hiding from the pain
I know the answer's there
It's calling out my name

Can't find my way
Can't find

Traveling the unknown
Days becoming one
Endless nights fill my soul
Farewell rising sun
Just coincidence
Or just meant to be
Shadows of my past
If I could only see

Is it faith where I belong
All I can do is carry on
Endless journeys, the same old song
Choosing paths either right or wrong

7. Whispers


8. Voice Of Jacob

When you look into his eyes
(sensing haunting deja-vu)
Do you see yourself inside
(a child, reflections of me)
Are your questions finally asked
(Jacob run, run, Jacob run)

The voices keep haunting me
(Jacob, Jacob, Jacob)
They won't let me rest
(why me, why me)

Now he lives with all the pain
(am I the chosen)
Never knowing who to blame
(is it me, is it me)
What is mean to be will be
(stop the voices in my head)

All this fear inside
Can't find my way through the night
Oh the pain inside
Keeps me running to the light

In chilling wind his voice is heard
(In chilling wind his voice is heard)
Takes me to the other side
(Passage to the other side)
Passage of light

9. Mirror To Me


10. Haunting Dreams

Every time I shut my eyes
I see that haunting face in my mind
Why do you torment my soul
See I'm trapped all alone
Is Jacob the chosen one
Angel of mercy
Living on, on the run

Shifting dreams that hypnotize
Despairing glances from his eyes
Spins the present to the past
Feeling every breath will be my last
Icy fingers feel so real
Touching my soul
He's me, I know

These haunting dreams
Never end
Tormenting nightly voice from the dead
These haunting dreams
Never end
Burned deep inside, inside my head

11. Jacob Speaks

12. Circles

Staring out the window
Looking at the sun
Birds fly high in the glare
Slowly the morning comes
Never knew the reasons
Why this cannot end
Trapped with inner feelings
You're the chosen one

Angel of mercy
Descend from your clouds
Come save the lost souls
I believe him now
No rhyme or reason
Why this all must end
Fly high Jacob
Spread your wings again

Circles in the sun
Circles in the sun

13. The Prophet Is You

He's the one you dreamed of
A child with stoned face
Visions of clueness
Dreams of endless days
He's the one you've searched for
The one who holds the key
An angel of mercy you thought you'd never be

Now I see it was only me
Back then
Now I see it was only me

Dark sense that told you
His face was seen before
Connections of the past
Through every passing door
In terror yet content
You swallow what is true
Knowing who's the chosen
The prophet is you

Now I see it was only me
Back then
Now I see it was only me
I can see it's only me again
I can see it's only me

14. Dream Or Reality


Line Up:
James Rivera - Vocals
Jack Frost - Guitars
Dennis Hayes - Bass
Craig Anderson - Drums

Thanks to sh_wildchild for sending these lyrics.

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