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1. Eyes Of The Nation

Show me how a way to escape from the memories
Close my eyes fall into dreaming again
Make the minf unravel the thoughts that imprison us
Moments shift fragments reveal the concealed

Through darkened times we believed our saviours
Embodiment of a world lost in decay

Eyes of the nation
Masses are blind fall into line
Unable to think for themselves
Who will be taken away
By the eyes of the nation

Break the seal reopen the gates to oblivion
Hidden doors revealing the passage ahead
From our dark dimensions unknown are unfolding
To dethrone the pendulum of mind control

2. How Many Years

I'm facing the mirror
Gazing at my shadow
A soul that's so out of place
Without a trace
Of human compassion

How many tears
How many lies
How many years
On these fields of despair
How many scars
How many wounds
How many years
Tell me how many years

Confusion comes over me
Thoughts racing back and forth in my mind
I'm asleep yet I can see it all
I can hear them crawl
As the walls are caving in

I'm not afraid anymore
Their voices guide me to the end

I'm the believer the true deceiver
The thorn in your side opening wide
I'm the believer the soul retriever
The thorn in your side - opening wide
I'm the believer - the thorn in your side
I'm the deceiver - the wound opening wide

3. Mercenaries Call

We walk between the paths of men and gods
A secret entity sworn to secrecy

We've seen our human race vanity exposed
The pure in man corrode
As hatred breeds and grows

If we die burning bridges one by one
See in your hearts for the reason why
Feel the smoke rising high above the ground
When the ashes clear and the sun recedes

If we live or we fall
It's the mercenaries call

We wield the hand of doom
That's hiding in the deep
Deafening the screams
Resounding in your dreams

But who will save the ones
Poisoned with disease
A threat that will not cease
A fear that never leaves

4. Ancient Oath

Forces of madness pulling me down
Binding my soul splitting the ground
Venomous tongue spreading the lie
Illuminated eyes

Rising higher - Tidal waves will turn again
Crying spirits - Echo through the raging waters

Father Father of soil
Awaken mind
Secret of the ancient
Serpent serpent of old
No longer blind
Secret of the ancient oath

Painted illusions behind my stare
My inner I the soul lies bare
Gates of perception opening wide
My crossing is denied

Rising higher - Visions of an ancient reign
Crying spirits - Echo through the raging waters

Father Father of soil
See stars align
Serpent serpent of old
I am no longer

5. Gallows Pole

I've sailed upon the seven seas
Into the night
I've travelled all around the world
And I hear you still
You prayed for a second chance
Another way to stay live
We were the ones meant
To save your souls

Fading images will they ever leave

Through shadowed eyes we seal your fate
Watching you bleed
With blackened hearts we congregate
We'll meet at the gallow's pole

I've witnessed both the rise and fall
Empires that turned to dust
Seen giant towers reach the sky
And far beyond
You prayed for deliverance
You believed in redemption
We were the ones meant
To save your souls

Sacred images fade before my eyes

I still hear your cries

6. Awaken Visions

Can you feel the flame
Burning the skin from the inside
Do you see the scars in her eyes
As frail as an autumn leaf
With the knowledge and the knowing
Walking through the maze - feels so lost

She can't erase that memory
Always my her side

Harvesting the weak
Secrets found within
In the aftermath
The circle forms again
Deep inside her eyes
See the open graves
Inviting us to stay
The shade of the towering trees
Our innocence is lost

She can't erase that memory

Sail away far away
My dreams will never die
Sail away far away
My broken spirit will arise
Across the sea eternity
Endless horizons in my sight
Sail away far away
Awaken visions

Desolation grows - eyes that search the sky
Oceans overflow - beyond limits set my the mind
Abandoned my our faith
Elusive shadows drawing near
Drawing near

7. What Should Not Be

Bleeding the soul hunger grow cold
What is and what should not be
Forces of nature decides
Silence that thunder over the land
Shattering cries the lost and the damned
Gather my strength from within

From the hidden we will rise
To fight holy visions of lies

Pray for rain
I am burning the cleansing of the soul
Fly on to eternity
Ride on black wings to Valhalla
Burning of your souls

Taming the flame enlighten our world
What is and what should not be
Cycles of nature has turned
Rivers of sadness we leave behind
Into the vortex guiding the blind
Gather my strength from within

From the hidden we will rise
Fight holy crusade of lies

We release the blood
Of your manmade gods

8. Where Infinity Ends

Tell me why all our hopes
Turn to castles made of sand
Everytime that we feel
their grip is slipping
Veiled within hands of time
See the shadows resonate in rhyme
Death of dreams found within
These darkened hallways

We all remember a long past time
When we believed in powers divine

Evil rules our land
We cannot comprehend
What is the reason for our tragedy in Jerusalem
The place where infinity ends
What is the reason for our tragedy

Where infinity ends

Sleepless dreams in our past
Moments of eternity
Essence of form and shape
What man has created
These are the days of no trust
The spirits here are so forlorn
Seeking truth finding none
Only sadness

We all remember what used to be
Once we believed in higher lives

9. Shattered Glass

Her falling tears forming an ocean
A pool of grief upon the ground
Saddened by loss
For a future that never was
Ours to keep
To dream awake while others sleep

Shattered glass
Lies upon our shining path
Feed the fire carnal desire
Shattered glass
Lies upon our shining path
Saddened by loss
We all carry our own cross

Here lies the old and the tragic
Longing for serenity
Paintings that fades unforeseen
Remembering the dreams
That used to be our own
Silence the screams
Another era dawns

Shades of grey
Misguiding our lives on the way
Feed the fire awaken desire

But where do we run
I see the lights from far away

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