Dark Lyrics


1. The Second Floor

With the same eyes I can see the sun and the dark
With the same hands I can touch hell and heaven

It's up to me, I'm the only one
Who can decide my destiny

From the cold valleys I feel the winds of the deal
An alliance between the devil and the human race

Don't be a fool, the devil's in desguise
He comes to lie, to steal, to kill

Reach the second floor
Stand up and look down
feel what you see
that's your wish ??

Lord I've wasted my life in sin
And I've rejected your word
When I find the way, you give me a holy life
A plentiful life.

2. Breathless Years

These years I've spent with you
These nights I hear
There's no day I didn't love you
there's no mistake

These fight's we fight together
These words we speak
All the things we've planed
All the things we do

No, I won't leave, I won't lose
The breath of my soul
Oh I know, how you're part of me,
Inside me

Sky with no clouds
Woods with no trees
All my veins have no blood
Life makes no sense

No more clouds
No more trees
No more blood
No more life

How long it took till I could understand what life means
How could I spent so much time without you

3. Revelation

I open my eyes one day
I look by the window and I say
Why don't you care about me
Why don't you give me a holy life

I was sitted in my bed
Remembering the day I lost the way
I was crying for my lost soul
And paying the price, the price of this deal

But in the sky, the lightning strykes
From the clouds na angel come
From his mouth comes a revelation
A prophecy to my life

The wind of salvation blow in my hair
A new blood is on my vein
I feel the freedom in my life
I cry how I cry

Those bloody tears, those bloody tales
The kingdom i'd buy with my soul
My bloody tears fall from my face
The devil is waiting me

Revelation simple thruth, anestesing my sensation
Intuition,killing my self, geting out of me

Revelation,endless time,reconstructing devastated
Lands and kingdons, lost in time

4. Deceiving Time

Year after year (when) I look into you
I feel you're ready to walk by yourself
All these years you live in the dark
So many things you hear, you learn

Oh you cry, you fall, you pray
So many times I saw you runaway
But sometimes I saw your face
Smiling and shinning

A man in the crowd, a number, one more
It's how I felt, I was seeing me
I never thought ( I ) was someone for you
One more mistake, one more trap

Oh you cry,...........

I was wrong, oh I was blind
I never thought I was
I have spent my holy time
This time never come back

Every day,I wake up and I pray, oh my Lord, takes this veil from me
I can't say how many times I miss, cause I was walking in the quicksand
Now I praise, I can't breath again, you hold my hands, you give back my life

How can I, walk so long, so long time, without your rhyme
I can see, it was nothing more than a Deceiving time
Search in your mind, Deceiving time
Revive your life, Deceiving time

5. The Wisdom Of His Majesty

I saw hands when he brings me in the death land
When he let me in this land full of dry souls
And he makes walk, walk around, I ask him, if he can,
Give life again to this dried souls.
Prophesy my son, tell them to hear my words

I will give you life again, as I told,
I will give you breath, I will give you life,
I will brought you up out of your grave

I saw a shade surrounding my body,
I hear his breath,
I feel his is breath uh

The Lord God behold
The wisdom of the majesty

6. Purify

Purify, don't let your heart be infected by
Dirty Rites, ruins of death, don't, don't.
Realize, don't let your life be smashed by
Crazy dreams, Purify Oh! Oh!

Burn your old feelings, put' em down
Let the sword, tear your soul.

Crucify, the evil man beside you and
Watch his sins putrifying, now, now,
Hear their cry, the evil screams, the elegy ,
Coming from ( the ) sulphur sea.

Burn your old feelings, put' em down
Let the sword, tear your soul.

Don't slice the seal
Make real your deal
Changed by the time
Reborned from the ashes

Raise your sword, raise your weapon,
That brings the blood of your past
Kill the man, the evil man, the man that lives inside you

7. Mask Of Sadness

Looking the future, trying to keep my faith
Making the time stop, by my way, I'm so sad

Trying to run away, I'm searching for a hidden place
Shadows of madness by my side, I'm a slave

Living in sacrifice, I tried to keep my self raised
I was reached by arrows of unreality

Higher, I'm trying to fly
Louder, I'm trying to scream
Follow, I look for the way
But I can't see the steps of salvations
I can't find my way


Neither the sea not even the trees
There is nothing that you can do to save yourself
There is just one way, one and only one
Raise your hands and speak the words

Words of wisdom at the right time
Can save a life
A new breath for an old soul

Mask of sadness, life's disgrace
Don't keep in search
Look around you and you'll find the truth

8. Here I Am

Here I am, to understand
What will the man do with his hands
Here I am, to be the man,
That bring the news to a wasted land

Feeling the disgrace and walking through the pain
Rain of agony falling over me
Through nails and flames
For a little time I close my eyes,
When pray I think about the day

I met the man who said
One way to live in sorrow
The way to be regret
One way to give your life to Lord


I cry, I fight, I give my life,
I write my word into your heart, (cause)
Your soul was dying,
Stand up, beware, don't fall again.

Spread your wings and fly away
And see the world that dies in sin
Day by day, don't stray away
Don't miss the true a living way

9. From Hills And Woods

I wake up this morning
I hear when you call
I remember last night, a cry
My arms are hurt
I can feel the pain
The hell in my veins on me
Now I try to escape but I can't
Something's pushing me down
The demons are around me
When I try to open my eyes
I feel the hands of the beast on me
From hills and woods
The winds of destiny
are blowing over me
Redoing my life
Year after year, I'm destroying my loife
Day after day, my soul is crying
But one day I felt a breath in my heart
I see his hands taking me from hell
I see the war, I see the battle in the sky
The fire of god burning inside of me
Sawing flashes of my past
I can't understand where I've been trapped
I've been betrayed, living, lying, losing, dying
I don't believe, one day I'll win
Years of disillusion in my mind, confusion
Scenes of memory, I'll never be free
Dying, Crying, Hearing, the sound of my defeat

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