Dark Lyrics


1. A Handful Of Sand

Higher than the sky,
I found myself when my rebirth came true
I found in you
How long
I've been looking for this way

I Remember a long way back, years ago
What I saw, disgusts me

My life´s nothing more than I deserved
All I owned (is a) handfull of sand

Voices, whispers, sometimes
I hear you call
Feelings, caress, are coming
the days that I will fly

Stand up and raise your guns
Look at evil, evil's face
And put the fear of God into your destiny,
make true the victory

2. Beyond The Dark Side Of The Moon

No one can see down the ages
Feeling, the cold wind blow
No one wants to be in hell
Feeling the fire burning your heart

I can understand
That I can choose
Between you and me
There´s no deal

You tried to buy my silence
You stole the words from my mouth

I can understand
That you can´t choose
You sold your soul
But I don´t wanna go

Beyond the dark side of the moon

The sun shines no more
Music sounds no more
No more, no more, nothing more
Time goes on, life goes on
I don´t realize

3. Nothing Besides Dust

One more day I lived to pay
my big Mistakes, sweet bitterness
Everyday I wake up and
remember what a fool I've been

I know you told me that
I was out of my mind
I know, you told me what to do

But everything you told me
I already knew
And even so, I sign my sentence

It looks so sweet, It seems to be right,
All I've done
But I forgot to look through my pride,
My life is rotting cause
I was not able to look above

Even if you can't see
nothing besides dust
You can still, you can still blow

4. Walking Over All The Seas

Sleeping and dreaming
Laid down on a drifted boat
The wind still blowing
The storm is over us

He opens His arms
And speaks to the wind
And speaks to the storm
He speaks to the sea

I´m the Son, I´m the Son
I am the Son of God

What kind of man is He?
What kind of human being?

Walking over all the seas, still am I, the Son of God
Stand up and close the door behind you

Today, I say, The words I have to pray
You hear, you know you kill me day by day
You know the way I left my blood in you
I died and agonized but you spit on me

5. Faceless Man

Somewhere, far away, sometimes I hear you say
Thoughts were throwing me, I´d lost the way to be

Dark Horizon, distant sun, cold nights on the hill
Cries in my heart, human blood on me
Pain and guilt are crushing me, slicing my soul
I am still waiting to know what it means

Shadows are flying, the sun rises over me
Sometimes I hope to know who I am

Oh! Oh Lord! Show me my face
Let me know the deepest thoughts of your creation
I lost (what I) never had

Running away from killing words
I can feel
The sun heating my skin
The Mirror reflecting my face
I can´t look at what I see

I don´t recognize Who I see
I am nothing without you
I don´t recognize Who I am But I´m not a Faceless Man

Somewhere, far away, I hear you say
I lost the way (but) I´m not a faceless man

6. Unseen Truth

[Said GOD to Moses and to Pharaoh]
Now I say, and you have to obey
Listen to me now, listen to my word
Now I Say: "Let my people pray"
They have to praise me at the desert land

[Pharaoh to God]
Who are you? I'm the King of Kings
Here, I made the law, you are in my Kingdom
Who do you think you are
To tell me what to do? Now you'll feel the power, my anger and my hate

[People to Moses]
Do you know what you have done?
you give our soul to misery
Do you know the punishment we suffer?
day after day, night after night...

I cry for freedom, rising to the sky my supplication
trusting in Your promises

[GOD to Moses]
No matter how much
Anger and vengeance fall over you.

Why did you send me?
The sword of death is piercing my soul
People are crying, children are dying
Save us

7. Daydream

I was living the darkside of life
I had no choice
Money in my hands was blood in my vains
Just a breath of life

Lower, you're so much lower
You can go deeper and deeper
To go higher, was my desire
I can't look down

He wrenched from my face
The shadow of my life
He drew my body

Reach out your hand
Get me out of there (estenda sua mão)
The smell of death
Is under my skin
Take care of me
Don't cover my eyes
Cause I wanna watch
His decay on my TV.

Daydream, Daydream face reality
Daydream, Daydream stand up!

8. Nobody Wants To Live Alone

Falling from my face
Reflecting my biggest mistake
I can´t live without you

Covering my eyes
Making me blind, night after night
I can´t live without you

I´ll have a chance if the sun shines again
But rain´s falling over me
I´ll have a chance If I look at me
I know You´re seeing me

If I could fly to the sky
Look through Your eyes
If I could live inside You
Nobody wants to live alone

9. From Now To Eternity

Walking by my side (I´m here)
I saw what you prepared for me
And I´m not a fool
I can Resist

Gone are the days when I was afraid
Now I´m powerfull and strong

My lord is victory
Not one more fantasy
I know that I can be
The conqueror
My eyes are burning
My blood keeps running
My soul still flying
(from) now to eternity

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