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1. Silence My Voice

Make my voice a crime - I will cry out louder
Silence my voice - I will create a new one
Make my signs a crime - I will hold them higher
Silence my voice - ten will raise to take my place

Silence my voice - but my words will live forever
Silence my voice - but my words will live forever

There comes a time to take back what was mine
When our colours're waving in the wind
I will never give in - we will never give in
We just play it out louder like many did before
And nothing can stop us, cause there comes many more
We just play it out louder like many did before
And nothing can stop us, cause there comes many more

Every day I seek ways to convince them
That it's still not too late to react
And I think to myself - what a wonderful day
When we'll throw them all away

2. Break The Chains

Hear the old songs in the night
With words you weren't allowed to hear
See pride returning to their faces
They're dancing their forbidden dance

To the sound of the drum
Beating feet to the ground
And each step is another nearer the end
They will change the world
When their voice will be heard
And they know it is time to do it now

Break the chains of silence - hear the drums in the night
No walls in the world can stop them
'Cause they're gonna make them fall

The ground is shaking to the sound
Of hundred men when morning comes
That morning I'll be one of them
And show the world who I am

If you tell me to wait like you've told me before
It will soon be too late

3. Bleeding

I'm going through changes
But I felt the same way a long time ago
It's this time or never
I will make it stronger than ever before

Some are slaves behind their numbers
And some take shelter in their time
But I've got no time to spare

Bleeding... I kill myself to stay alive
Bleeding... out the poison in my veins
Bleeding... I kill myself to stay alive

You're free to speak
Every word that may come to your mind
But I just don't care
Cause I'm not another invented disease

Many men were here before me
But I don't need to follow them
And I always stand in the end

I will carry on my way I won't follow any rules
And if the wind will catch our sails I won't be the one to complain
And I won't take any blame for following an easy ride
Cause I've been down this road before when all was a wasteland

4. Darkened Eyes

Never again I'll walk this surface
Open your mind lights struck before
These eyes I'm finding my way through
Darkness and sunlight wherever you'll be
There's no need to hide your face

I'm gonna spread my wings
And let them carry me away

I might just lie there for a while
And for one moment touch the sky
And never see through darkened eyes
Never again

What can I do, the truth affects me
I'm leaving my mind, my final destiny
I'm falling asleep and I want you to sit
By my side lost in a world
Grace my eternity

5. Today The March Begins

In forgotten places where the sun doesn't shine
I'm walking through my shadow to confront my beliefs
I've always tried to keep up with the truth that I know
So I can recognize the face I see in the mirror

Forever free from the lies I used to hear
Never again they will arise
We can never tell what's right or wrong
If we keep on pretending we're blind

Today the march begins we know you stand by our side
This night nothing can stop us and our dream
Rise up to be free with us and show them your light
Returning from dark years right in our time

Can we break the chains of silence?
Are the answers there to find?
Darkness hides the truth from their eyes
The time for our stand is now

Tomorrow and forever on is our time to rule
The victory together we will find
The song will once again make you remember the words
You'll never walk alone here from this day

6. One With The Land

I went in circles for a long time
And always seemed to come back to where I started
I searched for places far beyond my mind
But found that peace of mind was buried here
Along this sacred land

From this day and forever after
I will carry my flag with honour and pride
Gliding through all the empty faces
-The colors I've seen
-The shade of who I am
-My pain disappears

When the questions had no answers
When all knowledge was beyond reach
I had a strange but present feeling
That I would find this place
-I've been here all the time without knowing

From this day and forever after
I will carry my cross with honour and pride
Through the years to my final journey
I will alaways remember this day
-And I hold my hands high
-Embraced by this moment
I'm one with the land I've found out who I am
Don't let dreams fade away
I follow my faith to where it leads me...

Dream away, I'll be keeping the light when I'm shown here again
Breathing again, I'll let go of the pain that I've felt to this day
And this strong feeling will guide me the way from drifting away again
I won't let it fade away

7. Eternal Conflicts

And the eternal way of the world
Seems to be a neverending wheel of confrontations
There's always someone to rule the game
And taking shares from the ones who can't
Defend their landmarks

Now the world is still in motion
And the shores are open wide
There's always someone to fight them one by one
To conquer new lands, fulfilling their plans to rule forever

I don't think anyone in this world
Can be the judge of what is right or wrong in man's behavior
So don't come preaching, don't need your truth
It seems like conflicts always have been around since dawn of time

Still the world is spinning around
And the shores are burning bright
Time never changes, they're never turning back
Convincing new minds
That now is the time to rule eternally

8. Crying In The Wind

In my own dreams I would live here forever
If I could make all I did undone
What can I say to those who stood by me
Well I can hardly see them again
I know it's too late for you to forgive me
Though I regret everything I did
I feel like I'm screaming but nobody hears me
They wouldn't care anyway

Was it worth all pain, I'm crying in the wind
I must answer myself everyday
Was it worth all pain, I'm crying in my sleep
And my conscience will never be clear

All of a sudden my eyes saw new places
Calling me now and I know it's time
To reach for tomorrow, and leave all behind me
A place so far away from myself
I open the gate to a whole new dimension
Finding my last call has to be made
Never again I'll live by their side
Building new strength not to stand in their line

I will always remember this day
Breaking their limits, no reason to stay
I'm leaving the place where I used to belong
And finally starting my journey home

9. Black Circle

Hear the needle touch
Joy fills my heart when the
Black circle starts to spin
See how proud it stands
An old faded cover tells
Stories from glorious days

Hear the circle sing
The genuine sound
Bring back memories
From forgotten times

I know their time is over
Their place on the throne is gone
They won't reach another level
But they're always staying alive

Size is evident
Pictures of heroes on covers
You're seeing them clearly
I bleed for this passion
Thunder delivered!
It's far beyond borders I know

Hear the circle sing
The genuine sound
Brings back memories
From the forgotten times
Atmosphere so great
Strikes the ground
Though their time is lost
They're never gonna die

10. United

Can you be free from your heavy load?
You will find that your dreams come true
Can you see through the endless lies?
You will find that your goals are near

There's no time to wait for the sunlight
It's so easy to just fade away
Let your heart glow through the seasons
Join this journey to find better days

Fill the long empty days
Take power through strength
Find your own way
United by faith

United we stand
United we stand - forever now
United we stand
For this day, for this time

On through the night in the winter snow
In the end there's light to find
Struggle so hard to fulfill my quest
But I know that my time will come

I've got nothing to lose on this journey
Cause I started with two empty hands
I see light in the end of the tunnel
I won't let anything pass me by

I won't wait for the sun to reach me
I will make it rise by myself
Glory days from the past won't come back
We'll create a new time and make our own rules

Thanks to deathmariachi for sending these lyrics.

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