Dark Lyrics


1. Fly With The Flow

Welcome to where everything is as lovely as a dream welcome to where you and i
row gently down the stream slide into this chilled our land let the smoke you
high release yourself to the unknown world close your tired vacant eyes too
stoned to walk you dream away and fly with the flow feel your spine melt down
like wax and swim with your soul floating in the shivering light fell the balm
of feelings heal walk on clouds of unborn thoughts in the sky of unreal move
yourself like dancing fire to rhythms never heard down to the ground hear the
river of worlds you're wild and beautiful i can see the stars in your eyes
promise me you'll follow me say at least you'll try.

2. Save From Ourselves

3. The Order

4. Stoned The Dawn

5. Magic

Alchemists and magicians reverse sailors of river styx poets and musicians
decadent subconscious travellers soldiers fall fade and die like stars in the
universe of oblivion no one enslaved escapes jealosy and delightful hatred of
being lizard snake god human eyes lizard insect of disguise naked mothers
embraced children in womb like poses soft child eyes fly in this prison of
loyable arms it's strange how needles can ejaculate hoarse power into pierced
burning vains and cause earthquakes and eruptions in the other parts of this

6. Lost Dreams

Heads face the ground nervous hand that slay dead snakes float until setting
of a day a butterfly in burning hell oh will she live and will she tell the
king is dead long live the unseen clowns and fools raped the griefing queen
inhale exhale the beast's breath a killer died dreaming of death a landscape
of assassins mind the dying flowers made hime blind junkies in the desert of
weakening will death love drugs dreams it will kill the king is dead long
griefing queen excited heartbeat in the madman's chest kill them all kill them
all let god do the rest infamous whore her sour taste sex dripping slow
deceased obsessed children in the nightfall of fire i hear them beg and cry
tonight excuse me sir do you have a light man made gods man is made to be
liers liers blind man saw the truth in the eye but who believes in blind man's
lie poet hang himself in the rope of words angels spoke but nobody heard fatal
justice of spinning knife the fact we're dead and dream of life.

7. Frozen Cosmos

I'm slowly sinking into sweet state of decadence i hear the bottom calling me
singing in mysterious ways the world and reality forever left behind I'm the
one with forbidden pleasures turning off my mind nothing really matters in the
universe of frozen space relax me into the groove show me my right place
pulsating particles in my eyes riding on the wave of hate i gotta slow down
and forget ready to explode please save my head nothing ever changes in the
universe of frozen space relax me into the groove show me my right place.

8. Im Memoriam

9. Drown

The sea turns the endless tide open up my mind so wide the giant ocean shivers
black dolphins leave thousands tracks awake the ghosts of sunken ships drowned
sailors on virgin trips i can't feel anything no more my helpless body drifts
ashore i role into unconsciousness in brighten lights i'm getting dressed a
choir of dying as i sink struggle no more don't even think now i hear my faith
now calls and i drown in the beauty of it all do you do you love the midnight
sea i saw the sea and sea saw me strange brothers wave good bye same blood
same tears same death as i.

10. Corpse City

Can't tell the difference between dark or light signs and smells of the
invisible night blood and rust in the palm of my hand i focus corpse city
wasteland in the blackness of my slivery soul things they're burried and
things i stole the rain is soft dark crystal tears I've been waiting for too
many years dogs fight for pride they die for pride insane storm rides the
skyline eye of storm string and divine roof top horizon of deat hand dirt
we've murdered and killed the earth dogs fight for pride they die for pride
dogs fight for pride the loser's corpse is pushed aside the concrete anguish
inside scream i breathe stinking subway steam a bitter heart fills my my days
am i condemned to feel this way.

Johan Lundell - lead guitar
Lars Rosenberg - bass
Piotr Wawrzeniuk - vocals, percussion
Per Karlsson - drums
Till Samuelsson - rhythm guitar

All music by serpent except "The Order","Drown" and "Stoned the dawn" written
by Serpent & Andreas Wahl.
All lyrics by Ola Klarku ist except Frozen Cosmos" written by Piotr
Piotr Wawrzeniuk played all the drums on this recording.

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