Dark Lyrics


1. Relic

Someone's Laughing Somewhere
As The Saints Come Marching In
Pitter Patter, Splitter Splatter
Your Faith Is Wearing Thin
Promise Of A New Day
Brings Compulsion to Vomit
Silent Dust In The Eye Of God
Who's The Relic On My Sister's Neck
Next, Next

Revelations Pondered
In The Corner Child Sits
Glory Be Destiny
Ethics Pale Cold Steel To Wrists
Your Disease Is Rampant
Disciple Dogs Smell A Funeral Feast
Gather Round All Ye Angels Of Light
The Accuser's Decided To Treat
Now Can't You See - Nobody's Home

Legions Move Swiftly Over The Fields
Chasing The Thoughts Of We The Brethren
Who Stand Upon Your Shores Of Knowledge
Waiting to See With Eyes Past
Waiting To Dance With Angels Chained
For We Are One - One In The Same

No - It's Just Flesh - It's Just Flesh

Watcher Seeks The Lonely
Takes The Hand Of A Chosen Few
Messenger Why The Tear In Your Eye
At Thirteen I Was Dying For You

Now Can't You See - Nobody's Home,
There's Just Nothing To Save

2. After Dark

Death, It Comes Soon My Love
Demons Play Dressed In Candlelight
Scarlet Rain On Skin As Snow Never Fades

Cum My Love And Take The Devil's Kiss
My Lust Drenched In Blood
My Love Split The Skin
My Lust

Mortal Dreams, Thousand Years
Through These Eyes I Have Held You All
Shadow Tears, When Roses Fade,
You Will Stay

Eternal Winter
Angles Cry
Father Doesn't Hear

3. Rise & Resist

Emptiness Will Always Be
Into The Void Like All Before
Nothing Escapes This Hours Ash
These People Sleep A Dyer's Dream

Rise & Resist

What Keeps Us Here To Walk The Line
Another Day Conditioned Slave
So Listen Well To What They Preach
As Figureheads Laugh In Your Face

And They Will Take
And Take
Until There Is Nothing

On And On The Game It Goes
Fragile Pawns In Heavens Play
Denial Rules Our History
Now Don't You Think,
Why Don't You Think

Let Us See Among Us

4. Shadow Realm

Reflections Start To Lie
When The Mirror Knows Too Much
Yesterday Has Past
Tomorrow's Long Since Gone
Thirteen Years And Nothing's Changed
The Promises, They Died
Never Let Them See The Rage
You Left Me Wanting

Gifts, From Gods Below
The Strangers Biding Call
The Script Already Written
So Patiently We Wait
There's No Rainbow Here
These Words Are Never Mine
What's Choice For The Chosen
They Never Told Me


Know Now What You See
The Voice Behind The Veil
Confessions Will Deceive You
Within The Shadow Realm
Our Souls Split And Frayed
Through Thoughts That Transcend Time
Know Now Where You Stand
They'll Never Tell You


5. God Of This World

Jesus And Me Been Playin' Some Chess
It Doesn't Matter Who Wins
Dimensional Fluxes Reality Twist
Bow At Your Alter Of Skin
So Many Pages, Too Many Lives
Soaked In The Blood Of The Church
Guise Of An Angel, Bringer Of Light
Let's Fuck And Suck Till It Hurts

My Hate - Our Eyes - Your Soul - Minion
God, I Am Your God Of This World
God, I Am Your God Of This

Notice Dillusion, Just Do What It Takes
We'll Give Ya Just What You Need
Slave To The Holy - Cycles Divine
Don't Think You'll Ever Be Free

6. Kitty's Dead

Once Upon A Time
I Lost My Way
Somewhere In The Blue
It's Just For The Day
I Can Watch You Cry
It Means Nothing Now
All Those Letters Sent
They Pale Somehow

And Ish
Kitty Kitty's Dead
Now I Can Dream
Kitty Kitty's Dead
Now I Don't Feel

It Was Never Me
It's Just Not Enough
Never What It Seems
Inside Me Now
What Did You Expect
For Your Memories
Drowning In Regret
You'll Never Know

Loves Will Die - Seasons Pass
Still It's You - I Will Haunt

7. Beyond Forever

A Dream Of Me Still Holding You
Beneath The Violet Sky
The Painting Of A World Soon Lost
For Here Exists No Time
Together Through An Endless Night
Beneath October's Moon
This Secret Held Behind My Eyes
I Long To Give To You
Remember Heavens Scent
Remember My Touch
If Only You Could Understand
If Only You Could Hear My Call

Listen To Your Ancient Heart
In Midnight's Sun, It Waits For You
Within The Cold, Within The Dark
A Mirror's Fate Will Surely Keep You

And Through The Darkness
We'll Find The Light
Beyond Forever You Will Be Mine
It's Everything I Could Never Say
Take One Last Breath And Slip Away

Now Join With Me In Black Embrace
And Dance Upon Your Nameless Grave
To Spill The Light
And Pour Yourself In Final Sacrifice
Now Lick The Sin, The Crushing Fount
As One With Devil's Sight

Beyond Forever,

Your Mine

8. Annabell

Annabell Sits At Her Window
Gazing At The Autumn Sky
Prays That Christ Will Come
And Save Her Soul
Drifting Out Into The Garden
Holding Close To Father's Shame
Fighting Back The Bitter Ages Song

Oh Annabell - When Will You See
There's Nothing Left Inside
At Dawn We Dream

Promises Of Love Forever
Hand And Hand Into The Fields
Curses Prey Upon A Heart So Young
Everything She's Ever Wanted
Clinging To His Velvet Lies
Anything To Take Away The Pain

On And On Into The Season
Waiting For His Serenade
Ghosts will Dance
for One Last Crimson Kiss
Cast Away Times Endless Circle
Haunting Statues In A Spell
Tears Of Blood Betrayed By Mornings Light

9. Flowered Mary

Clowns Are A Clappin,
So Little Time
Daddy Still Wonders
Mommy Still Cries
Doctrines Of Demons
Traditions At Stake
Portraits Expecting
Feeding My Slaves

Kiss And Tell
See You In Hell

Victims Of Dogma
Hey Where Ya Been
2000 And Counting
Lapping Their Sin
Begging For Your Stripes
Tore Out My Eyes
I'm Holding A secret
Kiddies Won't Find

See The Morning Star
See The Morning Star
Suffocate The Savior
Idol Voices Jingle Keys Insanity
Praise My Filth Nurse Imagination
Smites Round Pay Our Disease

We've Got Flowers For Mary
Je-Je-Jealous Jesus

Routine Rituals, Why Be At All?
Can't Take The Questions Nor The Pain
Momentary Precious, If I Could I Would
But Nothing Stayed The Same
Can You See, Can You Feel,
Don't You Know It's A Dream
I'm Your Damned Queen

10. Bloodline

This Blood Speaks Of Wisdom
This Blood In Which You Bathe
This Blood Speaks Of Ashes
This Blood Burnt Away

But In Time We Will Rise
In Time You Will Know

This Blood Speaks Of Passion
This Blood for Which We Rage
This Blood Speaks Of Promise
This Blood For Which You'll Pay

By Your Church
By Your Cross
By Your Gods

Trust In The Eye That Guides You
Seek Not Their Hope
For In It Lies Despair
But Sear The Flesh
That Separates The Man
From Kingdoms Within

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