Dark Lyrics


1. Joy Ride Ta Hell


2. Sin City

You the dolls and a '57 chevy
Lookin sick on the strip gettin sexy
Murder spree 9 dead and 9 to go
Bring on the nightmare rock n roll

And when it all goes down down down
And when there's nothing left to kill

You... me... sin city

Goin to hell poppin pills spttin whiskey
Bonnie and clyde ain't got nuthin on us baby
Rollin dice with she devils in the neon
One more fuck one more card one more victim

3. Shapeshifter

Blood on the walls again
Blood on her pillow case
The beast is in her bed
The beast will have it's way

The full moon calls tonight
The demon seed

There's alway's something there
Something she can't explain
When I'm inside of her
Her prayer's won't mean a thing

4. Halloween Sex N' Vegas

Lying next to her
She's been this way for days
That bullet in her head
It's better off this way
Love letter to the girl
For all she's said and done
Her pretty little corpse
With her I'm still in

Halloween sex n vegas
We did it all
She was the one for me

I see it in her eyes
Lips so cold and blue
The dead still talk to me
Vegas hotel room
I couldn't let her leave
For all she's said and done
Her pretty little corpse
With her I'm still in

5. Morning Star

Morning star
One breath away from everythng she's always known
Morning star
With one last kiss she left the world alone tonight
And in her eyes I saw the lust to kill again
And in her touch I knew just how it all would end

6. Welcome To Heaven

Under a witches sky
They cast that spell on me
My d dolls spread their legs
And masturbate ta tease

Then she said... she said

Welcome to heaven
We burn tonight
Welcome to heaven
I'll make ya mine

My sin upon their lips
My kittens start to purr
Like flames tongues beckon me
To spill my lust on her

7. White Trash Satan

Thrown away for whatever's pc
Apple lie american scheme
Oh so equal in the eye of a god
Who never was to any of us
Not gonna take your phony white shame
Another day another mistake
Zombie masses spoon feed the scam
I'm pissin on your good guy badge

So who's on your side
The devil's on mine
I know ya hate me
White trash satan proud as can be

Say goodbye to the life that ya know
Say hello to the man down below
Scarin all you barbies and kens
Half redneck half livin dead
Try and keep me quiet in line
I'm payin back and takin what's mine
Give me porn pussy vegas and cash
Give me strippers booze tits and ass

8. All Better

If we smile we could all be the same
Lets pretend that we're all okay
Happy numbers in a bullshit world
Gotta gun follow me
We could make it all better... all better

Tell us all what to be what to think
Tell us all what to see what to dream
Can you take it just one more day
Gotta gun come and get it
We could make it all better... all better

Hey you
Are just like me
Do you hate do you hate
Everything you see

9. Halloween Girl

She hides behind those eyes
The devil gave at birth
She talks to voices in her head
She laughs away the filth
The presents they all leave
The scars don't matter when you're dead

My evil one
My halloween girl
From dusk till dawn
My halloween girl

Little evil says
She's gonna be a star
It's all that film fortune and fame
She's dressed to kill tonight
I think it's time to play
And with their lives they're gonna pay

10. Perfect Life

It seems like yeterday
Through the rain and tears
I watched you walk away again
I know my love
I know the pain

Your perfect life
Your perfect face
All your promises
Everything you fake
Don't care what you want
Don't care what you need
Don't care how you feel
For what it is you bleed

Another year is gone
And will you just hold on to be

Sometimes I cry for you
I bet you'd die to be
Just like one of us
The fallen... the free
I'll hate you just to hate
Don't think that I'll forgive
What you've done to us
Or how it should've been

In a sea of blood in a sea of hate
I watched the angels fall one by one
This flesh will rot and still I am
My will be done my will be done

11. Sex Toy

Out past the garden gates
Where halloween still reigns
The moon as blood foretold
For the star for the goat
My naughty fuckin machine
A fallen angels dream
My cathoilc school girl treat
For the dead nazarene

Sex toy I want ya
Sex toy I need ya
Sex toy I'll have ya
On your knees for the star

My dollies salty flesh
Her pink is starting to drip
Her sugar walls so tight
As darkness fills her eyes
She moans and softly shakes
She'll beg to cum again
My catholic school girl treat
For the dead nazarene

12. Prey

In an angels eye
Where the shadows meet
In the pale moonlight
In a scarlet dream
Did you know too much
How it's so unreal
To your final breath
As the light spills cold mother mary says

Prey... prey... prey
You're everything I need

Crosses on the wall
Mothers rocking chair
Little helpless doll
Can you feel my stare
Think you know too much
Won't you moan for me my sweet young thing
Body soaked in sweat
As the light spills cold mother mary bleeds

13. Happily Ever After

Waiting for the rain to come
To wash away what we've become
Screaming at the hypnotized
Who still believe in history's lies
On and on the sickness spreads
One generation to the next
Picket fence plastic life
The ghost machine we breed inside

Your future your meaning your vision
And when there is nothing
You will save yourselves

Happily ever after
Happily dead inside
Blindly wanting to believe in

Wasted jaded reason
Broken hopeless puppets

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